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Obama’s Very American Act

The Enemy of My Enemy

By J B Campbell

Barack Obama has just changed everything. On Thursday, he did the most remarkable thing perhaps ever done by any US president since John F. Kennedy: he told the Israelis to do something. We know how dangerous this can be.

At least some of us do. Most of us are not taking seriously his telling the Israelis that they must withdraw to their pre-’67 borders, which means he wants them to give back to the Palestinians the area known as the West Bank of the Jordan River. Not only that, he said they must define the permanent borders of Israel! This is what Netanyahu meant when he said such a proposal was indefensible. Later, he pretended that what he meant was that such borders would make Israel indefensible. Obviously, no one took that statement seriously, remembering what the IDF was able to do to several neighboring Arab countries during six days in June, 1967, from within those pre-’67 borders. They just don’t want to give back any land to the Palestinians. Israelis are in the business of stealing land, not giving it back.

Obama’s timing was very interesting, making his startling demand just a day before Netanyahu’s scheduled state visit to Washington. The startled Israeli PM came loaded for bear and reports told us of heated language between the two men, including an angry lecture by Netanyahu. What choice did the Israeli have? He was coming also to address AIPAC and we can imagine what sort of reception the Zionist fanatics would have given him if he hadn’t made a good show of it with a president they all hold in deep suspicion.

We’ll return to this dangerous subject of borders later.

Then there is the strange case of the killing of Osama bin Laden. Personally, I never took the man very seriously while he was alive. Now that we have had him pushed into our consciousness, some for the first time, I must say that to me he had great human qualities. Like so many freedom fighters in the real world, he got his start working with the CIA. So did my late friend in El Salvador, Roberto D’Aubuisson. When he realized what the CIA was actually doing to his country, Roberto cut himself loose. That was just the way of the world back in the Cold War. Lumumba got his start with the KGB, Mugabe with the Chinese PLA. If you wanted support for your cause, it was one of the three murderous outfits. I managed to avoid that in my Cold War participation, but I was very lucky. There was, at first, a natural suspicion that I was a CIA agent spying on the Rhodesians. Everyone else on the “anti-Communist” side, even Mike Hoare’s Congo mercenaries, was paid by the CIA.

Hell, even the Christian Identity and bank robber/drug running movement in this country were CIA operations, with such Cold Warriors as Col. William P. Gale in charge of it. Much of the “patriot movement” and the militia is either CIA or FBI or military intelligence. There’s no excuse for CIA agents such as Bo Gritz doing this but foreigners from small countries trying not to be bombed by the US Air Force are under different rules. You’re allowed, as a foreigner, to start out with the agency but the veterans eventually realize they must separate and go independent. The Taliban, for example, was a CIA-backed outfit of religious fanatics who were told by Richard Armitage that a Unocal pipeline would be built across Afghanistan. The Taliban guys, who were White House guests of the GOP in the ‘80s, said no to the pipeline. They later said that Armitage gave them the famous Carpet of Gold or Carpet of Bombs ultimatum, the Godfather offer they couldn’t refuse. Except they did.

Maybe Osama didn’t just start with CIA but finished with them, too. Maybe he was considered by CIA as an asset until the day he died, probably in December, 2001.

I don’t know if Osama was paid anything, since he reportedly put a lot of his own money, as a scion of the rich bin Laden construction business of his father and brothers, into the mujahedin group in Afghanistan. He was reportedly a CIA paymaster to the anti-Soviet fighters. Did he know he was merely a pawn in Zbigniew Brezezinski’s 1979 chess game? It probably occurred to him.

What was so good about him? He had dignity and courage. He said that it is always wrong to kill non-combatants, especially women and children. He went to the aid of his fellow Moslems in another country to help them oust the Soviet occupier, tricked by Brzezinski into invading Afghanistan. He correctly cited the invasion and occupation of his own country, Saudi Arabia, by the US military as a crime against his people and religion. He identified his own government in Riyadh as spoiled parasites and American puppets.

When asked, he said that he had no previous knowledge of 9/11 nor any part in it. This was no doubt true and we even have the FBI endorsing this position.

