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Reuters Edits Iowa Poll Reality According to Globalist Agenda

Or how Reuters slit its legitimacy’s wrists.

Tony Cartalucci
Aug 15, 2011

Often cited as a reliable, reputable news source, Reuters is in actuality nothing more than another den of duplicity bought and paid for by the corporate financiers ruling/ruining Western civilization. Their latest article titled, “Bachmann and Perry – a beautiful 2012 rivalry” sidelines reality according to the globalist script so soundly you can almost hear the noses of Reuters editors’ growing. The GOP Iowa debate saw Ron Paul annihilate the competition with counts showing him as far as three times further ahead of the next runner-up Newt Gingrich. However, the final tally of the Iowa straw poll saw establishment footstool Michele Bachmann eke out Ron Paul by a mere 152 votes. Despite the closeness of the race and the immense political ramifications of a candidate labeled by the corporate media as part of “fringe politics” finishing neck-to-neck with the insincere Bachmann, Reuters decided to write about Rick Perry’s insignificant, meaningless, though establishment approved, entry into the GOP 2012 race instead. Not a single mention of Ron Paul was made.

Reuters Edits Iowa Poll Reality According to Globalist Agenda  thompson reuters logo3
Image: Thomson Rueters, while masquerading as a reputable news agency, in reality maintains an incestuous relationship with globalist corporate-financier interests which it shares memberships with upon the Council on Foreign Relations and the Chatham House. Reuters’ biased reporting indicates impropriety regarding the immense conflict of interest its membership in these elitist think-tanks engender.


Reuters does however mention second place runner up, in the 2007 straw poll that is, Mike Huckabee, as well as Mitt Romney who finished seventh this year in Iowa. Ron Paul is suspiciously edited out of the entire story, despite being a front-runner with 4,671 votes compared to Rick Perry’s back-chaseing 718 votes. If a reader was foolishly depending on Reuters for complete coverage of what took place in Iowa, they might not even know Ron Paul existed – and that is exactly the point.

Rick Perry, who recently and very much farcically claimed America “cannot afford four more years of this rudderless leadership,” already has the frothing madmen currently engineering Obama’s multiple wars behind the scenes, lining up behind him for indeed, four more years of what Perry calls “rudderless leadership.” Foreign Policy recently reported that warmongering Neo-Con scum including Douglas Feith, William Luti, Andrew McCarthy, Charles Stimson, and Daniel Fata, with the help of certified warmonger and corporate fascist Donald Rumsfeld, had been introduced to Rick Perry to help him “brush up” on foreign policy. Also meeting with Perry was Dan Blumenthal of the Neo-Con, Fortune 500-funded AEI, Peter Brookes of the Fortune 500-funded Heritage Foundation (page 35), and Zalmay Khalizad, a fellow Neo-Con warmonger, PNAC signatory, and a member of the extraterritorial meddling National Endowment for Democracy’s board of directors, to help Perry define his “hawk internationalist” foreign policy stance.

By “hawk internationalist,” Foreign Policy indicates that it means, “embracing American exceptionalism and the unique role we must play in confronting the many threats we face.” In actual terms it means embracing more wars, more meddling abroad, more corporate fascist agendas to expand their financial, military, and economic hegemony worldwide ramrodded through at the expense of American sovereignty, treasure, and blood. In all, Perry is a handpicked star candidate for the global elite for whom Reuters really writes for, which is why despite reality, Bachmann and Perry make “a beautiful 2012 rivalry.”

While it would be folly to take one poorly written article clearly biased and detached from reality to malign an entire news organization, Reuters has recently been making quite a case against itself. It has produced the now exposed, disgraced journalist Andrew Marshall who claims to have now quit the news agency to write his own meaningless commentary about equally meaningless US State Department commentary allegedly contained within Wikileaks. To top it all off – he has suspiciously decided to myopically obsess over Wikileaks cables only pertaining to attacking the Thai government and Thai institutions operating beyond globalist control and funding, in tandem with hired globalist lawyer Robert Amsterdam.

Reuters has also joined in on the concerted use of weasel words and citing witness accounts to help sell the war in Libya as well as promote Western intervention in Syria.

Readers will also be interested to know that Thomson Reuters is a corporate member of the globalist Fortune 500 lined Chatham House think tank and the Council on Foreign Relationssignifying a grotesquely overt conflict of interest between their reporting and their defending of a corporate establishment they are incestuously involved with. With this in mind, it is no surprise that they are pushing Perry and Bachmann, two candidates who regardless of which wins, will allow the unraveling of America at the hands of the corporate-financiers of Wall Street and London to continue or perhaps even accelerate unchallenged.

To rework Rick Perry’s cartoonish soundbite into something more palatable, America cannot afford another day of duplicity from the illegitimate, overtly compromised mainstream media and the megalomaniacs that use them to push their psychopathic agenda. Don’t let the slick logos and million-dollar studios fool you, Thompson Reuters with their overt hackery, has slit the wrists of their own legitimacy with their latest article. Expect Reuters to continue bleeding its legitimacy dry, and expect it to be joined by others as reality continues to clash with an ever tenuous globalist narrative unraveling before the world’s eyes.

Tony Cartalucci is the writer and editor at Land Destroyer Report

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