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By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

I pity those who cheered or felt relief at the announced death of Osama bin Laden.  It isn’t just that the real bin Laden died years ago.  It’s that Osama bin Laden was never a terrorist in the first place.  Nearly a decade of investigation failed to connect bin Laden to 9/11 with a single shred of evidence.  Instead, when that original cover-up, the 9/11 Commission proven categorically to be a “white wash,” to the extent that even Fox News reported it openly, all evidence pointed to the Bush White House and Israeli intelligence services.

The undisputed evidence, Building 7, showed that massive explosive devices were planted under the World Trade Center.  No newspaper reported this, even when the Fox Network carried the stories on prime time.  No mention of this has been made this week.  What it proved is that terrorists had nothing to do with 9/11.  Simply put, if one building was sabotaged, then all the attacks were staged.


The evidence for this, hard evidence, science, testimony, not theory but a very real conspiracy is massive and supported by the majority of Americans.  One “conspiracy theory debunker,” Jon Fain of ABC, went after Kevin Braken, a political leader in Australia.

77% of Australians in a Herald Sun poll believe that 9/11 is a US government “inside job.”  That number applies to Americans as well.

Then why is nothing of any of this mentioned now?  Why was Obama allowed to ramble on, in what we can prove was an incoherent manner, driveling on about bin Laden and 9/11?  Perhaps the most shameful of all is Geraldo Rivera, the Fox News journalist who helped break the story that proved bin Laden was never involved in 9/11.  He now rants about bin Laden and ghoulishly celebrates the “mass murderer of 9/11″ that he himself helped prove innocent.

Where do you find people like that?


When major corporations and “interest groups” based in a small Middle Eastern non-Islamic country managed to gain control over 95% of America’s media, destroying the lines between, not only “news” and “entertainment” but “fact” and “fiction” as well, it was the end of any semblance of democracy in America.  Democracy is based on public consensus.  If someone controls what the public believes and thinks, if the public is continually bombarded with falsehood, there is no basis for democracy.

Simply put, the controlled media, which includes much of the internet as well, is a criminal organization directed at undermining the American government.

In 2000, when a very real conspiracy rigged a presidential election and the Supreme Court of the United States appointed a president, something well outside its constitutional venue, we started down that “slippery slope” to very real dictatorship.  It wasn’t long before 9/11 and the two totally unfounded wars, all blamed on the mysterious Osama bin Laden, continually spoken of then as now as the greatest criminal mastermind in world history.

But those who heard his actual words and knew his history know better.  Bin Laden worked closely with the United States but eventually became mildly critical of its policies.

“Mildly critical of its policies,” yes, this is exactly what I am saying.  As close to terrorism as Osama bin Laden ever got were statements that were mildly critical of American policies.

The rest of it, the threats, the terror organizations, we made it all up.

This leaves the real job of supporting the constitution to the alternative media, a group infected by the same people who brought American down in 2000, flush with cash from their entertainment empire, the Washington law firms and public relations agencies and the powerful Israel lobby.  Our investigations of one “patriotic resistance” site found these to be those responsible for paying the bills:

Despite the innocent sounding names, this list includes the very heart of the most anti-American elements in American society.  There are 20 groups here far more dangerous than any “bin Laden” and far more dedicated to destroying the United States than “Al Qaeda.”  For those who find themselves on this “rogues gallery” and were unaware they were financing an extremist group, perhaps, next time, they will look before writing a check to buy “influence.”

Along with some innocent and decent on this list are groups dedicated into turning the United States into a feudal slave labor state.  These are the folks that rig elections, the folks that wrote the scandalous Patriot Acts and, especially, those responsible for crashing the stock markets, rigging our courts and controlling the news.

This is just one list, there are more.  Soon after finding this, the Antisemitic/white supremacist organization they finance began hiding behind offshore proxy servers.  It was too late for them.  They are now “frozen in time.”


When Julian Assange’s relationship with the powerful financial groups that control the media organizations he is now critical of was exposed, early in 2011, it became clear that Wikileaks would never be a reliable source for news.  Julian Assange has always been very ‘mainstream press’ when it comes to terrorism and 9/11.  His close relationship with Israel, the nation most often tied to complicity in 9/11 as a “false flag” conspiracy, seems to have deeply prejudiced him and crippled Wikileaks.  It will never be seen as honest or independent as long as it remains dogmatic and joined at the hip with the big news organizations and the Israel lobby.


Far from it, Wikileaks, at heart, always gravitates toward its center, a schizophrenic message that exposes abuses of the United States but strongly supports the extremist policies that led America to its military adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Assange seems to love America’s use of force, openly advocating war on Iran but hides behind a veneer of controversy through leaking oddly selected documents.

Early on, Assange received considerable support from the independent press.  Even later on, some organizations continued supporting him even though his allegiances to money and power became clear.  The more guilty Assange seemed, the more some groups supported him.

The result was a positive one, a cleansing of the independent media and the recognition by many that their co-workers, some at least, were not who they seemed.  In that sense, Julian Assange was invaluable.

Where Wikileaks demonstrated the weakness of the internet media, primarily organizations that developed around the call for an honest investigation of 9/11, the recent bin Laden episode has been different.

The moment the frozen corpse, the “Osama-sicle” was tossed into the Indian Ocean and the actors came out of the woodwork, bin Laden’s family, the spurious videos, the contradictory stories, the independent media or alternative media began to show its maturity and power.

Stories hit that were well written, facts were presented with a care to detail that the corporate press was denied, being tied to a ‘dead horse” as it were.  The most recent bin Laden “death” has been an easy target for sure, so farcical that the public has begged for the truth to the point that those who have engaged in honest reporting have been flooded with traffic.

What the bin Laden story has shown is that the mantle has passed to the internet and that quality reporting of real facts is available there.  The mantle that has passed to the independent media is that of trust, something the corporate media will never be able to regain.

They depended on Americans forgetting 9/11, for American to be so hungry for an attractive lie that they would lap up the crud like a starving dog.

They guessed wrong.

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  1. beijingyank says

    Great stuff Duff! Right on target!

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