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Sunday Morning: “Cutting the Crap”


“the truth is out there…..somewhere”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Excuse the flurry of American slang but without it English would be so sterile.  Our “nutter of the week” is former Defense Secretary and co-architect of the New World Order, Donald Rumsfeld.  For those new to independent news this may be a bit of a shock…but Osama bin Laden didn’t die last week.  He wasn’t even a terrorist.

So many have come forward who worked with him at the CIA, and right through 9/11, that we might have to give him a Presidential Medal of Freedom now, or a Nobel Prize.   If you subtract the phony news stories, the mis-translations and his supposed actions after his death in 2001, bin Laden could have been anyone.  We simply don’t know.

But one thing is for sure, he never ran a terror organization called “Al Qaeda.” That was simple CIA cover.  Later it became useful myth when Rumsfeld, our “nutter of the week”, went  over the top with this video “blast from the past,” possibly the stupidest moment in the history of television:

Journalist Tim Russert, and I use that term in its most derogatory possible way,  has been dead for some years now like bin Laden. He left this this Alice in Wonderland Rumsfeld interview as part of his legacy.  Journalists like this are like dogs eating vomit.  If you were watching this and believed it, you should feel rage. Anything else is denial. For you denial folks, go back an rewatch it. Listen the hyped delivery by both of them.

Jim Dean tells me he is absolutely certain that this was a rehearsed delivery as it is way too theatrical. They just went overboard with it and blew their cover. “There are not one of those, there are many of those!” This ranks as probably the biggest lie that any Secretary of Defense has ever told the American people.

See the same idiot get confused, and by some remote accident actually tell the truth.  Here, Rumsfeld tell us that Flight 93, from 9/11, was shot down:

What do you have to do to get caught?  These two clips are from national television.  They aren’t the only ones, we can do this all day long.  Watch this next one by 9/11 Commissioner Roemer, one of the quickest recoveries in history:

Back to our “nutter of the week.”  Here, Donald Rumsfeld admits to losing $2.3 trillion dollars, admitted on 9/10/2001 and totally forgotten, never to be mentioned again after the “oh so convenient’ next day.  For those of you who don’t know how much money this is, you could buy the entirety of Africa with it and have money left over.

Here, it gets even better.  Only a few days ago, the very flamboyant media star, Geraldo Rivera of Fox News, went into a frenzy over the “death” of Osama bin Laden, who he now claims was responsible for the carnage of 9/11.  However, on a short time before, it was Rivera who erased any connection between 9/11 and Osama bin Laden with this startling story seen by over 100 million people.

One we have an excuse for missing, one in Urdo from Pakistan TV, describes how Americans were killed in Abbottabad when their helicopter crashed.  The bin Laden mission was aborted.  Confirmation on this was received from former Army Chief of Staff General Beg. The transcript for the video, a true transcript, a rarity in itself is here.  Why is this story true?  The answer is simple, it was never reported in the US.  There can be no greater proof than that.

Where are we going with this, you might ask?  Let’s do another, this time from the BBC, a source regulated by the British government.  This video helps close the door on a few points we made earlier.  What it will tell you?  Simply put, a BBC investigation proved that Al Qaeda is an invention and Osama bin Laden ran nothing.   Do enjoy this one:

Last week, John Anthony Hill, was found “not guilty” of the charge of “perverting the course of justice” by a jury in Britain.  He supposed crime was mailing a video to a court to be used as evidence in a trial.  The video was considered “not allowable” for British (or Americans) to see.  However, I have it here in its entirety, free of charge and free of government censorship

One point worth mentioning is that he mailed the video, one that is on Youtube for anyone in the world (except Germany where Youtube in blocked) to see, from Ireland.  Thus, his “crime” was placing a copied Youtube video in a mail box in Ireland, that contains information that makes a slam dunk case for British government involvement in killing British citizens, with a little help from Israel.

This may be the single biggest violation of international standards of freedom of speech, as guaranteed by the United Nations, in history.  However, a British jury wasn’t buying.  Thank you good citizens of Britain!

Better still, the trial wasn’t legal maneuvering about illegal extradition or abuse of free speech.  Instead, Hill took the stand and explained to the jury, under vigorous cross examination, pretty much what the video’s above tell us, that the US with Britain and Israel staged terror attacks, 7/7, 9/11 and so many more themselves and blamed it on an imaginary group called “Al Qaeda” and a CIA operative and lifelong friend of the Bush family, Osama bin Laden.

“Lifelong friends” of the Bush family have been in trouble before.  Anyone remember John Hinkley, the young Mormon who shot President Reagan?  As with the bin Laden’s, the Hinkley’s were “lifelong friends” and business partners of the Bush family.