There is apparently no evidence of Osama’s participation in any “terrorist” action against the US, certainly not 9/11. He himself reportedly did not use the term “al-Qaeda” before 9/11 and he only lived three months after the attack, ill as he was. He has had more impersonators than Lee Harvey Oswald. “Al-Qaeda” is a CIA slang-term for the guys it was supplying back in the ‘80s.

Bill Clinton was accused of failing to have Osama brought here in 1996 but this was why:

“So we tried to be quite aggressive with them [al Qaeda]. We got – well, Mr. bin Laden used to live in Sudan. He was expelled from Saudi Arabia in 1991, then he went to Sudan. And we’d been hearing that the Sudanese wanted America to start dealing with them again. They released him. At the time, 1996, he had committed no crime against America, so I did not bring him here because we had no basis on which to hold him, though we knew he wanted to commit crimes against America. So I pleaded with the Saudis to take him, ’cause they could have. But they thought it was a hot potato and they didn’t and that’s how he wound up in Afghanistan.”

Obvious question: If he’d committed no crime against America, why did Clinton’s gang have “fantasies” about the Saudis “quietly executing” him for them? “We knew he wanted to commit crimes against America?” How did we know, because Israel told us? As far as I know, Osama did not commit or contemplate terrorist crimes against America.

Americans have traditionally had a hard time understanding the hot resentment of its occupied peoples around the world. It has always seemed so logical for our military to go wherever the hell it wants and kick other people around. Isn’t it for their own good? The dumbbells don’t appreciate what we’re doing for them, bringing our American wonderfulness. It doesn’t occur to Americans that our very nature is to begin the defilement of other countries with our corrosive anti-culture as soon as we show up. Ask the Germans. Ask the Japanese.

It’s not resentment anymore – it’s hatred. Well-earned hatred.

Take Pakistan. Let’s face it – most Americans have no idea where Pakistan is. They haven’t looked at maps since grade school. Give a map to an American, say “Where’s Pakistan?” He might find it. Right under, what’s that? Hmm, Afghanistan. He probably won’t realize, looking at the strange map, that the US military occupies the countries west, north and east of Iran. Iran is encircled by our military. You don’t go to all that trouble to encircle a country unless you plan to starve it out or attack it.

Pakistan is being maneuvered by our Neo-Con geniuses in Washington from ally to enemy. This sort of thing can only be done by people with a total contempt for others. Has any country with a nuclear arsenal ever been as accommodating to our geniuses as Pakistan? They worked with the CIA to supply Stinger missiles to the mujahidin to shoot down Soviet attack helicopters. They have turned over men wanted by CIA for prosecution in America. They have inexplicably allowed America to invade Pakistan and kill its people with Hellfire missiles launched from Predator drones. They released a CIA murderer named Raymond Davis who should have been prosecuted and hanged. And now, this crazy insult to Pakistan, the bloody burlesque show in Abbottabad, with the suggestion that Pakistan must have known that Osama was living in luxury right down the street from the Pakistani military academy. Remember that original version, before the first re-write? Before we actually saw the ramshackle place?

There are so many re-writes on this story that it’s not possible to make sense of it. I think it is certain that some people were murdered. By whom exactly, we can’t say. But the critical thing is that Osama bin Laden has been declared officially dead and this is a very good thing. Barack Obama has disarmed the Neo-Con geniuses by “killing” their favorite boogyman. Never mind that the boogyman had actually been dead for almost ten years. Never mind that we have no idea who was or wasn’t murdered in Abbottabad. The important thing is that Osama can no longer be used to justify anything because he has now been declared officially dead. And for that, Mr. President, we thank you. I’m sure you’re sorry about the actual living people in the house who were actually murdered that night. You looked a little uncertain in the Situation Room, probably wondering what Leon Panetta was up to. No matter – the boogyman is officially dead and sunk in the ocean.

This strange operation was followed by a demand by President Obama that Israel define its borders and modify them to what they were forty-four years ago. Lee Rosenberg, the head of AIPAC, is urging his furious members not to boo President Obama when he addresses them later today (Sunday).

