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End the war of terror and cut the deficit!

By Dark Politricks

The USA is about to enter what my country, the UK, started a year ago with it’s slash n burn policies that aim to cut the public deficit and ward off the bond villiganties as well as all those nasty rating agencies threatening to cut their triple AAA rating.

The UK has just released it’s latest growth figures which were a shockingly poor 0.2%. Our political leaders which shamefully include liberal democrats in their ranks believe this is the only way forward.

Our interest rates are as low as they can go and our inflation rate is climbing steadily higher each month as the price of petrol, food and other commodities increase rapidly.

Our government has started it’s plan to “rebalance” the economy by cutting government departments by 20% or more in the hope that the private sector will rush in to fill the job gap which in turn means that thousands of of public sector worker jobs will be lost.

The fact that some parts of the country such as Wales, Scotland or the North are totally reliant on public sector jobs seems lost on them and as of yet the private sector jobs haven’t come flooding in to these areas and the only thing that has risen is the number of people out of work and claiming the dole.

On top of this they are raising taxes and  slashing local government budgets which in turn lead to the closure of public services vital to local communities such as health centres, parks, playgroups, libraries, sport centers, bus services and all the rest. All the time it continues down this path it does so with it’s fingers stuck in it’s ears, ignoring all other opinions that say their actions are going to actually cause more harm than good. There is no plan B we are constantly told.

Whilst both the UK and USA share common charecteristics in that their economic downturns were made worse by huge amounts of public and state debt and an over reliance on the financial sector, it seems we are both going to be linked in our approaches to “fixing” the problem as well. On both sides of the Atlantic the common man and woman is going to be forced to pay for the mistakes of the rich and powerful.

Whilst the amount of US debt runs into double digit trillions as a percentage of GDP we both share similar sized deficits and we also share a common characteristic  in that the people that should be paying off the debt aren’t. Instead the poorest and worst equiped are being asked to shoulder more than their fair share of the burden.

As it should be clear to anyone by now our politicians are all basically hypocrites and liars and recent policies from political parties on boths side of the Atlantic show that the standard labels of conservative or liberal no longer have any real meaning.

To those of you that call yourself a Liberal I ask how can you support a President who has not only carried on the worst of the Bush era excesses in relationto the rise of the Amerikan Police State but has also increased the number of wars your country is now fighting in. As bad as they both may be it seems he is now ignoring his base and is actually now pushing for large cuts in social security when even the opposition weren’t demanding it during recent deficit reduction negotiations.

If you were against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan then logic and reason dictates that you should be against the wars in Yemen, Pakistan and Libya. The colour of the President or the name of the party he represents should have no relation on your core values.

If they do then you are a hypocrite.

To those that call yourself Conservative how can you support spending a quarter of your yearly GDP on war mongering whilst neglecting the millions that are now homeless or hungry because of the financial crisis. If you’re from the “religious right” then your bible dictates that you should be looking out for your neighbour and not murdering foreigners.

To want your tax dollars spent propping up Middle Eastern dicators, safe guarding illegal settlements in Israel or spreading the American empire is not conservative in the slightest. Your department of defence has become a department of attack and it spends more than every country on the earth combined.

Believe it or not most people don’t want you to be the world’s police man especially when it means you spend billions fighting al-Qaeda in one part of the world only to recognise them as a legitimate government in another.

That is not conservative that is wasteful, hypocritical and an affront to most religions I know of.

Not only that but many conservatives claim to be against handouts yet they are happy to see their government give huge handouts to military related companies such as Blackwater/Xe and Haliburton or bankster run companies such as Goldman or Bank of America.

Why are you against helping your fellow Americans by having a national health service or a well funded social security safety net but perfectly happy handing over billions to vested interests and corporate bad guys?

The amount of money wasted on foreign wars over the last decade would pay for free health care for every man, woman and child in America.  Surely the best way to have a healthy capitalist run society is to have a healthy workforce. How is it morally right to chose death and destruction over health and life?

This whole deficit sharade is nothing more than an excuse by those in power to cut back the amount of help they give to those who deserve it the most you the tax payer.

You pay the taxes you should derive the benefit from the combined total of those taxes through good social services, health care, schools and social amenities.

