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Afghanistan: Time to Pack Our Bags

Mr. President, Time to Admit “You’ve Been Had!”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

President Obama is now exploring avenues for a faster withdrawal from Afghanistan.  American is flat broke, busted and our allies in Afghanistan have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are far worse than our enemies.  Karzai can’t bring his army up to speed because he is an American kleptocrat and oil company stooge making presidential noises nobody wants to hear.

A bigger issue we wish the president would face is the farcical nature of the war itself.  Notwithstanding that Osama bin Laden was never a terrorist leader, died in 2001 and never took credit for 9/11 despite the ravings of Larry King and the childish parroting of Barak Obama, the entire idea, overthrowing a government whose only crime was tough oil company negotiations isn’t a first for America.  Neither is the corruption and drug dealing that followed the American occupation.

This wasn’t a war, it was and is an occupation.  There was no substantive enemy to fight, not until we occupied the country and put a usurper into office.  Then the people rose against us, kicked our tail and, here we are, years later, doing the Vietnam thing again.

If Obama had done what was right, investigate 9/11, and talk facts instead of his “you can’t handle the truth” game, we could have cleaned our own house back here instead of losing thousands and killing countless innocents.

When you take over office from a pack of war criminals, you can’t call Bush and gang anything else, you don’t do more of the same.  Doing what war criminals do, imprison, torture, murder, wage aggressive war, this makes you a war criminal too.  How does it feel having a Nobel Peace Prize when you can read the papers every day and learn how many children you have killed?

Anyone see the irony here?

Do we need to mention Iraq?  No weapons of mass destruction, no nukes, nothing, all lies, all known to be lies, always lies. Bush knew.  He lied, our troops and a million civilians died.  Our troops are still dying as are our veterans, now an embarrassment and inconvenience as they always are when the parades are over and the real face of war, crime, racketeering, greed, lies, phony terrorism, oil theft, drug running, profiteering is seen.

We went in, stole oil, stole everything, built nothing other than a walled Disneyland called the Green Zone where we hide out for years and take our payoffs.  The whole thing is childish, sick.

I have driven Iraq looking for all those orphanages and power plants, the ones Americans paid hundreds of billions for.  They don’t exist.  Anyone ever see photos of the American projects?  No?  Ever wonder why?  Go there yourself, its not hard.  Every reporter that has been in Iraq, thousands of them, they all know.  We built next to nothing there, left the country with a hopelessly assailed government, fighting for its life.  Iraq isn’t a primitive country, not hardly.  Iraq was secular, totally westernized, very modern and very rich.

No longer.  This was our doing.

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Gates and our Pentagon Princes are asking for years to get out of Afghanistan.  I have always been a supporter of Secretary Gates but when I see someone ignore an $80 billion dollar heroin industry that grew up under his watch, I begin to ask questions.

It’s time we all asked questions.  We have been down this road before too, Central America, planeloads of cocaine cooked into crack, buying our police, our courts and, if we are honest, more than one presidency.

We are told that between $200 million and $400 million of heroin cash from Afghanistan was laundered into our last congressional election, mostly to Tea Party candidates whose pre-election rhetoric is exposed for what it was and is, empty and vile.  Why would heroin money fund candidates working for the insurance lobby, big coal, nuclear power and Wall Street criminals?

Is that because they are behind the $80 billion dollar business that grew from nothing under America’s watchful eyes to now provide 92% of the world’s illegal narcotics?

Do you want to blame the Taliban?

Do people seriously believe they are flying heroin out of Afghanistan from US controlled air bases?  Does anything think people known for executing television sets are banking billions of dollars?  Has anyone ever met a rich Taliban?  Ever hear of a Taliban banker being arrested?

Where do Taliban shop?  Dubai?  Where do they keep the things they buy?  We see poppies all over Afghanistan but when was the last time the US pulled a Taliban member over for speeding in his Ferrari?

What it looks like is that Gates is afraid of interfering with the billions of dollars in heroin business, a business not run by the Taliban but by Americans along with bankers in Zurich and Tel Aviv.

With Americans gone who is going to keep the crops safe, who is going to keep the heroin flowing?

We can’t move on without rehashing a thing or two.  Let’s spend a moment on bin Laden.

Spin.  Everything is spin.


Even the cover story, SEAL team breaks into unguarded hovel and guns down unarmed man, has an unpleasant aspect to it.  We are told the FBI is now trying to promote, on their website, that bin Laden had connections to 9/11.  Get real.

Picture 9/11 as a boxing match.  When one fighter swings and misses and the other fighter falls to the mat, we all know the fight was fixed.

This is Building 7.  For years Americans were told two towers were hit and two towers fell.  Three towers fell.

One was blown up.  We all know this now, it was admitted publicly, even Geraldo reported it, Fox News no less.  When sections of heavy steal beams weighing dozens of tons, flew hundreds of feet in the air, up in the air, not “down to the ground” some of us though “explosion.” What we can now prove is that all three were blown up.  Next time they try that game, they had better get three planes and write a better cover story.

If we let them get away with it, you can be assured of this;  there will be a “next time.”

The point is, who do you trust?  Do you trust a government that lied about Iraq?  Do you trust the Pentagon, they lost nearly $3 trillion dollars before 9/11 and never found time to look for it.  Do you trust a government that kidnaps and tortures people, uses the evidence they give and later releases the same people saying they were arrested out of mistaken identity?

OK, let’s put this out there again.  Almost all of the evidence used to support the war on terror was gotten through torturing people we later admitted knew nothing about terrorism at all.  Yes, that’s right.  Our intelligence sources for the past decade have, for the most part, been people we later admitted, had no connection to terrorism at all?

Then why did we base our War on Terror on the information we gave?  Is it hard to guess, we told them what they were to say and tortured them until they said it.  After that, our plan was to convict them in “kangaroo court” military tribunals and lock them away forever.  Instead, hundreds were released and have spilled their guts.

American papers seldom report this, however.  News is suppressed, deeply censored in the United States.

I can tell you what we can prove.  If Osama bin Laden was in Pakistan, alive in Pakistan, he was in a CIA “safehouse.”  We have direct testimony that bin Laden was working for the CIA on 9/11 and had nothing to do with 9/11.  We have hard proof.  If he was killed, then the United States murdered a CIA asset who had been sequestered because America had used him as an excuse for two illegal wars and the building of a massive drug empire.

Were bin Laden actually killed, we murdered “one of our own” because he was no longer useful, no money left to steal, our military too weak to invade Iran, our economy so broken nothing will ever be able to really put it back together.

What would be nice, whether we killed an American ally or simply threw a frozen “dead guy” into the water, a corpse stored for a decade, is that our lies might actually be used for something good for a change.  If the phony death of the phony bin Laden can now allow Obama to get America out of its criminal war in Afghanistan where puppet Karzai can sink or swim in his own cesspool, then the right thing was done.





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