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Is the “Imminent Liberation of Libya” Propaganda?

Kurt Nimmo
August 21, 2011

NOTE FROM ALEX JONES:The below article is an excellent summary of the propaganda that has been underway in Libya since February and March. The latest claims that the rebels are on the verge of taking over Tripoli is 100% propaganda that fits with repeated narratives every week of Gaddafi’s imminent demise or of the rebels about to take Tripoli. Gaddafi may indeed fall in the end, but the peoples of the world have been strung along by premeditated lies since the beginning.

Recall that President Obama touted to the world in March that the ‘kinetic-action-not-war‘ would last days not weeks. The media claimed that Gaddafi ran to Venezuela with no evidence. The rebels, propped up by NATO, CIA, MI6 and admittedly compromised of al Qaeda, have been busier killing each other than taking over the country. Continued narratives of the impending end of Gaddafi’s reign is itself a means of destabilizing and undermining Gaddafi. So don’t be taken in by the hoax.

The corporate media today is reporting that the so-called Libyan rebels consisting of tribal gangs and al-Qaeda under the direction of NATO and the CIA are close to liberating Tripoli and deposing Muammar Gaddafi.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the rebel leader and member of the al-Qaeda linked Harabi tribe, told Al Arabiya on Sunday that his group will “strangle Gaddafi’s troops tonight,” according to Bloomberg.

Gaddafi’s days are numbered,” boasted U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman from the CIA-rebel “stronghold” of Benghazi. “The best-case scenario is for Gaddafi to step down now… that’s the best protection for civilians.”

In other words, if Gaddafi does not “step down” and stop resisting the foreign takeover of his country by NATO and the U.S., the CIA’s rebels (known for brutalizing civilians) and NATO bombing raids will kill more innocent Libyans.

Is al-Qaeda in Libya and the CIA really on the verge of “liberating” Libya from Gaddafi? Depends on who is doing the reporting.

According to the Pentagon script-readers at ABC-CBS-CNN-Fox et al, the rebels are on the verge of victory. However, independent journalists report a far different story (as Lizzie Phelan did for RT, see video below).

Neocons and supporters of NATO’s terror bombings have criticized reports from Russia Today because the network is owned by the Russian government. RT routinely interviews independent journalists and analysts ignored by the alphabet corporate media, thus providing an alternative view of the situation in Libya.

Indeed, RT and and Iran’s Press TV are government media operations. On the other hand, the CIA’s Mockingbird corporate media in the United States is largely a Pentagon psyop churning out 24-7 war propaganda.

Following the documented WMD lies foisted on the public by the corporate media in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq – current death toll: 1.5 million – the public should be more than skeptical about any claims “reported” about Libya from hotels in Qatar by “journalists” and former military careerists working for the corporate media.

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