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Dead News of the World whistle-blower turns up – not suspicious say corrupted UK police

By Dark Politricks

So the News of the World Phone hacking story just gets murkier and murkier with the a key witness and accuser of Andy Coulson being at the heart of the phone hacking scandal turning up dead today in Watford.

In 24 hours we have had claims of massive police corruption (no surprise to anyone who has had any serious dealings with UK Police) and the resignation of four top cops at the MET.

The head of the MET and the most senior cop in the land, Commissioner Paul Stephenson, resigned on Sunday after facing severe criticism for the MET’s recruitment of ex News of the World Deputy Editor Mr Wallis as a PR consultant. Mr Wallis had been arrested on Thursday on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications.

Then today we had the resignation of our 2nd top cop affectionately known as Yates of the Yard. For those that don’t remember John Yates was the cop who tried and failed miserably to do anything about massive Labour scandal that involved Tony Blair and Lord Levy selling off peerages in return for donations to the party.

He resigned over allegations involving his connections to Mr Wallis, the failed first MET inquiry into News of the World phone hacking as well as inappropriately securing employment for the daughter of a friend.

Yates of the Yard, who was the UK’s most senior counter terrorism chief as well as London’s Assistant Commissioner has been replaced by another well known face – Cressida Dick. If you don’t remember the name then you will remember what she is famous for as she was the cop in charge the day that the innocent Brazillian Jean Charles de Menezes was executed by trigger happy cops in front of a packed Tube when mistaken for a terrorist suspect.

She also said at the inquiry into Jean Charles de Menzes death that it was likely more innocent people would die from over zealous cops just itching to put all that gun slinging practise into action. She is on record as saying:

“I am afraid that I do believe that this or something like this could happen again”.

“Our job is to reduce the risk to everybody as best as possible. But I do fear that, in the future, a bomber might not be prevented from setting off a bomb. And equally, I pray it doesn’t happen, but it is possible an innocent member of the public might die like this.”

So this great promotion comes alongside the resignation of another two more top cops the former Assistant Commissioner Andy Hayman and former Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke.

The MET and these cops are being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission for their close links to News International and their earlier botched investigation into the Phone Hacking scandal when the story first broke some years back.

And after all these resignations and investigations into the elite of our police we hear that today one of the key witnesses in the story, an ex News of the World journalist Sean Hoare, has been found dead.

Sean Hoare had made serious public allegations about how endemic the hacking was at the News of the World really was and he was the person who firmly put Andy Coulson into the frame after much denial by claiming that he had been personally asked by Coulson to hack into peoples phones.

It was these allegations direct from a News of the World source that many people believe re-started the stalled investigation and he was most definitely a key piece of the puzzle that showed that top people at News International were not only prepared to break the law by hacking into phones, pay police officers and delete murdered school girls voice-mail but they were totally prepared to go to the ends of the earth to cover it all up.

Obviously the Police don’t think this death is suspicious in the slightest:

“The death is currently being treated as unexplained, but not thought to be suspicious. Police investigations into this incident are ongoing.”

This is the official line being given by the cops today and already the dead journalist is being character assassinated from all angles as stories circulate on the British media including headlines on BBC News about Mr Hoares drink and drug problem which “could” be related to his death.

So to sum up we have:

  • A massive scandal that has seen the phone hacking of celebrities, politicians, the Royal family, murdered school girls, terrorist victims (7/7 and possibly 9/11) and the relatives of dead soldiers.
  • A failed initial investigation some years back by the top UK police force let by Yates of the Yard who claimed that their was nothing going on and that the hacking was limited to a couple of bad eggs who had already been punished by going to prison.
  • The admission in front of a previous Select Committee by Rebekah Brooks that the News of the World broke the law by paying the Police for information which is a clear breach of the law. She has just been arrested along with Andy Coulson and Neil Wallis. We can only cross our fingers and hope to see either or both of the Murdochs in handcuffs any-time soon.
  • The top 2 policemen in the country resigning over the scandal as well as a number of other cops at the MET.
  • Our politicians all slapping each others back and congratulating themselves on a job well done when in reality they were just kicking a man when he was already down. If any of our political class had any balls whatsoever they would have been raising these issues years ago and not waiting for the huge public outcry that came when the story about Milly Dowler broke. It sickens me to watch our politicians act like heroes when in reality they are eros.
  • The end of a national institution, the News of the Shags (as my Dad and many others called it). The biggest and most profitable paper in the UK was sacrificed along with hundreds of peoples jobs who had nothing to do with any of the shenanigans all in a vain attempt by Murdoch to rescue his brand image. It wasn’t politicans making noises that stopped the presses it was the advertisers who pulled out in their droves and made next years balance sheets look like a Swiss ski slope that killed the News of the World.

It’s all just another day of scandal in Britain involving every strata of our establishment.

Nothing to worry about, move on please, nothing to see here…

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