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Revolutionary Heresy: From Giordano Bruno To Alex Jones

The Excavator
June 27, 2011

“Even to have come forth is something, since I see that being able to conquer is placed in the hands of fate. However, there was in me, whatever I was able to do, that which no future century will deny to be mine, that which a victor could have for his own: Not to have feared to die, not to have yielded to any equal in firmness of nature, and to have preferred a courageous death to a noncombatant life.” – Giordano Bruno; burned at the stake in Rome in 1600 for expressing heretical views about the universe, nature, religion, and man’s relationship to the infinite God.

“The First Great Star — Herald of the Dawn — was Bruno.” – Robert Green Ingersoll

There is a constant struggle in human society between heresy and orthodoxy, change and status quo, revolutionaries and tyrants, the people and the establishment, reason and official dogma, common sense and stupidity, nonconformist thought and established opinion, truths and falsehoods, enlightenment and ignorance.

American sociologist Edward Shils understood the contest as one between the periphery and the center. “Society has a center,” said Shils, which has “nothing to do with geometry and little with geography,” but, “is a phenomenon of the realm of values and beliefs. It is the center of the order of symbols, of values and beliefs, which govern the society. It is the center because it is the ultimate and irreducible; and it is felt to be such by many who cannot give explicit articulation to its irreducibility. The central zone partakes of the nature of the sacred. In this sense, every society has an “official” religion, even when that society or its exponents and interpreters, conceive of it, more or less correctly, as a secular, pluralistic, and tolerant society,” (1).

The center in every society is located in the heart of the state, “of the realm of action,” Shils says, which is personified by the top leaders of the state’s institutions, and “of roles and persons, within the network of institutions.” Shils adds, “it is in these roles that the values and beliefs which are central are embodied and propounded, (2). The persons in control of the center of power dictate the beliefs, values, and norms of the society they rule, including what is appropriate for people to say and think.

The center in American society was completely taken over through a quiet coup d’état on November 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by cold-blooded conspirators in the CIA and the larger ruling establishment in Washington. The government traitors included former CIA Director Allen Dulles, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Helms, CIA chief James Jesus Angleton, and former President George H. W. Bush.
After the traitors took charge of the American government, of the sacred center in society as Shils describes it, they used their unlimited power to define any questioning of who killed JFK as a “conspiracy theory” and a product of the “paranoid style of American politics.”

A generation of nonconformist individuals and free thinkers have been labeled “insane” and “wacky conspiracy theorists” for questioning the false narrative of JFK’s assassination and the 9/11 attacks. The “conspiracy theory” label is used by the establishment to scare people away from the truth and divert public scrutiny from the mountains of evidence that implicate the CIA and two American presidents in the murder of JFK who was democratically elected by the American people.

But those days are over. Calling someone a conspiracy theorist is a good thing now. There is a political realignment happening across the West against the private banks, traitorous politicians, and secret intelligence spies who are conducting a covert war on the people of the West and of the world.

A new political consciousness is rising on the internet. It is not left. It is not right. It transcends political and classboundaries. It does not espouse any ideology. It is tired of political side shows, finger-pointing, name-calling, and government lying. It calls for a higher politics of virtue and nobility, of respect and dignity. It wants a public banking system, and competing currencies in society, not a system based on a private monopoly of money which is backward and criminal because it puts entire nations into unnecessary debt to a small group of global oligarchs. With a public banking system comes interest-free money which can be used to create millions of new jobs, fund new building projects, and preserve critical public infrastructure.

People who embrace this new political consciousness pride the truth over state narratives of history. The aim is to recover real history instead of repeating politically constructed history about transformative events in the past fifty years like the assassination of JFK and the false flag 9/11 attacks.

What mass printing of the bible did for religious enlightenment and Reformation of the Church in the Middle Ages, the internet is doing for political enlightenment in the modern world, in which criminal state conspirators at the highest levels of power in America and the West are acting in secret against the common good of the world.

A free press is the most powerful force for good, enlightenment, and human liberty. In the internet we have the first ever global free press. There are no limitations on thought, and individuals are free to express their opinions on any matter of subjects, from the CIA-Mossad-MI6 conspiracy behind the 9/11 attacks to the grand deception of the private Federal Reserve Bank. The corrupt authorities in the United States and the West hate the internet and want to shut it down because people are using it to expose their crimes, mass deception, and treachery.

Alex Jones’s groundbreaking radio show and the countless 9/11 truth documentaries on the free web are an extension of the heretical tradition within Western culture, of which Giordano Bruno’s defiance in the face of Church orthodoxy and Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses are the most famous historical examples. Today, heretics like Alex Jones and millions of others are not burned at the stake, but they are also not welcomed in mainstream society because they are a threat to the corrupt established order.

Speaking at Talkers Magazine New Media Seminar in New York in June 2011, Alex Jones passionately defended the value of free speech on the internet and attacked the dinosaur corporate media for being complicit in state crimes and deceiving the American people for a corrupt ruling elite. Alex said:

Free speech is something incredibly rare across the world. Millions have died for it. And we treat it like it’s toilet paper. It’s not. It’s the precious jewel that must be protected above all else. It is the fount of liberty, and freedom, and private property, and our children’s future. Everything lies on it. And the attack against free speech is in full gear.

