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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

This is the hypothesis:  President Obama, taking office while America is drowning in debt, politically polarized and increasingly seen as a pariah nation, publicly dictated to and humiliated by the tiny state of Israel, at every turn, found himself imprisoned by the monstrosity he inherited.

I can think of no other explanation for the inconsistency, for the wasted years and the continuation of the mindless wars.  There is no other explanation other than accepting Obama as “more of the same,” seeing in him the shared dark abiding evil of his predecessor, proof that those who have given up on America were right all along.

Does America deserve nothing better than “Bush 2,” a more charming and erudite version of the “great bungler” and his Sith Lord, Darth Cheney?  Always heading demands to impeach President Obama is his refusal to order the arrest of his predecessor and order an immediately withdrawal from, what else can we call it, but the “occupied territories” of Iraq and Afghanistan, the meatgrinder than has gutted another American generation.


Has the bizarre scenario of the stage production of this decade, certainly less collateral damage than the last one, 9/11, shown a certain calculated ineptitude?  Was the order to throw what we are told was the body of Osama bin Laden into the Indian Ocean the equivalent of the hand signals, American POWs have been instructed to use when subjected to being photographed.  Was tossing the “bin Laden-sicle” into the India Ocean Obama’s crossed finger “coercion” signal?

Is Obama a POW, Prisoner of Washington?  Is it coercion or blackmail?

There was nothing more he could have done to tell us that there was something very wrong about the announced bin Laden assassination, an act inconsistent with every stated value Obama has ever espoused.

How could Obama face the real challenges America faces when he believes, himself powerless.  Obama has been saddled with the ghost of 9/11, planned by Bush insiders, executed by rogue elements of the Pentagon and CIA under operational direction of the Mossad.  The first briefings he received after being elected told him Osama bin Laden was dead.  We know that for certain.  From a January, 2002 story from the UK Telegraph:

Speaking in the Pakistani capital Islamabad, President Musharraf said:: “I think now, frankly, he is dead for the reason that he is a patient, a kidney patient. We know that he donated two dialysis machines into Afghanistan. One was specifically for his own personal use.”

President Musharraf did not indicate whether he had intelligence reports to back up his suspicions. In Washington, officials said they had no evidence that Bin Laden had severe kidney problems, much less had died of them.

And Tommy Franks, commander of US forces in Afghanistan, said he was aware of President Musharraf’s statement, but added: “I haven’t seen anything in intelligence that would confirm or deny that.”

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said US officials did not know whether Bin Laden had died, but added: “I don’t think the President (George Bush) would view that as an unwelcome event.”

Since that time, however, we have verified that the US was aware of his death.  When Steven Pieczenik, a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and/or Senior Policy Planner under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker came forward with direct evidence that bin Laden received medical treatment at an American facility, immediately prior to 9/11, 2 things became obvious.

  1. Osama bin Laden was dying
  2. Osama bin Laden was still working for the United States

The FBI’s Sibel Edmonds was silence by the Bush administration for 6 years, held under virtual house arrest.  One of the reasons she was silenced is that she threatened to make public government documents that prove:

  1. Osama bin Laden was actively employed by the United States government on 9/11/2001
  2. The CIA is providing logistical and materiel support for the organization known as Al Qaeda, flying terrorists around the world, giving them money, safe-houses and, just maybe, much more than that.


How can a president take office while saddled with the most massive lie in American history, the “false flag” attacks of 9/11, the mythological bin Laden and Al Qaeda and two illegal wars of aggression?  What could he say and not have the press descend on him like wolves?  What could he have done without being killed?

Who would have stood by him?  Remember Christ?  That would have been a garden party compared to what would have happened to Obama had he attempted to take on “the outfit.”

Kennedy did it.  Kennedy would have handed them their heads, if they tried 9/11 on his watch.

This, of course, is exactly why Kennedy was murdered.

By the standards of John Kennedy, as outlined in his speech on “secret societies and the press,” Barak Obama, upon his inauguration to the presidency, took control of a government that more closely resembled that which Kennedy warned against than that which Kennedy worked to build.


Today, the same Israeli “media contractor” that furnished the backdrop of falsified terror reports that got hundreds of Americans killed Iraq and Afghanistan, reported that “Al Qaeda” announced “bin Laden is dead.”  Where did they get the information?  They say they “found it on the internet.”

While many, maybe even most, Americans cheered at the idea that Osama bin Laden is dead, something top officials have known for nearly a decade, watching President Obama say so many things that so many people can so very categorically prove as lies was dispiriting.  We catch Obama “shooting from the hip” now and again, almost as though he weren’t a total hand puppet.  He is no JFK, for sure, but he has his moments.  However, he also panders to the bizarre fantasy world left him by the Bush administration, a nightmarish realm of lies of such magnitude that they, when unchallenged, destroy the very fibre of Americanism.

