People Power in Ecuador worked. Why not here in USA?

by Tom Valentine


The facts put forth in this Debt-O-cracy video can have earthquake type effects on the bleeping world banksters.

Most Americans wont take the time and effort to watch, and read the English subtitles, long enough to get the education that is here. (what’s new with that)? So I will try my best to explain it.

The concept of Odious Debt is clearly explained, (at the 34-minute mark till the 40 minute mark on the tape.) It’s a phrase The global banksters fear so much, that when the Neocon Bush bunch used it to rid the conquering US of any liability for the billions of debts that Saddam Hussein allegedly owed to these crooks, our own government of puppets, crooks and whore media furiously covered up the truth as instructed. It’s all on this documentary video (at bottom of page) put out by International citizens who want to rid our world of the debt game, once and for all.

The video also shows what angry people can do when they get a united will to do so. Examples are documented in Argentina and especially Equador, which was not played up in the media so we did not know what really happened. March on Rafael Correa

Watching this one hour, fourteen minute documentary was sheer pleasure for me. I cheered out loud when the angry green party politician called his EU peers hypocrites for selling billions of dollars worth of ships planes, and armaments to Greece for top dollar, to keep the factories running in Germany while destroying Greece.

Of course, the Greek politicians and privileged elites sold out their own people, and this is why a citizens commission route must be used. The video calls out Goldman Sachs for outrageous crimes, and we get to see documentation for how they operated internationally, criminally, in the name of US taxpayers.

We all have work to do. Cleaning up will be long and hard; but revolution of the kind they pulled in 1776 will only play into their hands. We need to be smarter about this.

An “audit of the Fed is likely only part of a smokescreen. We can demand a select commission be named, publicly, that puts the International Finance Under a glaring spotlight, ,just as was done in Equador, and may soon happen in Greece because the people are that pissed off!

By openly forcing our government to publicly name such a commissionmembers we publicly name, which we can do with the Internet and some huge marches on Washington and at pro sports games , etc.

We, the people, must remain persistent. They will blackout the media at first, but there are more than enough pissed off Americans to pull this demonstration game off.

Egyptians did it, so did the Tunisians; however we need to discern which of these Arab Spring uprisings are genuine against the phony-debt bastards and which were spawned by our own myrmidon agencies, which are run by the IMFers (Immoral motherbleepers).

Watch the Spaniards, the Irish, The Portuguese, and Icelanders; I think they get it.