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The UK Governments divide and conquer tactic – Private vs Public sector

By Dark Politricks

I am in agreement with those who have been striking last week in the UK over the governments proposal to cut their pensions, extend the age in which you can retire and increase the amount of money you must pay for the privilege.

A lot of people working in the private sector look at public sector workers and resent the fact that their taxes go towards paying their pensions which in many cases are still larger and better funded than those available to themselves and I have sympathy for their point of view.

However it seems to me that what is really happening here is that a big game of divide and conquer is being played out by our leaders – all of whom are public sector workers with very cushy pensions indeed!

Trying to pit private workers and public sector workers against each other is a brilliant way of diverting our attention away from the real problems and root causes of our current financial mess which our banksters gambled and lied our countries way into.

Plus they want to push the blame on to the weakest in society and hypnotise us so that we forget our leaders decisions to make the poor pay off the deficit through massive spending cuts and tax hikes instead of the real culprits who actually deserve and can afford to if so forced.

Yes some of us may be living longer but the average life expectancy in this country varies so much from the South to North, from London to Scotland and from poor to rich neighbourhoods it really is a weak argument especially for any manual workers who will have to work until they are basically 70 years old before being able to retire.

Our politicians are trying to frame this as a case of fairness. Why should private workers who are struggling to pay for their own expensive pensions fork out for the pensions of public sector workers through their tax?

Well that is a question we could spin around many ways.

Why should my taxes go towards paying for £400k Tomahawk missiles to be fired into Libyan cities or bombing raids on Afghan villages?

Why should my taxes go towards paying for the police to waste their time chasing and locking up drug offenders only for the cycle to repeat itself infinitely until death or forced withdrawal and miracle rehabilitation into society.

Why should my taxes go towards paying for the royal family to live in a dozen mansions and spent their time travelling first class around the world waving to crowds from expensive cars protected by ex SAS soldiers.

Why should my taxes go towards paying for the anti-democratic EU an entity most of our country doesn’t want to belong to and one in which even though we are not part of its single currency we are still obliged to pay for bailouts to bankrupt Euro-zone countries and subsidise French farmers to the tune of billions.

There are so many things that every person in this country if given the choice whether or not our taxes should go towards would say no but I estimate that only a small percentage of people would choose to abolish teachers, nurses, policemen and doctors over expensive imperialistic wars.

Have we forgotten that it was the banksters and their paid for politicians who screwed this countries finances up and not our primary school teachers or nurses.

Yes our country might be skint but we seem to have forgotten that our current austerity plan which involves asking everyone to work longer (many until they die) and pay more for a lot less is a choice not a necessity. We could choose to change our Attack Industry into a proper Defence Industry who’s primary role is to defend our own nation from attack not invade others under false pretences.

Looking back since World War II when the Geneva Convention made wars of aggression illegal under international law how many wars has our country been involved in that were actually cases of defending our nation from a foreign invader or attack?

From the Suez Crisis to Kosovo, Iraq to Afghanistan and Iraq again plus Korea and now Libya the only actual war
which was a defence of our realm from an outside attack was the Falklands war in 1982. This was a clear case of our territory being invaded by a foreign country and we were legally within our rights to fight Argentina to reclaim those wind swept islands full of sheep.

Just imagine how much money our country could we saved over all those years if we didn’t go to war on a whim or because the USA clicked their fingers?

Leaving aside the billions wasted by our Ministry of Attack we have already spent more bailing out Ireland, Greece and Portugal than we aimed to save from our austerity measures at home.

And on top of that if we actually got our tax code simplified so that any company doing business within our borders has to setup a UK based company and pay full corporation tax instead of using a mailbox in the Cayman Islands and expensive lawyers to pick holes and dodge their moral responsibility and fair share of tax we would have another huge pot of cash to pay off our debt.

And as for our overcrowded jails that are just warehouses for dyslexics, the mentally ill and those with drink or drug problems we are shooting ourselves in the foot by always going for short term solutions instead of thinking long time.

Why can we not build proper treatment centers and offer solutions for the majority of criminals who are inside due to a mixture of poor backgrounds, poor schooling and little job opportunities and leave our jails for the violent criminals who deserve to be locked up for decades for their murders, rapes and child abductions.

For the large number of people who see prison as a free board and food and go in and out like a yo-yo we should be training them up for all manner of skilled manual jobs from plumbers, electricians, carpenters and many more positions that mean not only could we use their skills during their time of punishment for cheap labour so that they get real life work experience but when they leave prison they have a proper chance of being able to go straight by working legally.

