A preview of coming events in a U.S. or Global Depression.

by Terry Richards

As a former “Day Trader” here are the reasons why I predictDow will drop under 7500 by years end, December 31, 2011.


Mega-underspendingby U.S. Consumers (70 % ofU.S. economy).

Megaunder-demand for new construction of residential homes (20% ofU.S. economy).

Mega under-hiring of new employees.

Megajob losses.

Mega unemployment ratesat least22% by 2013

Continued foreclosures.

Mega increase in Violent Crimes.

Millions of new homeless people living on the street requiring Federal Government “Soup Kitchens like during the Great Depression of the 1930′s.

Continued White House and Congressional Political chaos.

MoreBanks likely to fail.

U.S.and European and other industrializedcontinueddebt crisis,

General breakdown of World economies.

Increased Terrorist Attacks Worldwide including the U.S.

Fear of aGlobal Depression.