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Time to Let The Truth Be Told President

Sooner or later, some President is going to have to tell Israel “to go shove”it,” and turn to the American people, tell them the truth, and ask for their support.


by Debbie Menon

Below are a couple of comments referring to President Obama’s Arab Spring presentation at the State Department, on Thursday, May 19 2011, and what I read in it, in which I have characterized him as a weak man being set up as a patsy, one lacking the courage to carry out his  principles and convictions off to the end.

I have cut and saved this compelling quotation from Obama’s speech because it explains so clearly just about everything we have seen gone wrong in the carpetbagger system which has taken over Washington DC and the national politics in not only the United States but in most of the rest of the world, in the Western Coalition, at least.

It will save a lot of repetitious explanations we have had to do to try to explain about all which is happening wrongly in the United States of America.  Here, we have an articulate man of status, the President himself,  who simplifies it all! What more reliable testimony can anyone ask for?

Earlaiman, an  American of years, a reader with keen perception and persuasion points out:

There is a key element here which might offer some degree of hope. Obama seems to at least acknowledge publicly the reality of the enraptured captivation of himself, his office and the US Congress to foreign elements and policies, when he says:

“Until the American people say otherwise and until our campaign finance laws are reformed we as politicians are bound to our wealthy campaign donors whether it be Wall Street, the Oil, Banking, Health Insurance industry or from wealthy Jewish Americans whose primary allegiance is to Israel’s welfare. That is American politics today, yesterday, and tomorrow until the American people unite and tell us to work for our national interest.”

–US President Barack Obama in Speech at the US State Department on May 19, 2011

What he will do about these things is yet another matter.

Apparently he is going to wait and let “us” do it for him.

Well, that is what “democracies” are supposed to be about, isn’t it?

As Obama himself says here, “The Chinese define a crises as an opportunity for change.”

Perhaps this is an opportunity to try to become one?

A lot of the young folks in other countries are surely trying their damndest… how about you young American folks?  When are ya gonna get off your arse and on to your feet and walk his talk ?.”

Well, it also does say a lot about himself  however… the implication is that, as well as he understands and admits to the problem, he will submit to the political reality, yield to the realities of elitism and money-power, and screw the constituency which elected him, until they raise enough voice to threaten his reign.

I disagree wholeheartedly with his assertion that “…we as politicians are bound to our wealthy donors…” which is a blatant confession of having accepted bribes, committed malfeasance of Office, and violated the trust of the constituents who actually voted for him.  But, men lacking of moral virtues, such as lawyers and politicians, would not understand that.

The Nobel Peace Laureate whose letter to Obama was recently published in Veterans Today writes from the basis of two principles of Right and Justice, but those are two of the fundamental human virtues which are first destroyed in the Freshmen year in any Law School in the World. Very few Lawyers emerge from graduation with their virtue intact.  Yes, a sweeping statement, but have you ever met a Lawyer who ever said that Law and Justice were the same thing?   I have had many who have told me that they are not, that Law is statutory, and Justice is subjective… and I have yet to meet a practicing lawyer who will acknowledge justice as a basis for legal argument.  Moreover, moral virginity is no impediment to the politician.  Lawyers are (stereotypically) considered to have no consciences. Politicians (most of whom are also Lawyers) do not even have the questionable shield of stereotype to hide behind.  They simply have none.

I have a sneaking suspicion though that Obama is, underneath it all, a man of some vestigial conscience… who probably does not like Bibi Netanyahu very much personally,  and who might  “do the right thing” if it were the easiest street to walk… but he lacks the stamina, courage, and principles which cost JFK his head.

Definitely required reading for anyone at a higher level in government and worth repeating, and repeating, until it is heard, and becomes a movement is Dr. Alan Sabrosky’s reflections and strategic recommendations as laid out in his article Obama in Cairo : The Devil’s in the Details published in Intifada-Palestine . He strikes directly to the heart of the problem in America, and arrives at the only possible solution. Or at least, the first necessary step towards a solution to the decades old Middle East conflict and policy change.

Obama a well-educated, intelligent and articulate President, also effectively disenfranchises and delegitimizes the very existence of Israel entirely with this statement:

“We both (He and Netanyahu) agree the United Nations has no charter authority to establish, recognize, or gift any land to any people as a national homeland….” which is precisely what they did in 1948 when they “established” Israel and which Obama surely knows all about.

Read Alan Hart’s Israel and the “de-legitimization” oxymoron

It is a fact that no one in US politics can do anything in America’s interests which will NOT bring dissatisfaction from Israelis and Israeli supporters.

It is not just the Muslims and the Arabs who are not assuming responsibility and taking a stand on this.  Obama himself says that he is not taking a stand until he hears from John Q. Publius, Citizen General of the United States.

John Q. Publius in the United States has been dumbed down and info-deprived into imbecility where the Village Idiot now stands out as the Village Sage as  Columnist  Paul Balles recently illustrated. US Politics has replaced the Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy Show as No 1 on the Public Media Infotainment Parade. They are the public rage, and no one even knows the names of the script writers.

Sooner or later, some President is going to have to tell Israel “to go shove”it,” and turn to the American people, tell them the truth, and ask for their support.

There will come a time when some American Chief Executive will have to take a stand and call Israel’s bluff, and see whether they have the power of electing Presidents which they have most American politicians believing they have, or whether an informed American people are ready to hear the truth, and stand up for it.

Obama had 110 percent of Americans supporting his promise for CHANGE on the evening of the elections in 2009 and on the Inauguration Day.  That must have been an exhilarating moment for him, his wife Michelle and the girls.

They can have it all again, if he has the guts to go for it.

The look on President Obama’s  face, sitting cowering in the rear corner of the situation room (in the back cornier mind you) of that staged Groupie photoof the “leadership of the free world” purportedly watching an ongoing murder being carried out at their behest, says a lot about the situation in which I think he has found himself… bewildering and completely over his head.


Time to Let the truth be told, President.

Debbie Menon is a freelance writer based in Dubai. Her commentary has been published widely in Print and Online publications. She can be reached at: [email protected]. Her website is:

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View the original article at Veterans Today

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