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Perpetual War

America’s Third War:
“American combat missions are ending today” (April 3, 2011 – MSNBC) MSNBC made mention of a stalemate “on the ground” in Libya. Print media reports that Rebel forces in Libya are beginning to organize into military units. Included are former members of Libya’s military forming volunteers into behind the lines military units and providing them with weapons and military subjects training. The experienced Rebel soldiers are also prohibiting the very enthusiastic volunteers from access to the front. Requiring them to remain in “the rear” in support, training and reserve roles. (AP April 3, 2011 in the Alpena News)

MSNBC also reports that American aircraft will continue to fly support roles for NATO tactical (war fighting aircraft) including aerial refueling, radar degradation and intelligence gathering. What’s the official version? Here it is folks according to American Forces Press Service:

Initial Libya Mission Complete, Successful, Gates Says:
By Lisa Daniel
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON, April 1, 2011 – U.S. aircraft will remain on standby as NATO takes over multilateral operations in Libya and the coalition considers its future role there, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates told a Senate committee yesterday.
U.S. military aircraft are still available to NATO in the next few days until the organization formally takes control of military operations over Libya, Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee. After that, the U.S. fighter jets will remain on standby in case they are needed again, he said.
Gates and Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, earlier appeared before the House Armed Services Committee in what was a full day of testimony about the U.S. role in Libya.
Coalition forces had to halt air operations over Libya due to bad weather for the past two days, causing rebel forces to retreat from areas they’d gained since operations began March 19, Mullen said.
Gates described the U.S. military mission in Libya as an emergency prompted by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s intent to use his military against civilians protesting for his ouster. Without intervention, he said, the situation would have led to thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of refugees and destabilization across North Africa.
“That part of our mission is complete and successful,” Gates said.
More than 20 nations, including several Arab countries, are participating in the NATO coalition — some publicly, some not — in different ways to enforce U.N. Resolution 1973 that allows for the no-fly zone, Mullen said. The coalition, he said, was able to move fast to prevent a disaster because of U.S. relations with those European and Middle Eastern nations.
“No one military, no one nation, can or should take on a mission like this alone,” Mullen said. “This is not only a coalition of the willing — it is a coalition of the able.”
The coalition has greatly diminished Gadhafi’s military air capabilities and many of his ground assets, the chairman said.
“My understanding is that focus will not diminish under NATO leadership,” he said.
The coalition continues to seize Libyan assets around the world, while signing on more partners, Mullen said. Swedish officials were the latest, having this week agreed to send eight aircraft to the effort, he said.
The coalition is considering whether and how to give more support to rebel forces, Gates said.
“A decision about support to the opposition is clearly the next step,” he said. “I think all members of the coalition are thinking about that at this point.”
A major consideration for the coalition is that not much is known about the rebels.
“We know a handful of the leaders,” Gates said. “But other than that, we really don’t know much about what I think is disparate, disaggregated opposition to Gadhafi.”
The issue is more complicated than simply arming the rebels. What the opposition really needs, Gates said, is organization, training, and command and control — something he said likely requires coalition forces on the ground in Libya, which Gates and President Barack Obama said they are not willing to do.
“There really is no critical mass to work with” among the rebels, Gates added.
Gates and Mullen rejected the idea that the military mission should be broadened to include regime change, although they acknowledged that is a political goal.
“I very much believe that the mission as currently stated — to prevent a humanitarian crisis — is the right mission at the right time,” Mullen said. “My experience with regime change is that it can be long and very, very indeterminate in its outcome.”
It may be that Gadhafi will be forced from power, possibly by an internal military coup, Gates said. Coalition forces “will continue to attack [Gadhafi’s] ground forces with no opportunity for resupply,” he said. “His military is going to face the question of whether they are prepared to be destroyed by air attacks, or if it’s time for him to go.”
After being repeatedly asked about broadening the scope of the mission, Gates said Congress must also consider financial realities. Congress has yet to pass the fiscal 2011 budget and has forced the department to operate under continuing resolutions since Oct. 1. Besides operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gates noted there are 19 ships and 18,000 service members deployed on a humanitarian mission in Japan.
“I acknowledge that I’m preoccupied with avoiding mission creep” in Libya, the secretary said. “But … we are in serious budget trouble with the ongoing CR. At a time when we are asked to do so much, this brings this issue home. I need help from the Congress. The Defense Department needs help from the Congress.”
At the same time, the secretary noted, there “are others who can fulfill nearly all of the role” in Libya, referring to the coalition.
Asked to characterize the rebellion in Libya, Gates rejected calling the situation a civil war.
“I think it represents a fairly broad-based uprising against an oppressive government,” he said. “A civil war suggests there are two established governments that have some kind of structure and are in conflict for power.”
The rebels’ core objective seems to be “getting rid of the government they’ve got,” the secretary said. “The principal challenge we are all going to face is what happens after Gadhafi falls.”
The United States and NATO “shouldn’t exaggerate our ability to influence that decision,” Gates said, noting that would be better left to the Libyans and others in the region.
“There are a number of possible outcomes here, only one of which is some kind of democracy,” he said. “My view is that the future of Libya — the U.S. ought not take responsibility for that, frankly. There are other countries in the region that can participate in that, particularly with non-lethal aid.”

America may have created a situation of adding to the our state of perpetual warfare. One of America’s highly regarded and very successful military leaders, General George Patton Jr. is credited with saying:

There is only one tactical principle which is not subject to change. It is to use the means at hand to inflict the maximum amount of wound, death, and destruction on the enemy in the minimum amount of time.”
– General George Patton Jr

We are not as a nation using the means at hand to inflict even minimum wound, death, and destruction on the enemy. The leader of Libya is not an identified target. Nor is his military. MSNBC military analyst, General Barry Mccaffrey reports NATO’s position in Libya as “We’ll bomb either side that threatens civilians!” General Mccaffrey stated the [NATO] position as “bizarre”. I agree with General Mccaffrey. The military situation in Libya may guarantee that neither side is able to gain an advantage. Secretary Gates in the above article refers to a civil war including two established governments. Not the case in Libya. If and when the Rebels prevail militarily America will face an additional challenge. What type of government will be installed in Libya and with whom will they side with on America’s perpetual war on terror? This is a huge unknown folks. We the people simply don’t know who is leading the charge with the Rebels. Let’s hope and pray they are men of reason with the best interests of their country and people as their goal.

America’s future? It is one of perpetual warfare. We the people – as a nation are goings to be at war somewhere on planet earth for decades to come. We have guaranteed to the people of Libya a tenuous political and military situation. National leaders have pointedly stated they will not either become involved in the Libyan issue or if involved, will not permit ground-gaining arms to become involved towards destroying loyalist military formations. Remember, air and naval forces can degrade an enemy and help prepare the way for land forces to engage the enemy. They can not gain ground and lead to military victory. Remaining terrorists in Iraq and the many that are in and around Afghanistan have many safe havens. Our young men and women, America’s best, bravest and brightest, those that sacrifice all being increasingly exposed to close combat – with no end to it. Morale will be effected. Civilian leaders need to declare victory and leave Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya or – allow the Military to use the assets of America, NATO and our allies and destroy our enemies and end these endless wars.

Who is the enemy? Simple, whomever civilians tell us whom they are.

Situation developing and far from settled. More to follow as situation develops.

Dale R. Suiter
Atlanta Michigan

View the original article at Veterans Today

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