The most pervasive scientific discipline, in terms of its effect on science and non-science alike, is cosmology. This Queen of the Sciences is currently promoted as The Big Bang. This nonsense is based extensively on the publications of Albert Einstein, and others of his ilk (Carl Sagan, Phil Plait, etc.). But Einstein was institutionalized long before the Space Age, and therefore has his roots in the historical period when The Long March was pronounced by Marxist devotee Antonio Gramsci. Unlike the vagaries and vanities of gedanken, the Space Age highlights hard data from deep space probes which provide (when not subject to manipulation or censorship) overwhelming evidence that Einstein and the Big Bang are wrong. However, Einstein and The Big Bang have never been contextualized within The Long March. Its time to expose this not-so-subtle contribution to human culture.

The Present March

An analogy: Your spouse complains that the new car will not start. The service manager provides a loaner car while the mechanics determine the cause of the problem. Both the service manager and his mechanics declared that the problem was fuel system related. Why? Because for decades fuel system theory and training was the sole education inflicted upon mechanics. It must be the fuel system; what else could it be?! Everything must be analyzed from that point-of-view. Failing to fix the no-start problem, the frustrated dealership offered to replace the entire car. Fortunately, one of the iconoclastic mechanics, trained in electricity, replaced a fuse and the car started just fine.

You may feel that this is an exaggerated criticism of the intellectual condition of Big Bang cosmology. It is not. If anything, I am being generous. But as it applies to their field, not only are present day gravity-only Big Bang cosmologists utterly ignorant of electricity and electromagnetism, they have openly lied about its application and actively censored its stellar history (pun intended).

Let There Be Light

It is well-known that the first book of the Bible, Genesis, was in-truth and in-essence the result of far ancient texts handed down to the Sumerians, which was then repeatedly handed down, and therefore contained information that existed long before current theologies and zeitgeists laid claim to divine originality. Most importantly, in none of the original sources up through Genesis does the Creator proclaim, Let there be a great sucking sound! In other words, nowhere do any of the creation texts declare that gravity was primary for creation of a universe. Indeed, all source texts declare meanings similar to those that survived even the editors of Genesis: Let there be light. To be clear, light is an electrical phenomenon; electromagnetic to be precise.

The Big Bang was originally based on a few crucial assumptions and related implications:

1. The universe is mostly cold, empty space; a vacuum.
2. Gravity runs everything. In terms of the creation, we exist in a gravity only universe.
3. Planets and galaxies are disconnected, except for the infinitesimal effects of gravity.
4. The universe was created by a massive explosive event, initiated by a primeval atom, called The Big Bang. Because gravity rules the heavens, we and the universe will eventually endure a Big Crunch as things collapse back upon its former singular state (The original Big Bang date was 4 billion years ago, but that estimate is now, after about fifteen ad hoc revisions, 13.75 billion years ago.).
5. Confirmation of this explosive expansion allegedly comes from measurement of varying electromagnetic frequencies observed from far-away objects in space; a measurement called the red shift (Doppler Effect).
6. An implication is that the sun, like all stars which allegedly result from the Big Bang, is powered by an internal energy source called fusion. Like the planets (and ourselves) the sun is isolated and disconnected from the universe.
7. An implication is that the current configuration of nine planets, their moons, and the sun, which comprises our Solar System, has existed essentially undisturbed for billions of years.

Fortunately each of these grandiose assumptions and implications are provably wrong. In the 1976 Astrophysics and Space Science paper The Red Shift Hypothesis for Quasars, Y. P. Varshni calculated the probability that observed arrangement of quasars is merely coincidental; an arrangement not predicted by Relativity. The probability is less than 3 x 10E-85 (i.e. zero). Varshni asserted, Consequently, both the Special and General Theory of Relativity must be abandoned for cosmological purposes. In other words, the Big Bang never happened.

