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Alex Jones Calls Citizens’ Filibuster Against Texas TSA Sham

June 29, 2011

This video highlights what Alex calls a ‘citizen’s filibuster’: an attempt to force another special session in the Texas legislature to keep the TSA anti-groping bill on the table while rejecting the newer bill which compromises guaranteed 4th amendment protections.

On June 27 2011, aided by several hundred angry citizens at the Texas capital, Alex Jones made it perfectly clear to the Senate that we’re not going to allow the TSA to molest Texas anymore. Texas Governor Rick Perry is proving to be one the most duplicitous politicians yet by publicly supporting the TSA anti-groping bill and then killing it behind the scenes during a special session. Instead, the Texas legislature is poised to pass a much softer version of the original bill. This new toothless resolution will be framed as a victory against the TSA when really the resolution will bolster the TSA’s actions.

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