The technical reason that Israel cannot be recognized as a nation is that it refuses to define its borders. Why does it do that? Because they are always changing. The Zionist plan is based on expansion into something they call Greater Israel, which they want to stretch from the Nile River in Egypt east to the Tigris-Euphrates River in Iraq, which would seize northern Saudi Arabia, half of Iraq, all of Jordan and Lebanon, half of Syria and more. In other words, total insanity. Israel took over the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights, belonging to Egypt and Syria respectively. It took over the West Bank and has erected the Separation Wall around the dwindling enclaves of Palestine. Then it gave back the Sinai to Egypt. But this is why Israel cannot technically be recognized because it’s always changing.

Israel’s vicious military attacks on the concentration camp known as the Gaza Strip are incomprehensible to the human mind. Over one and a half million human beings – a million of them refugees from the Zionist land-grab outside Gaza – are trapped in the space of less than one hundred forty square miles. There are cattle ranches in Arizona a lot bigger than that and a hell of a lot more hospitable, if you don’t try to carry more than a few hundred head. Arizona ranchers don’t attack their herds with tanks, jet fighters and white phosphorus bombs. Or blow up barns and poison water holes.

We must confront the racial issue regarding Israel and President Obama. Israel does not like black people. They don’t like Africans who claim Judaism as their religion just as their American brothers don’t like blacks in Crown Heights or Skokie. They also don’t like them in the White House. They can accept one in the White House if he does what they say. But if he tells them to define their borders and give back some stolen land then he risks being named as an Amalek, which carries a death sentence.

So, whether or not we like Barack Obama, we must realize that for whatever reason he has put himself in extreme danger. Netanyahu was given Obama’s Thursday speech only a few hours in advance! But it gave him enough time to call Hilary Clinton and demand it be changed. She was unable to help. Obama refused to change a word, to drop his demand to modify and define permanent borders, including the return of some stolen land. On his way to the AIPAC hate fest, the very next day, Netanyahu marched into the White House and repudiated Obama’s ideas in front of TV cameras, suggesting that the president is delusional for making such outrageous suggestions. He insulted the president, referring to his peace plans as “illusions that will crash on the rocks of Middle Eastern reality,” and demanded that he retract his unreasonable ideas, saying three times, “It’s not going to happen.” Obama stared back balefully. Netanyahu’s anger in private was described by the New York Times as “incandescent,” so we can imagine what was going through Obama’s mind. Even though Netanyahu had to act this way for his AIPAC appearance, he probably really is angry at such a proposal from this person, who is already on thin ice over many issues. Doesn’t Obama realize that his career is now over in Jewish eyes? Do the initials DSK mean anything? How about JFK? RFK? MLK?

Netanyahu said that this is the last chance for Jews to have a homeland, which is a self-serving lie. Jews can live and do live anywhere they want. New York is their homeland. Miami Beach is their homeland. Los Angeles is their homeland. The fantasy-land called “Israel” was the actual homeland of the Palestinians and these rootless cosmopolitans couldn’t care less about their last chance to live. They prove that they don’t care by their sadistic treatment of the people of Gaza Strip and by murdering humanitarians who try to relieve their suffering.

The wisest thing we can do now is to give President Barack Obama our strong support to his private war against Israel. The US/Israeli relationship has been unnatural and demented, with the tiny, expansionist Zionist enclave seeming to have decision-making power over the American powerhouse, due to Jewish ownership of the private central bank, the New York Federal Reserve Bank. This is where the true secret power lies – not in Tel Aviv. But the Tel Aviv gangsters know just how much second-hand power they have and are not shy about exerting it. The totalitarian policies of the US government are based on control over the White House exerted by the New York Federal Reserve Bank, itself owned by anti-Americans. Barack Obama’s struggle with these people must be successful before the totalitarian policies can be avoided. If he fails in this death struggle, we shall have a Zionist or Communist totalitarianism imposed on us.

View the original article at Veterans Today

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