There are many false political ideas that are derived from Big Bang dogma. But the point is simple: This dismal, depressing, lifeless, soulless, disconnected, Godless, pessimistic, incestuous goo is what allegedly constitutes our reality. Although this reality is promoted by the editors at Wikipedia, those gatekeepers did not sanctify Albert Einstein or contrive the Big Bang. This propaganda is perpetuated by establishment cosmologists who reside in the ivory towers of big government and big academia. Intellectually these have been reduced to vested interests that have a lot to lose! Decades-long academic reputations, self-effacing public proclamations, thousands of peer-reviewed PhD theses, and billions in research grants funded by the taxpayers are all at stake. But like their gravity-only theory, the Big Bang charlatans are rife to keeping the taxpayer and layperson disconnected from the emerging reality wrought by hard scientific data. The latest scientific discoveries that refute the gatekeepers emerge from a discipline called plasma cosmology.

Eighteenth Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference (NPA-18)

I attended the eighteenth Natural Philosophy Alliance conference held July 6 through 9, 2011 at the University of Maryland. NPA-18 included presentation of over 138 scientific abstracts, ranging from the true causes of climate change, to a new theory of gravity, to how stars are formed. Among these abstracts were numerous papers focused on exposing the issues regarding what is alleged to be Einsteins theories.

Photo by Paul V. Sheridan

A major theme of NPA-18 was The Electric Universe. This paradigm is not new to me, but attendance served to reinforce my opinion that Einstein and the vested interests of The Big Bang are not only kaput, these are both outright frauds. The 2001 John Chappell Memorial lecture Stars in an Electric Universe was presented by plasma cosmologist Wallace Thornhill. He summarized the religiosity of the old wrinkled queen:

The Big Bang creation myth is just another miraculous, unscientific creation story. It needs magic to begin and also to maintain the narrative. It has its sacrosanct heroes and a God, of course a mathematician! Because its been invented by mathematicians. It is based on a firm belief that the universe is expanding; of course the evidence is already in that thats not the case. It denies evidence that cannot be woven into the myth. And this is typical of any religion. In fact Halton Arp compared modern cosmology with the medieval church.

Does it surprise you to learn that the American Natural History Museum in New York claims that the Big Bang and the primeval atom was first proposed in 1927 by Roman Catholic priest Father Georges Lemaitre, on the basis of an alleged comprehension of Einsteins theory of relativity?

I recommend that lay readers introduce themselves to this theme by reading an NPA-18 paper presented by Thomas Findlay, An Introductory Guide to the Electric Universe. For those trained in science I recommend the papers by Dr. Charles Lucas, Jr. entitled, Electrodynamic Origin of Gravitational Forces , and Evidence for the Anisotropy of the Speed of Light by Dr. Bob Johnson. I also recommend Dr. Donald Scotts book, The Electric Sky. These and other NPA-18 presentations reduce Einstein and the Big Bang to an ignorant but trendy discussion at the Starbucks coffee shop.

Hier kommt die Sonne

The 1981 Smithsonian Institute book, Fire of Life: The Smithsonian Book of the Sun, proclaims,

The nuclear physicist uncovered fundamental knowledge from experiments with particle accelerators (atom smashers) and nuclear devices, and from theoretical advances. And such was the spinoff that today astrophysicists can probe the hidden solar heart <sic> . . . Investigators agree on a standard sun model, and say that the bright solar disk represents an organized and integrated energy-conversion system in which matter becomes energy in accord with Einsteins equation E=mc2 . . . On Earth we have only been able to achieve this fusion of atomic nuclei by using atomic devices to drive nuclear particles together in what we call hydrogen bombs.

Long before this 1981 publication plasma scientists had already determined with great predictive success that the Sun was not a fusion reactor. Dr. Donald Scott explains:

Astrophysicists make that claim that the solar fusion model has indeed been tested in the laboratory. And nothing really is further from the truth.

In 1970 the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to Hannes Alfven of Sweden for his fundamental work in magnetohydrodynamics. He had repeatedly declared that plasma waskey to understanding the Sun.

