Sons in Custody, Army Disbanded, “Pro-Gaddafi” Throngs Celebrate Rebel Victory


Rebels: “The Americans have given us absolutely nothing, zero, zilch.not a bullet nor has any other NATO member


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Mass arrests in Trioli as Gaddafi supporters being picked up by the hundreds.

Veterans Today”s correspondents with the rebel army entered Tripoli earlier in the day. Some staff writers and correspondents, working closely with the Gaddafi regime are yet to be accounted for. We will make every effort to secure their safe return.

Weeks ago, we reported that the militia’s being written of never existed and that pro-Gaddafi demonstrations were organized by force, even gunpoint. Today, those demonstrators and that militia that some members of the press were even photographed with promising to “fight to the death” against what they called the “NATO invasion” are wearing egg on their faces or worse.

The streets of Tripoli are jubilant, the people of Tripoli have risen against Gaddafi, the Army has disbanded, thrown away their uniforms and the Transitional Council is calling for peace, moderation and no acts of reprisal against the prisoners rapidly being taken into custody which now included Gaddafi’s two sons, Saif and Mohammed.

In one of the most embarrassing moments for the press in recent years, reporters and bloggers, some in Tripoli and more around the world, continually passed on press releases from Gaddafi’s Ministry of Propaganda as though they were legitimate news stories. In a breaking story last night, Veterans Today received word from rebel leaders that records of payments to “leftist” activists, intenet bloggers and select “reporters” in Tripoli had been secured from defecting Libyan intelligence officials.

Redacted report received from Libya yesterday:


I am well aware of the situation in Libya — we have a large number of contacts in situ. I can assure you that the report you cited (stories of western aid and support for Gaddafi), and many others like it, are complete rubbish.
As you quite rightly say, the rebels are very poorly armed. Most of their weapons are captured from Gaddafi forces. A couple of months ago, the French dropped two loads of weapons on the Western Mountain because places like Nalut were facing extermination. But they were light weapons only — something the rebels already have aplenty.
The French drops were done for propaganda only, for French domestic consumption. The Americans have given us absolutely nothing, zero, zilch.
Not a bullet. Nor has any other NATO member – they have supplied binoculars, flack jackets and thats it. The Qataris have supplied two dozen Milan anti-tank rockets and some very useful communications equipment. That’s about it.

You must realize that xxxxxxxx,cccccc and others, including former US Representative xxxxx, are receiving money from the Gaddafi regime. We’ve received a number of documents detailing rates for articles published and blogposts posted, with the highest rates being paid for articles that make it into the mainstream media (2,000 USD per article) and the lowest (500 USD per item) for blogposts of more than 700 words Those who accept visits to regime-held areas are paid 15,000 USD per day spent there, plus 3,000 USD per article datelined Tripoli or another Gaddafi-held area.

These documents were all receivedxxxxxxxx from super-relaible sources.

Kind regards – and let’s hopeour brotherscome out of this alive.