You may quibble about the size of the government and what duties it should perform but most people would agree that in these current hard time the losers should not be the old, the weak, the disabled and the infirm and the winners should most definitely not be the people that caused the mess in the first place!

Why spent billions creating terrorists of the future by blowing up villages across the world when instead you could be helping your fellow Americans who are in desperate need. The hundreds of thousands who are now living in tents or on the streets because of foreclosures or the multitudes forced into a life of a crime just to make ends meet.

You may want to live in a society where your own hard work leads to success and personal reward that is not taken away by the state but living in a society that is loaded towards the fraudsters and war makers is going to effect your standard of living whether you want it to or not.

By ignoring your fellow man you are building up trouble down the line through increased crime, higher numbers of people addicted to drink and drugs and higher insurance premiums for everything. If you really want to live in a country with no government jump onto the next plane to Somalia and see how long you last when the gangsters really run everything.

However much logic may show otherwise our respected governments are ignoring those who really need help and pushing the burden onto the middle classes by increasing taxes either directly as in the UK through VAT, National Insurance hikes and rises in Pension contributions or indirectly through rapidly rising inflation.

Our governments are more concerned in helping their real constituents, the people that “really matter” to them which are the banksters and military industrial complex companies that are in fact the real drain on our economies.

Just imagine how many schools or hospitals could be built with just a months worth of Tomahawk missiles ($400,000 each) that are fired repeatedly into Afghani mud huts or Libyan houses.

Is it really logical or moral in these times to be supporting Muslim extremists in a civil war when the money could be better spent back home? No it’s not and there is one simple solution to the deficit problem.

Stop the war of terror.

Bring the troops home.

Close those huge multi-billion dollar bases that are dotted around the world and sell the land to make back some money.

Stop propping up dictators and stop propping up Israels illegal occupation in Palestine and gain some international respect by becoming a proper honest broker instead of the pro-Zionist big brother that pulls out a veto every time someone criticises Israel in the UN.

Not only will your national defense be strengthened by these actions you will stop turning multitutdes of people who are relatives of innocents caught up in drone attacks into future jihadists and “terrorists” out for revenge.

As well as that easy win you should also put all those banksters in jail instead of rewarding them with bailouts and then allowing politicans to walk into jobs at Goldman Sachs once they leave office.

It should be made illegal for any politican to work for any company they had any interest in whilst in power. If you voted to bailout Goldman then no job for you when you leave office! If you voted for the War of Terror then you shouldn’t be able to walk into a job at Xe or a security company that has benefited from the rise of the high tech surveillance state afterwards.

Add to that any bankster who earns multi-millions whilst working for a bank in receipt of tax payers money should be forced to pay a much higher rate of income tax than the norm.

Remember these are not “wealth creators” or “job makers” as some like to put it they are asset strippers and vultures that lie, cheat and “borrow” from your pension fund so that they can gamble on the stock market drive up the price of food causing starvation around the world and then if they lose their bet they go cap in hand to the government for another hand out from the tax payers.

The fact that hardly any banksters have gone to jail is a sign of how utterly corrupting their influence is over your political system.

In fact there is no need to make the poorest in society pay when so much money is being wasted propping up the top few percent.

UKUncut has the right idea when it comes to big companies escaping paying their fair dues. If you are a 9 to 5 blue collar worker you cannot afford fancy accountants to move your money around from shell company to offshore accounts to avoid paying tax so it should be made illegal for the richest in society to do the same.

Just by ensuring all the big fortune 500 companies and FTSE 100 companies pay their rightful share of corporation tax it would mean that the amount of money that is being scraped back from public worker pensions and cuts in social security would be less than minimal.

Ever notice how our papers in the UK are full of stories about people cheating the dole, claiming benefits they shouldn’t or making out they are sick or single just to claim an extra £10 or so a week?

There is a reason the papers want you to concentrate your righteous anger on the poor and not the wealthy and that’s because the papers are all owned by Murdoch types who pay as little tax as possible and in any world where the size of the fraud fitted the lines printed about it would be filling their own papers up week after week.

In fact there are so many things wrong with this current situation I could go on all night but I won’t bother you know it’s wrong the question is what are you going to do about it?

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