Beefed Up Security at Eiffel Tower after Nuke threats

Breivik: Nuke Attack on the Eiffel Tower

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From Slate France
In Breivik’s manifesto chapter dedicated to dirty bombs in the capitals of Western Europe, he explains that its “knights cells vigilantes” must take into account to detonate a dirty bomb. In addition to the level of radioactivity and dispersion and transportability of the explosive device, he asks them to carefully select their targets.

It would be better to choose locations close to tourist attractions, government buildings or any other “symbolic place chosen to cause maximum damage of ideological, psychological and economic nature”:

“Just imagine how much damage ideological, psychological and economic plan is cause Marxist cultural / multicultural if the French had to leave the Eiffel Tower, and create a cordon of a kilometer away for decades to come. The total damage converted into economic losses to the plan would amount to hundreds of billions of euros and may cause a chain reaction that would lead to the fall of the regime. ”

Anders Breivik, How Dangerous?

Anders Breivik Monday, July 25 appeared in court in Oslo. He acknowledged the facts, but pleaded not guilty, saying he wanted to protect his country and Europe against Islam and Marxism. He was remanded in custody and faces up to 21 years in prison, which is the maximum sentence in Norway. Norwegian law “allows many remission” according to AFP. But if the court believes there is a risk of recurrence and that the individual is always dangerous at the end of his sentence, however, it may extend only in increments of five years renewable. Breivik can theoretically remain in prison for life.

The unanswered Questions:

  • How did the double attack work?
  • Why did the police take so long to end the massacre?
  • Who is Anders Breivik Behring?
  • Is it part of a far-right movement?
  • How did he get his weapons?
  • Breivik and France
  • What risk does it?

How did the double attack?

Oslo, 3:20 p.m., July 22. A bomb exploded in the district that houses much of the country’s government buildings, killing at least seven people dead and many injured. “I was in Afghanistan I have seen explosions, but never anything like” we told a Norwegian journalist. The blast killed seven people. Responsible for this attack would be Anders Breivik.

Utoya Island, 16:50. Anders Breivik, dressed in uniform of police coming and saying to protect people on the island, opened fire on people attending the summer school of young Norwegian Labour Party, a few kilometers from Oslo . For an hour and a half, it draws on people who cross his path, and methodically killing the people he surprised in their tents or the wounded and those who attempt to escape by swimming. The record of the killing of 68 dead and many wounded and some dead Monday, July 25.

Why did the police take so long to end the massacre?

As the author of the massacre opened fire shortly before 17h, the unit of anti-terrorist police from Oslo who arrested arrived on the island at 18:25, about half past one after the first shots. Several factors explain this period: the first calls from teenagers on the island are not considered by the emergency services, which only respond to calls related to the explosion in Oslo. The police received the first warning of what happens to Utoya at 17:27.

Then came the special unit drive from Oslo (45 km from Utoya) because “we should bring in a helicopter to a base south of Oslo and it would have taken longer,” according the head of the Oslo police.

When the police arrive on the shores of the lake, it can not pass right away, “most of the boats were already on the lake in search of victims and others too small for these heavily equipped police,” wrote Associated Press. The boat that takes the police unit then “took water, and the engine stopped,” according to local police because it was overloaded, which further delayed the arrival of law enforcement .

Who is Anders Breivik Behring?

Friday, July 22 stopped on the island of Utoya Anders Breivik Behring, 32, was charged Saturday for two attacks in Norway the same day. According to his lawyer Geir Lippestad, “he acknowledges the facts” but does not consider itself “guilty”, Aftenposten reported. He said nothing he did not deserve to be punished: he would have explained several times during questioning that he had done was “horrible but necessary,” according to NRK. He claims “the use of terrorism as a means to awaken the masses.”

Is it part of a far-right movement?
The thirty-blond shoulder-length hair and light eyes, as shown in the photo used on his Facebook profile, is presented by police as a “Christian fundamentalist”, close to the theses of the extreme right and very critical toward multiculturalism of Norwegian society. According to TV2, Anders Breivik Behring was a member of a Masonic lodge, Den Norske Frimurerorden. He also belonged to the Populist Party of Norway, the Progress Party (FrP) between 1999 and 2006.

A document of 1500 pages and shows a video Behring Anders Breivik has posted (or is put online) indicate in detail the plan preparation of the attacks of July 22. In the video posted on YouTube (it lasts just over 12 minutes) and divided into four parts (1. The emergence of cultural Marxism, 2. Colonisation of Islam, 3. Hope 4. A New Beginning), he argues that Marxists have invaded the European society since the Soviet flag was hoisted on the German Parliament (Reichstag) in 1945. The period 1968-2011 is described as “Marxist cultural rape of Europe” and Western Europe as a “cultural Marxist dictatorship in which schools and media companies are run by people with a multicultural view of the world.”

Breivik How did he get his weapons?

Breivik is a member of shooting club in Oslo since 2005 and has three weapons registered in his name according to the Norwegian newspaper VG: a Glock pistol, a rifle and a shotgun.

According to the Belgian RTL site, the Norwegian arms has been reinforced in 2009, and “possession of weapons is no longer allowed only for hunters, collectors and practicing target shooting” with a criminal record blank. According to the Guardian, the gun law is particularly strict in Norway, but easy to circumvent. In his manifesto of 1500 pages, Breivik explains how he obtained his firearms. In September 2010, he wrote:

“I must now buy a semi-automatic rifle and a Glock legally. […] I have no criminal record so there is no reason for rejecting my request. ”


Breivik and France

One who has confessed to the bombing of Oslo and the killing of Utoya feels ambivalent feelings for France and the French in his 1518 manifesto pages.

On the one hand, he considers “the epicenter of the Islamization of Europe.” Marseille and won first place in its list of cities with the highest percentage of Muslims, 38% in 2008 according to him, that does not explain how it reached this number or its forecast of 51% in 2030.

Breivik added that “the French disease progresses. It is chronic and terminal will enter. ” Behring Anders Breivik is “disillusioned about the case of France,” notes Le Figaro, he fears that the riches and nuclear weapons “fall into the hands of jihadist Muslims.”

At the same time, he sees in our country one of the main potential armed wings of his battle plan against the “Muslim invader,” and takes on several occasions in France as an example of the different stages.