The United States has finally decided to withhold aid from Pakistan. This is a decision that should have been made years ago. I have already argued that it is utterly ludicrous for the US to be providing military aid to a country that evidently had no interests in working with the US government. It is time the United States realize that throwing money atcountries in the form of aid will not deter them from having coexisting monetary relationships with terrorists.

The fact that Osama Bin Laden was living next to a military installation in Pakistan without the country alerting the US should be proof enough that the only relationship that existed between the US and Pakistan was monetary.How many other countries is the US government giving milions of dollars in aid to based on a unproven working relationship? How many other countries should not be getting monetary aid? The government needs to tackle these issues and withdraw unnecessary monetary aid and utilize in the US economy instead of fighting over budget, and threatening to cut medicare, medicaid, veterans benefits, social security, and educational budgets.

However, I am currently convince that we do not have too “smart” of a government at the moment. The United States educational rating is almost at the bottom of the 183 countries worldwide and it may be due to the fact that we are so concerned with rescuing other countries, we fail to notice the problems that are threatening the continuation of the US as a superpower. It is time that the US implement a program to reassess its relationship with countries that are receiving aid on an annual basis. The countries that fail to live up to contractual agreements and expectations should not receive aid until they comply with whatever agreements are intially made. Relationships have to be assessed to determine whether they are indeed still viable for the purposes they were created. Money should never be the main reason for establishing a working relationship with a country.

Just as there are people who will do anything for money, there are countries that will form faux alliances in order to recieve aid to strengthen their economy, while depleting the resources in the United States.The United States infrastructure is rather fragile at this point and focusing on overseas interests instead of strengthening the US economy will result in continued lack of jobs and struggling families. Any foucus on overseas interests should be on what aid to cut from which country. We need to bring back some of the US dollar to the US and rescue the enconomy and the people who are awaiting the return of a properous enconomy with abundant job opportunities.

In case the government has not been paying any attention to the struggles of the people, there have been countless numbers of families who have been unemployed since 2007. It is time that foreign interests become second priority to domestic interests, at least until the economy is back on track. If the government fail to acknowledge the domestic interests as priority, over the next couple of years, we will have only succeeded in creating a higher percentage of working poor. In essence, Congress needs to stop the childish skirmishesand name calling and place the American people ahead of their own interests. We have too manymillionaires in Congress with self-serving interests, and too many poor Americans at their mercies.