The is, perhaps, one ray of hope and that is based on conjecture.  You be the judge.

Out of the blue, President Obama released his birth certificate after years of controversy.  Though many are unconvinced, the public figures questioning the president ran from the issue immediately.  They faced the albatross of “conspiracy theorist,” a label that quickly crushed Donald Trump, even though it was only implied.  In other cases, it has destroyed a generation of “truth tellers” that might have saved America and the world from the disasters drowning us all.

We will go back there in a bit but President Obama has left us with some serious concerns that require being addressed immediately.  Call this a half-hearted attempt to defend President Obama but hear me out.  Let’s say Obama isn’t totally controlled by the globalist thieves and the powerful Israel lobby as was Bush. From Arutz Shiva today:

President Barack Obama appeared to carry on a policy of intentionally humiliating Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu this week, by ignoring custom and abstaining from any public appearance with him during Netanyahu’s visit to the White House.

In a particularly unusual step, no press coverage or photographs of Netanyahu’s meeting Tuesday with Obama at the White House were permitted.

Photographers had to make do with paparazzi-style shots of a somewhat grim-faced Netanyahu, accompanied by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, shot from a distance as they passed though a corridor between meetings.

If, just perhaps, President Obama killed off Osama bin Laden in such a manner as to discredit the entire Global War on Terror as a hoax, could this, just perhaps, be a reminder that Israel’s role in 9/11 is no longer sacrosanct as well?

Were this so, no one would tell us.  Were this so, we will never know.  This is the world we have built for ourselves.


Has Obama taken hard stands?  There is some evidence of standing up to financial thievery at least though little else.  This is why his poll numbers are so poor.

Is President Obama a prisoner of lies, fearful of engaging in the “straight talk” that some of us still remember of President Kennedy?

There is little doubt in the minds of most Americans that our leaders in Washington are delusional.  Almost all Americans are aware that politicians live in a rarefied world of fund raising and “nest feathering.”  Those of us who have worked in Washington as lobbyists or political advisors know things are far worse than any could imagine.   With noted exception, most in Washington are ill informed and even dull witted.  There are exceptions.  The first thing you ask one of them; “How can you stand this place and these people?”

Reports, very much not “theories” have key Bush advisors, National Security Council, CFR, State Department involved in the most hideous and disgusting activities, fully documented, carefully confirmed and utterly unacceptable to the vast majority of Americans.  Inside the “Beltway,” bills paid by American people who can barely afford gasoline to drive to work, our leaders enjoy $300 lunches and casual afternoons with their “rentboy” companions.

The Pentagon is, if anything, the worst of it.

American are holding on by the skin of their teeth, whilst the nation’s capital experiences a period of unprecedented boom, 4 star restaurants, 5 star hotels and gated private estates sprouting like wildflowers in spring.  Obama has changed none of this.  His task, as clearly assigned by the American people, was to empty the country clubs and bath houses and fill our prisons with the degenerate scum that had been preying on Americans so long.

Instead, we hear excuses and still see Bush, Ashcroft, Rove, Cheney and Rumsfeld running free while evidence of, not just war crimes, but far more sinister involvements, very real proof of staged terrorist acts, is becoming impossible to ignore despite the endless efforts of a virtual army of paid shills that make up “the press.”

This is where President Obama’s strange move, the dumping of Osama bin Laden’s very real corpse into the Indian Ocean raises so many questions.  Obama got elected because the American people assumed he had chutzpah.  Those of us looking for this characteristic, who believe Obama to be a mensch, have had some serious disappointments.  (Yiddish is such an underrated language!)

So here we are, a short time after President Obama’s carefully timed “birth certificate” song and dance and now we have more theatre, a show 10 years in production, half “improv,” half Vegas illusionist, a mind boggling and utterly inexplicable turn of events.

As Dr.Alan Sabrosky puts it so clearly on the BBC, dumping the body in the ocean, we are flabbergasted!


What would have happened if, back in January 2009, two short years ago, President Obama had gone on national television and announced that there was reason to believe that the 9/11 Commission Report was largely false and that there was substantial evidence of a massive conspiracy within the US government involving, not only the cover-up of 9/11 but the planning and execution as well?

Imagine Fox News, not just Fox but network after network, newspaper after newspaper.  Members of congress would have called for President Obama to be placed in a mental hospital.  Members of the military, particularly those who regularly vacation in Israel on paid junkets, and there are many hundreds of those, would have called the president a traitor.

Who would have risen to defend him?

Thus, do we have what we have bought?  If, just if, President Obama is and always has been a real president, our first since Kennedy, would we have turned our backs on him?

If he isn’t, how do we ever hope to replace him with one that is?

Do we deserve one?



View the original article at Veterans Today

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