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Yet another Justification to Impeach Obama, the Usurper, and to Try and Convict Both, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder for Treason, Sedition, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Dereliction of Duty, corruption, and Accessory to Murder.


The recent actively suppressed revelation that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has been selling, for a profit, military grade weapons of all descriptions and deadly uses to the Mexican Drug Cartels is in itself damning enough, but when the same guns and weaponry that the BATF has provided the drug cartels result in the murder of on duty US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, then the crimes committed are elevated to an entirely different level.

Since I live in Arizona, I have a much closer vested interest in how border issues are handled. With the Drug Cartels currently operating inside the State of Arizona, there are active “HOT ZONES” within 40 miles of my home, that I, a US Citizen, am not safe visiting, like certain Arizona State Parks, Bureau of Land Management, and US Forest Service sites. I know something is terribly wrong. To find out that the US BATF is supplying the weapons that may be used to kill me and my family makes me very concerned, and very angry. The border issues are one of the main reasons that I sought the Republican nomination for Governor of Arizona in 2006. Even though I was unsuccessful, I remain committed to correcting these problems that our Federal government neglects.

How do our so called Police agencies escape prosecution from such blatant and aggressive illegal behavior? Who has granted the BATF the de facto license to kill active duty members of other US Government policing agencies?

About the only thing I respected about Zionist former President Harry Truman was the plaque on his desk in the Oval Office that stated for all to see “The Buck Stops Here”, which I interpret to mean, that he was personally responsible for the actions of his administration and their behaviors.

Where does that sense of responsibility reside in the Obama Administration and in Obama’s choice for Cabinet positions?? Does Obama lack both honor and integrity? How about Napolitano and Holder, do they also lack honor and integrity?

One thing that I learned in leadership classes in business school was that the culture of an organization originates with the CEO, in the case of USA Inc. that would be the President and Commander in Chief, Obama, even though I doubt his constitutional standing to hold the highest office in this land. (OK, Obama, so shut me up and produce the genuine birth certificate already).

Since both, Eric “The Reaper” Holder and “Happy Nappy” Napolitano have denied any knowledge of the wholesale distribution of military grade weapons by the BATF to the Mexican Drug Cartels: I challenge their competence and fitness to hold Cabinet positions, even in this illegitimate administration. I demand their immediate removal from these positions, criminal indictment and subsequent trial for treason, sedition, and breach of fiduciary duty, dereliction of duty, corruption, and accessory to murder.

According to the man in charge on the ground and responsible for this action within the BATF, David Voth, the justification given by Voth  why the BATF continued these ongoing military weapons sales  (known as operation “Fast and Furious”) was that the BATF needed to gain the trust of the cartels and use that trust to infiltrate the cartels. WHY?? Isn’t that a job for the DEA?? Why is the BATF concerned with the business of the drug cartels? The issue of the drug cartels is outside of the charter and mandate of the BATF.  On whose authority did they pursue these objectives?

To quote an author whom I failed to cite: “The people who are willing to break the law in the process of enforcing it, are no better than the convicts.”

The next obvious conclusion is: that the current government of USA Inc. wants drugs and illegal aliens to enter the country, and that the “Virtual Fence” is merely window dressing to placate the populace who is demanding that the government follow the constitutional mandate of controlling the borders. Why else provide drug cartels with military grade weapons to combat both the Mexican authorities and to combat and kill US Border Patrol agents who are tasked with controlling our borders.

If that reasoning is followed to the next logical conclusion, than the end game is the collapse of the government of Mexico. Since  a USA Inc. government police agency of the stature of the BATF, the second most feared  government agency, by the citizens of the USA (Second only to the IRS), is arming the bandits and murders  of the drug cartels, one must surmise that soon the drug cartel outlaws, will become the next freedom fighters of Mexico

The BATF is on record as stating that the guns and weapons that are employed by the Mexican Drug Cartels come from US based gun stores and dealers. Is this merely another false flag type operation to make gun ownership even more difficult and untenable for law abiding US citizens?

Is the BATF acting as the counter balance to the official US government policy and response of providing military aid to the government of Mexico for the purpose of combating the drug cartels in the endless and stupid war on drugs?

This seems to be following the established template of International Zionism by providing weapons to both sides in a brewing conflict?? Just like in WWII when the International Banks financed Hitler and his military buildup before the war. By default this makes the BATF, Napolitano, and Holder, (and their predecessors in the Bush administration), complicit in the deaths of 25,000 people murdered in the last 5 years due to drug cartel violence.

As a resident of Arizona, I ask why has the Arizona congressional delegation been silent on this important issue?  A US Border Patrol Agent on active duty was murdered in Arizona, with a weapon provided to criminals by the BATF a US Government police Agency. Where is the demand for congressional hearings and a Senate investigation? Not one member of the Arizona delegation has stepped forward to demand an inquiry. In my opinion they are all part of the problem, John McCain long an advocate for illegal immigration, Jon Kyl has announced his retirement and has promised to go into the forest and chop wood, (He may want to join a gym first, I doubt he could lift an axe).  Jeff Flake the limp wristed poser who wants to replace Kyl, has not said a word about this, in fact he has been virtually MIA for all of his congressional terms and only recently crawled out from his hiding place in the shadows when Kyl’s Senate seat opened up, what do you expect from a man who breaks his commitment to term limit his time in office, then forgets the promises he made after he gets to Washington DC.  Ambition seems to be what motivates the wanna-be Senator Flake, not a sense of civic responsibility and patriotism. Flake is another fine example of what is wrong with the ruling class, they forget things.

Normally I would expect outrage from the Democrats in the Arizona delegation, given that a police agency is supplying military grade weapons to the drug cartels, but since this is a border issue, and a secure border would jeopardize their pet issue of open borders and US Citizenship for all, expect nothing but silence from the Democrats.

I, as a citizen of the United States of America and a citizen of the State of Arizona demand a formal independent inquiry into the BATF, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security for their involvement in supplying military grade weapons to the Mexican Drug Cartels and as accomplices to the Murder of an active duty US Border Patrol Agent.

Finally, why has the main stream media suppressed this story?? You would think that this would merit some attention, and not be ignored.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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