I talked some time back about an idea for “UK PLC” in which all taxpayers were shareholders and to which all government tenders are first offered to before being offered to private companies. Not only would this company serve a useful purpose in providing work for those who need it, but it would offer people who have been written off a chance to rejoin society, as well as hopefully making a profit that all tax payers could benefit from.

However thinking outside the box is not something our controlled press are interested in and they seem more keen on attacking Ken Clarke when he actually offers possible solutions than debating their merits. They are also more interested in pointing the finger at the small percentage of benefit fraudsters and large family claimants than those banksters who are still paying themselves multi million pound bonuses with tax payers money.

The same papers are attacking the strikers as just mindless thugs out to disconvenience private sector workers who will have to pay for child care or take time off work due to their children’s schools being closed.

We expect it from them by now as they are the mouthpieces of the establishment and if we are hoping to see any kind of social justice discussed which doesn’t start off with benefit scroungers, immigrants, the Human Rights Act all being hung drawn and quartered as the bankers are given a free pass then we are going to be waiting a long time.

Anyhow it seems that Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Max Keiser and all the other “doomsayers” were right last year when they predicted that 2011 would be the year of massive social breakdown, street riots, massive protests and strikes as the IMF, World Bank, EU and all the other forgers of last resort dangle bundles of freshly printed fiat currency in front of indebted countries in return for the opportunity to buy up all their family silver at bargain prices, privatise everything and use the public pensions, benefits and jobs as payment for a year or two’s grace before their sovereign debt re-financing cycle comes round again.

So far we have seen riots and massive protests in Greece, the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. How many more  countries literally tearing themselves apart at the seams will it take before our leaders get the message?

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  1. paul weston says

    im so glad someone else can see through the policy’s of our leaders regardless of political party it feels to me now the country is run by big business for big business at the expense of the majority of the people in the country they have the workers fighting with the unemployed they massage the unemployed figures by employing private company’s to withhold peoples benefits when they see fit i know countless numbers of people whos benefit has been stopped this last few weeks all with the same excuses when an appeal has been won we have lost the paperwork dragging people along for weeks with no money. i was one of the hardest working people in this country until my run in with the csa a 10 years back i fought for 10 years and won but it cost me everything this opened my eyes to the true purpose of our government to screw every last penny out of the weakest and channel it into the richest they are now offering advice for big business on how to avoid paying top rate corporation tax look up patent box scheme this allows any company with a patent to hide its profits in the name of research i cant wait until i have the money together to get me and my family out of this horrible greedy country it seems to me that people have lost the will to protest all the freedoms so hard won in the past are being eroded and no one bats an eye lid. an English mans home was once his castle its fast becoming his jail will it change i really don’t think it will…..

    • darkpolitricks says

      Yes I also know lots of people who were on disability benefit – some of them put on it back in the 90’s by the Tories when they were trying to massage the unemployment figures during another recession by pushing people from the dole to disability allowance.

      Now they are taking people in wheelchairs, people who need two new hips and can hardly walk, schizophrenics and other people who are not fit to work and saying they should be on Jobseekers allowance and looking for work on less benefits.

      I just wish David Cameron and George Osborne were forced to spent a month or two in a squalid council flat living on £120 a fortnight and then let them say how easy it is to survive like that. I get so pissed when I hear Tories tell us how everyone is scrounging.

      It’s no wonder our estates are full of fences and dealers when the amount of money given to people on the dole is so little. I couldn’t live on the £120 when I was on JSA the last time and I doubt many people could if they were forced to nowadays. No wonder many people on these sink estates have to top their benefits up with crime. We are not like Germany where you get 2/3rds of your last salary as benefit – we get a fixed amount – and it’s a pittance.

      The Tories put these people on the sick now they are forcing unsuitable people back to work when a large percentage are not ready or cannot possibly work.

      As one of my friends said the other week when he was told by the employment agency that the doctors test they are forcing all disability claimaints to go through had reported he was fit for certain types of work in a wheelchair: “Well how am I supposed to get to work when I live on the first floor of a flat, have no money for a wheelchair and can only sit without being in pain on my back all day?”
      How many of the few jobs out there will be willing to employ someone to lie down all day and work? And what kind of work could you do lying down anyway?

      I know there are people taking the piss and generations of familes who have never worked but there are also people who are certainly not fit to work and we don’t exactly let them live in luxury as it is.

      The Tories suck.

      Thanks for commenting.

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