by Terry Richards


ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Whose ideals pay for Adult Republicans’who do not havemedical insurance and can’t afford to pay their medical bills for themselves or their children? Democratic Liberals idealsdo!!!

So here’s some of the reasons why I will never understand howself-proclaimed Conservative Republicanswhocan’t afford major or catastrophic private medical insurance, or if they can afford itjust don’t buy it,and whoare not eligible for Medicare becausethey are not65 or olderon Social Security Retirement,or Disabled on Social Security Disability, or their income however low it may be is not low enoughto qualify for regular Medicaid unless they exceed a very high deductible in any calendar month, condemnDemocratic Liberalswho prevailed in Congress from 1954-1994,and whowere instrumental in Legislating Medicare and Medicaid.

1. Ifany of these RepublicanAdults or theirMinor Childrengetmoderately to verysick andthey do not have any medical insurance,or theydon’t have enough money to pay cash to a Private Physician, or it’s too seriousfor a non-profit agency medical clinicand theyhave no other choice butto go to an emergency room of a Hospital to be treated, which in 2011 in Florida averaged $1,000, but was as high as $7471, and they can’t pay that medical bill, the hospital will be reimbursed in whole or in part from money out of the State’s Budget and/or by Medicaidwhich is funded by the Federal Government.

Do you really want your Child, Spouse, or Mother or Father to be Denied Medical Care if they can't afford it on their own???

2. Indigent Catastrophic Illnesses, when Medicaid kicks-in. If any of these Republican Adults or their Minor Children have a short-termcatastrophic illness,based on research data,it could cost an average of$100,000for ahospital bed, physicians, surgeries,nursing, rehabilitation,and medications foreach time they have a catastrophic illness and require this type of care. Long-Term catastrophic illnesses could cost over $500,000 to several Million Dollars.

Morale of the story: Current or past indigent Republicanswho do not have Medical Insuranceshould be thankful and grateful to so-calledDemocratic Liberalsfor Legislatingindigent medical care provisions such as Medicaid and Medicare to take care of their Loved Ones, and should think more than twice about calling themselves Conservative Republicans who hate Democratic Liberals when Medicaid or Medicare pays for their medical bills because they can’t afford to pay it.