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TSA: An Army of Pervs and Criminals

Kurt Nimmo
Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, a TSA “screener,” was arrested on March 24 and charged with distributing more than 100 images of child pornography via Facebook. He allegedly uploaded explicit pictures of young girls and also is said to have posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform, Fox News reported on Saturday. Gordon was arrested by Homeland Security and is being held without bail.

TSA: An Army of Pervs and Criminals tsa perv2

Federal agents also note Gordon routinely searched airline passengers.

The Drudge Report linked the story and it was reported by Fox News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and a handful of other news sites, but was virtually ignored by the larger corporate media.

Ryan Hamilton Jr., writing for Gather, says it isvery shocking that the TSA hasn’t alerted the public about these infractions…. This shocking news has come out as the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) tries to figure out what to do about incidents such as these.”

In fact, instances of sexual perversion and criminal activity on the part of TSA employees is becoming routine.

In February of 2010, another TSA employee, Charles Bennett of Winter Garden, Florida, was arrested and charged with molestation of a minor after police say he tried to keep a 15 year old girl as a sex slave. On his MySpace page, Bennett called himself “Master Charles” and said he was into submissive females and claimed he is a master of bondage dominance sadism and masochism.

Sean Shanahan, a TSA worker at Logan International airport, was arrested last year after he allegedly sent sexually explicit text messages to a 14 year old girl. The inappropriate contact escalated and Shanahan had physical sexual contact with the girl at his home in February over school break, according to news reports.

In October, it was reported that an Amarillo, Texas, woman filed a lawsuit against the federal government after TSA agents allegedly humiliated her by publicly exposing her breasts during an “extended search” at an airport in Corpus Christi. The suit also claims that other TSA employees continued to joke and laugh about the incident for an extended period of time. The woman filed an administrative claim against the TSA, but the agency never responded, thus prompting her lawsuit.

In addition to sexual perverts, the TSA hires violent psychopaths. Earlier this year, an Indianapolis TSA employee was arrested after he put a man in headlock and punched him six times in the face during a parking dispute.

TSA agents have bragged about the power they wield over the public. In January of 2010, a TSA agent in Los Angeles proclaimed “I am god, I’m in charge.” The agent was arrested after making the delusional claim, according to reports.

Violent TSA agents have also attacked each other. In May, 2010, a Miami TSA agent attacked a colleague who repeatedly made fun of his small penis after the security screener walked through a radiation emitting naked body scanner that showed his genitalia, according to Miami-Dade police.

The TSA has a habit of hiring not only sexual perverts and violent psychopaths, but other assorted criminals as well. In February, two TSA employees were arrested for stealing around $40,000 in cash from a bag that was checked through a security line at John F. Kennedy Airport.

The agency admits that over the last three years alone there have been 12 similar cases of thefts involving the removal of valuables and/or cash from baggage.

A few days before this case, a Newark TSA agent pleaded guilty to accepting bribes and kickbacks from a colleague who regularly stole money from passengers during sexual molestation pat-downs.

In Detroit, a TSA agent was arrested for participating in a series of fast food restaurant robberies. Quantrez Rapheal Sawyer was employed as a “passenger screener/security officer,” according to a news report.

In response to repeated instances of criminal behavior and sexual perversion on the part of its employees, the TSA claims it conducts significant background checks, including criminal history, before candidates are offered a job with the government.

It should come as no surprise the TSA has such a large number of violent criminals and sexual perverts on staff. Government agencies assigned to police state roles invariably attract violent and pathological scum. It can be argued the government in fact specifically recruits violent people.

Lenin and later Stalin’s secret police recruited thugs and psychopaths to terrorize, torture, and murder anybody who resisted the state. Early Bolshevik Victor Serge described the process in his book, Memoirs of a Revolutionary.

Mao unleashed violent and murderous members of the Red Guard – mostly students and other ideologically brainwashed young people – on the public at large during the so-called Cultural Revolution.

Hitler’s SS recruited from the violent Freikorps, specifically the Marinebrigade Ehrhardt, a handpicked selection of street fighting thugs. The Nazis envisioned a legion of SS-Lords to rule over subjects of the Lebensraum, or land captured by the German army for the expansion of the racist Third Reich.

Police states invariably rely on criminals and violent thugs to intimidate the public. The TSA, of course, is not largely comprised of sadistic minions, but bureaucrats and low-level employees looking for a steady paycheck. The same can more or less be said for the Soviet era police and many ranking members of Hitler’s SS.

However, it does take a certain kind of individual to perform non-stop pat-downs that are nearly indistinguishable from sexual molestation. It should come as no surprise a large percentage of them run afoul of the law or end up accused of sex crimes.

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