Ah, but we digress into areas best left along, back to John Anthony Hill’s trial.  What happened in this trial, what will not be reported, is that the real case was a presentation of facts by the British government and John Anthony Hill.  Hill postulated that both 7/7 and 9/11 were false flag terror attacks, perpetrated with full complicity by the British and American governments.

The “crown” attacked Hill as a “conspiracy nut.”

The jury sided with Hill, finding the American and British governments, who were not on trial, complicit in the murders of thousands of their own people.

Find this on the news if you can?

The disease?  Denial, cowardice and idiocy, trusting in governments that long fell under the control of sinister conspiracies that border the worst science fiction.

With “bin Laden” now official dead again, the fiction mills of the press are loading us up with new scares and even crazier stories.

The best of them all is that Osama bin Laden was planning on blowing up oil tankers.

Have you heard or read this?   Of course you have.  The new conspiracy was first a television show, mysteriously cancelled in the US one episode after they revealed that the American government was involved in a false flag conspiracy to destroy oil tankers and blame it on terrorists.  The limited reruns available of this amazing show are “top rated” on Britain’s BBC and totally suppressed in the United States, as though they never happened.

Now with “V” being cancelled, can we expect Julian Assange’s promised “alien invasion” Wikileak?  Is ET going to be the next “evildoer?”


Nasty stuff is coming out of Israel that Benjamin Netanyahu is facing assassination.  This is from real intelligence community sources, not internet conspiracy chatter.  We are told Ehud Barak, Israel’s Defense Minister, is targeted also.  No explanations or “hard sell” with this.  Netanyahu would not be targeted unless his “usefulness” to globalist elements was seen as at an end.

Webster Tarpley, in a recent piece, is drumbeating the “yellow peril” issue.  He believes that China will go to war with the United States over Pakistan and that the US has been served an ultimatum by China.

“Responding to reports that China has asked the US to respect Pakistan’s sovereignty in the aftermath of the Bin Laden operation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu used a May 19 press briefing to state Beijing’s categorical demand that the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan must be respected.” According to Pakistani diplomatic sources cited by the Times of India, China has “warned in unequivocal terms that any attack on Pakistan would be construed as an attack on China.” This ultimatum was reportedly delivered at the May 9 China-US strategic dialogue and economic talks in Washington, where the Chinese delegation was led by Vice Prime Minister Wang Qishan and State Councilor Dai Bingguo.1 Chinese warnings are implicitly backed up by that nation’s nuclear missiles, including an estimated 66 ICBMs, some capable of striking the United States, plus 118 intermediate-range missiles, 36 submarine-launched missiles, and numerous shorter-range systems.”

First of all, I love Webster Tarpley like a red-headed stepchild but this piece is pure and unequivocal neocon war mongering propaganda better seen from Ann Coulter or John Hagee.

The insider word is this:  Any time you see anything about the threat of China, you are being played.  Nuff sed.

From the UK:

Dr. David Kelly, the WMD specialist whose murder was originally passed off as a suicide is causing more controversy.  The investigation is looking at an American based “hit squad” working with the JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) under former Vice President Dick Cheney as being responsible for Dr. Kelly’s murder.  Kelly was the whistleblower, not just on the phony intelligence on Saddam’s WMD’s but on 3 missing nuclear weapons that Britain had “misplaced,” now said to be a legal question that Tony Blair has been confronted with.

Oliver Burkeman in New York

Tuesday August 13, 2002 (Note: 11-months before Dr. David Kelly’s death.)
The Guardian

The US government is considering plans to send elite military units on missions to assassinate al-Qaida leaders in countries around the world, without necessarily informing the governments involved, it was reported yesterday.

The Pentagon is discussing proposals which could see special operations units dispatched to capture or kill terrorists wherever they are be believed to be hiding, despite a long-standing presidential order forbidding US personnel from carrying out assassinations abroad, the New York Times reported.

Senior army advisers believe they could justify the practice on the grounds that it would constitute “preparation of the battlefield” in a war against terrorism that has no boundaries, because the September 11 terrorist attacks in effect initiated a world-wide state of armed conflict, the newspaper said.


As for “blowhard Hagee,” the real “worst person on Earth,” we no longer have to worry about him.  He is gone.

The “rapture” got him.

For those of you who don’t know, there is a belief by some in the United States, a bizarre pseudo-Christian heresy with over 40 million members who believed, or used to believe, that yesterday, Saturday May 21, 2002, the “faithful” would rise into the sky, naked as they day they were born, and spend eternity at the side of Jesus.

Tomorrow, sheepishly, hundreds of thousands will be asking for their jobs back, asking friends to give pets back, asking for valuables they gave away to be returned.  Many stopped bathing, mowing their lawns and even brushing their teeth.

More quit paying their bills, some emptied bank accounts and went on spending sprees, some gambling away their retirement funds.

Tomorrow, those putting their lives back together as best they can are unlikely to have learned anything from this.  This group represents over 60% of voters

View the original article at Veterans Today

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