Just In: Payment Records to Media/Bloggers/Activists by Gaddafi in Rebel Hands


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Reliable sources in Libya, both with rebel forces and in Tripoli have verified that records of payments made to activists, journalists, bloggers and other media personnel by Gaddafi have been turned over to rebel forces.

The rebels, under the authority of the National Transitional Council, constitute the legally recognized government of Libya in the instances of criminal jurisdiction, even in areas currently under the control of Colonel Gaddafi.

Included is a list of names, some very well known, some less well known, including records of payments, email correspondence and lists of specific articles.

Some named are still in Tripoli while others have are in the US, Britain and Western Europe. Received from representatives of the National Transitional Council, the recognized government of Libya:

We’ve received a number of documents detailing rates for articles published and blogposts posted, with the highest rates being paid for articles that make it into the mainstream media (2,000 USD per article) and the lowest (500 USD per item) for blogposts of more than 700 words. Those who XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX are paid 15,000 USD per day spent there, plus 3,000 USD per article datelined Tripoli or another Gaddafi-held area.

Along with this, we have received reports from VT staffers on the ground with the rebels outlining specifics of all foreign weapons delivered, where, how much, to whom, etc. We will get these out as soon as possible.

We will not name any American or British nationals involved until they are out of harms way. Releasing names based on documents, no matter how reliable we may deem the source, is not excusable despite the public’s interest in pointing fingers.

As the rebel government has been recognized, since July 15 by the United States, Britain and other key powers, there are unseen potential legal ramifications tied to, not only war crimes, but for being unregistered foreign agents. Acceptance of payments from the Gaddafi regime (including funds deposited via a Gadaffi controlled corporation and then paid to an ‘agent’) is also considered “money laundering” in accordance with both US law and international convention. Each article is a felony count and there is a past history of prosecutions on the statute.

We have submitted questions to rebel leaders as to whether they plan to use the documents they have to begin criminal prosecutions, including extradition or may be amenable to rethinking their position after the situation has had a cooling off period. Minimally, the legal government of Libya is going to want their money back.

We are awaiting their response.