by Tom Valentine


All the money spent on HIV/AIDS demics around the world has fueled the sickest medical scam since vaccine promotion. It gives credence to the conspiracy to lower world populations.

I have not yet read this book, because I think I could have written it:

David Rasnick, an American biologist with impressive credentials ( wrote a novel Germ of lies and this is his promo pitch:

When her best friend commits suicide on discovering she was HIV-positive, Core Fletcher, an attractive journalist, decides to investigate the validity of the publicly accepted theory of the cause of AIDS. Using her skills in reporting and scientific research, she begins her investigation in the institutions of healthcare, government and the media, to which the public has delegated all handling of the problem. Uncovering a tangle of fears, taboos, myths, greed, lust for power and privilege according to caste, she discovers that virtually everything the public has been told about AIDS is false, and is known to be false at the highest levels of Government, including the Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, and Centers for Disease Control. HIV is not in fact the cause of AIDS, and some scientists, despite severe obstacles, are exposing the biggest scientific, medical blunder of all time.

When Radio Free America was young and fresh, (1988) The AIDS scare was just ramping up and I had some sensational guests, whose names I have justifiably forgotten, who argued that the CIA created the virus from monkeys and inoculated black people in Haiti in some sick experiment. Another doctor came on to say HIV was bio warfare that escaped from Ft. Detrick”, but he had a cure!

Fortunately, Dr. Peter Duesberg came aboard to explain why he considered the whole thing to be a scam. Peter returned as a guest several times, as I followed the dissent closely throughout the 1990s. I will never forget his comment when I kept him on the phone line to hear some biological warfare guy spewing fear. Duesberg has a German accent so the comment rang out unique in presentation as well as fact: What kind of weapon shoots blanks? he asked, clearly inferring the major issuewho ever proved HIV was the cause of AIDS?

From the beginning I have liked and believed this Microbiology Professor, who was credited with the discovery of retro-viruses in the first place. (and HIV is a retro virus.) A retrovirus is an RNA virus that is duplicated in a host cell using the reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce DNA from its RNA genome. Retroviruses are proving to be valuable research tools in molecular biology and have been used successfully in gene delivery systems.

However they are not like flu virus, they don’t generally cause disease.

David Rasnick who founded several Biotechcompanies dealing with proteases in cancer and other diseases also came aboard the radio program to lend his considerable scientific weight to the now-famous (infamous thanks to presstitutes?) controversy. By this time the fascist drug industry ( powered by style=”text-decoration: underline;”>speculative finance ) had begun to push hard for the famous, but sickening cancer drug cocktail, AZT (loaded with more side effects than good effects) to give folks who were said to be HIV-positive in a move falsely alleged to save or extend their lives.

Duesberg and Rasnick became media-blasted pariahs for having the guts (and technical knowhow) to challenge the juggernaut of fascist capital . Especially after their dissent was picked up by political power in South Africa, where the speculative financiers had organized several lucrative NGOs to prey on the impoverished and diseased. (and well-healed sucker do-gooders. )

The dissenters survive, and continue challenging the dogma, though many of us wonder how with no money? Grant funding, the lifeblood of biologists, has been refused to them by the vindictive, government supported fascists (redundant) crooks despite some remarkable work on the cancer front by both scientists.

See New Cancer paradigm, Its about time! here among my columns at VT.

So, whats the upshot? I suppose most folks are shaking their heads that anyone still suggests the HIVAIDS pandemic is a scam.

It was, and is, a scam of Iraq-invasion proportions, that is continuing full force despite several obvious flaws that have popped up from time to time, such as one never publicized (surprise-surprise!) wherein people in the know forced the journal Science to retract the original story announcing the HIV virus connection to AIDS from a press conference rather than from reviewed papers, thereby propelling the scam.

There were no Papers in the literature to review, a fact which popped dissenter buttons at the outset.

Heres one for the books: In order to determine whether an individual is HIV positive (hence said to be a goner) the person gets a test for tell-tall antibodies called PCR polymerase chain reaction (invented by Kary Mullis, who wrote the forward to Duesbergs definitive book Inventing the AIDS virus).

Mullis was working on AIDS and his Nobel prize-winning PCR, when he asked a simple question, still unanswered by scammers: Where are the scientific references establishing that HIV is the cause of AIDS? There were none then, and there are none today.

When Mullis questioned Luc Montaignier, undeservedly famous for identifying the HI virus first, he asked Luc for such original paperwork, curiously the French biochemist cited the crap report from the CDC. And dodged the question entirely.

Thus, despite no proof whatsoever that this virus is, indeed, the cause of the various disease states alleged to the Acquired immune deficiency. The greed of speculative capital has created a style=”text-decoration: underline;”>virtual certaintya scam of immense proportion .

I heartily endorse Inventing the AIDS virus, a beacon for truth against the fascist scammers.