Government and religious authorities hate free speech because it allows the truth to gain supremacy over lies told by the voices of authority, and encourages the development of anti-establishment opinions and anti-authoritarian beliefs.
Goethe, in his conversations with Eckermann, said that the rulers of the Catholic Church feared the spread of the Bible into the hands of the common people and relied on strict censorship to rule over the people in God’s name. Goethe also said the West owes a great debt to the Reformation:

“There is so much that is stupid in the statutes of the Church. But it wants to rule, and so it must have an unsophisticated herd of people who cower and are inclined to let themselves be ruled. The richly endowed high clergy fear nothing more than the enlightenment of the lower estates. And they did withhold the Bible from them long enough–as long as at all possible. For what would a poor Christian parishioner think of the princely luxury of a richly endowed bishop, when in comparison he sees in the Gospels the poverty and indigence of Christ, who with his disciples walked in humility on foot, whereas the princely bishop comes along in grand style in his coach-and-six!”

“We simply do not realize,” continued Goethe, “how much we owe Luther and the Reformation in general. We have been freed of the shackles of spiritual obscurantism. As a result of our continually growing culture we have become capable of going back to the source and of comprehending Christianity in its pure form. We have again the courage to stand firmly on God’s earth and to be happily aware of our God-endowed human nature. Let our spiritual culture continue to advance; let the sciences expand to ever-widening circles and profounder depths, and the human mind grow larger, as it will,” (3).

The expansion of human knowledge and enlightenment did not stop in the 18th century, and in the area of religion. Human enlightenment is a continual process that constantly matures and develops through time. Western knowledge has developed in the areas of science, technology and medicine beyond the ancient world’s imagination, but enlightenment has lagged behind in the areas of economics, politics, and governance. A powerful but tiny ruling elite controls the fates of hundreds of millions of people and causes needless grief and suffering by starting illegal wars through their control of the press and strategic use of false flag terrorism and state propaganda.

The West has lived in a political dark age. The entire history of the twentieth century must be put on trial, especially American history. The assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK have been reexamined by guerrilla historians and journalists and put into a larger historical context that pits the interests of the American people against the heartless U.S. establishment.

James W. Douglass, author of ‘JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters,’ and William F. Pepper, author of ‘An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King,’ are heroic historical investigators whose work have contributed to human enlightenment and the recovery of real history.

We are entering a new golden age of truth and liberty thanks to historians like Douglass and Pepper, as well as talk show renegades like William Cooper (RIP) and Alex Jones, and academic trail blazers such as Peter Dale Scott who has written about the JFK murder and American deep politics since the 1970s. There are many more modern heretics who have contributed to our understanding about the murder of JFK, the false flag 9/11 attacks, and the depth of corruption and criminality in Washington D.C.

As many others have stated, this information must be expressed positively and rationally because a mental breakdown of society is a very real possibility. A lot of people are just too scared to hear the truth that 9/11 was an inside job and that JFK was assassinated by elitist traitors within the CIA. They are not ready to be politically awakened because they are too attached to their current worldview, beliefs, and understanding of history. Shils said, “There is something like a “floor,” a minimum of appreciation of authority in every society, however liberal that society might be,” (4). That floor crumbles and falls to pieces when the truth about 9/11 and JFK is spoken.

But let it crumble. Underneath the current floor in the world order lies buried bodies and buried truths. Anyone in government and the press who wants to uphold this kind of floor and hide its structural faults from the people had a hand in the burying of bodies and the burying of truths.

The truth about 9/11 and JFK is not ancient history. What happened on November 22, 1963 and September 11, 2011 greatly impacts how society is governed today, and not just American society, but Western society. The hidden establishment’s work was not done on 9/11. They are constantly manipulating the people’s ignorance and fear to advance their own corrupt interests while secretly constructing a global dictatorial government which is to be introduced to the public upon the collapse of America and Western civilization.

The message the people need to hear is that the highest authorities in America and other Western nations have gained power through illegitimate means and are not qualified to lead the people and speak for the international community. They are traitors and war criminals who deserve to be hanged and sent to hell. They have abused the power of sacred authority to enrich a few powerful individuals, families, corporations, and banks which make up a cold-blooded and demonic ruling class.

When the history books are rewritten, and thus the real truths of the twentieth century are publicly known, there will be a rebirth of enlightenment, freedom, and culture. People will know the real history of America, how it was financially conquered in 1913 by private banksters, and then politically conquered in 1963 by the same traitors. John F. Kennedy will be remembered as a prince of peace who thought with his heart and not with his penis as the current history books tell it. And conspiracy theorists will be remembered as revolutionary guerrilla infowarriors in the long and arcane war for the advancement of truth, political enlightenment, and human freedom.

1. Shils, Edward. 1975. Center and Periphery: Essays in Macrosociology. The University of Chicago Press: Chicago. Pg. 3.
2. Ibid.
3. Eckermann, Johann Peter. 1964. Conversations With Goethe. Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., Inc: New York. Pg. 223-224.

4. Shils, Edward. 1975. Center and Periphery: Essays in Macrosociology. The University of Chicago Press: Chicago. Pg. 5

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