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Bilderberg, the conspiracy theory that cannot be denied

By Dark Politricks

Every year the Bilderberg conference in which globalists and the political elite meet up to discuss their plans for the coming months gets more and more coverage.

Once it was just another conspiracy theory that could be dismissed out of hand by people with no knowledge of the truth but now because of the internet and the increasing power and reach of alternative media it has broken through into the mainstream.

No-one can now deny the existence of the Bilderbergers or decry discussion of their intentions as just baseless speculation as for the very first time the alternative media has joined forces to do the job that our papers, news channels and mainstream media should have done.

Apart from the Guardian, who have as usual let Charlie Skelton do the majority of their coverage, and a few other whitewash pieces this year has been no different from the rest in the lack of coverage by the mainstream media. However what has been different is that this year the alternative media have really picked up the slack in the lack of coverage and for once it really seems that the globalists have been on the back foot.

Alex Jones, WeAreChange, the Watson brothers and all the others have done such a good job at reporting on the meeting getting video feeds, interviews, photographs and great scoops about the male prostitutes and globalist plans for the year that it has become clear that when our bought and paid for media deserts us citizen journalism can, and will, look them in the eye and say “well if you won’t report on this story, we will”.

Questions are starting to be asked in parliaments all over the globe about various politicians attendance at the Bilderberg meeting. We most certainly have a right to know what is being discussed when we as tax payers are footing the bill for our officials jets and hotel stays.

George Osborne and Peter Mandelson were once again attending for the UK and I for one want to know what they talked about especially seeing that our very own Chancellor has been attending in his official capacity as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

When the person responsible for implementing one of the most severe austerity measures in the Western world is meeting with the heads of international banking and business we have a right to know what promises were made and what plans have been discussed.

Peter Mandelson is no longer in government and whilst the Lord keeps regular attendance at these yearly meetings it is only right we ask in who’s capacity is he attending and what kind of power or influence does he now wield to be of use to the other members.

Maybe he is just going to meet up with friends or to enjoy the country walks. Or maybe he is going because even though he is not in government he is still able to make things happen and if that is the case then I for one would love to know what and who’s strings he can pull and how.

Our media is zipped up tight on all of these questions and we hear that the Bilderbergs have been busy getting Rupert Murdoch to crush any form of dissent and to keep it that way.

Thank god the internet is still at least partially free from censorship and control otherwise we would never hear that our leaders plan to expand the wars in the Middle East and to keep the price of oil high whilst milking all the social media sites for as much useful data as possible.

It is only through people with links to Bilderberg insiders like Jim Tucker that we find out about the plans for the coming years and whilst our newspapers roll over and play dead it is heartening to see that the alternative media is all too able to fill the void.

Apparently the Bilderberg attendees are horrified at the amount of coverage they have been getting this year and it has only been through the efforts of people all too happy to wear the label conspiracy theorist only to brush it off without a care and prove their detractors wrong with photos and hard evidence that this has happened.

We shall have to wait and see how successful the Bilderberg plans for 2011-2012 will be. One thing is for sure and that is the age of secrecy for the secretive group is hopefully over and it is only through proper scrutiny of their discussions that their plans can be thwarted.

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