But, as we will read below, in stark contrast to the behavior of Einstein, Alfven credited and referenced the shoulders of Kristian Birkeland. Birkeland was the Norwegian scientist that was derided for his quackery of 1895 that the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) were the result of electrical activity in the earths upper atmosphere. Birkelands 1913 paper, The Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition 1902-1903 explains:

The series of experiments that I have made with a magnetic globe as cathode in a large vacuum-box, for the purpose of studying analogies to the zodiacal light and Saturn’s ring, have led to discoveries that appear to be of great importance for the solar theory.

By magnetic globe Birkeland is referring to his now famous Terrella Experiment (terrella means little earth) wherein he demonstrated and photographed electrical phenomenon that not only explained the Northern Lights, but predicted the exact visual behavior of the Suns corona; Birkeland did this in 1903! Long before Einstein defended his originality by feigning ignorance of Maxwells Electromagnetic Equations, Birkeland had already provided their first general solution; Birkeland did this in 1895! Wikipedia gatekeepers aside, the science of Birkeland, which provides the basis for much of the contemporary work in plasma cosmology, was so authentic that he is now lauded as the first true space scientist.

The Big Bang and the Disconnection Ploy

A long-standing tenet of any organized religion is the ploy of psychologically and sociologically voiding the reality of a direct connection between individuals and their Creator. All major religious leadership act as a God reps (my term) while interceding in the spiritual lives of the masses. Once this is accomplished the zeitgeist can assume any form and fairy tale appropriate to the needs of that leadership. The process is barbaric. In a scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, the evil Supreme Chancellor explains, “All who gain power are afraid to lose it.” Implicitly, in terms of the current epoch and human condition, the process of gaining and maintaining power involves fear, manipulation and lies.

As a dedicated Big Bang Denier, my response to NPA-18 goes beyond the alacrity of the science. My concern continues to be the effect of the disconnect ploy caused by Big Religion and the pseudo-science of the Big Bang. The issue of reconnecting humanity to the truth is paramount if we are to survive and extend the humaneness of global cultures.

Two monumental films relate to #3, #6 and #7 above. I highly recommend Symbols of an Alien Sky and The Lightning Scarred Mars produced by Thunderbolts Project founder David Talbot. However, in my 2009 review of Symbols I was compelled to emphasize reconnection:

David Talbott’s film Symbols of an Alien Sky goes far beyond merely identifying the celestial provocation of our true history. Symbols resurrects and confirms the genius of Immanuel Velikovsky. With excruciating attention to detail Talbott rivals the intellectual obsession and integrity of the thousands of ancient chroniclers that are urging us to remember. The credibility of Symbols is uniquely formidable as it firmly connects the library of the Stone Age to the Modern Age cosmology of leading edge plasma physicists Anthony Peratt, Wal Thornhill and others. With erudition Symbols defines an overdue and not-so-subtle challenge to modern institutional assumptions, promoted and guarded by the gamut from religion to politics to academia and beyond. As such Talbotts most fundamental accomplishment in Symbols of an Alien Sky is the reconnecting of global humanity to itself; to its true history, and what that reconnection implies for our future peace and well-being.

Thee central theme of any corrupt power brokerage is brutal maintenance of the disconnect between the common person and the whole truth. This maintenance technique is used by theologian, politician, academic and scientist alike. Of the schemes deployed by the power brokers, none are more endemic than secrecy and concealment, and therefore outright threats against of dissenters.

Max Planck, the German scientist who pioneered quantum mechanics, once declared with dejection:

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

At the pragmatic level, I strongly disagree. Planck won the Nobel Prize in 1918, during the same time period that Karl Marx and devotee Antonio Gramsci were in vogue. History proves that humanity could ill-afford Plancks passive/complicit approach then, and it certainly cannot afford it now. Indeed, in this era of false flag terrorism and intelligence services, the common person must not tolerate any walls erected by scientific or political apartheid. Our very survival depends on being intolerant of all tyranny. The modern day condominium of physical and political scientists is inextricably motivated, not by the whole truth, but by its addiction to money, fame and power. But less understood, and heretofore not even discussed, is the subtle but covert power brokerage derived from combining Alberts Big Bang with Antonios Long March.

The Long March to Multiculturalism

A recent book exposing a so-called intelligence service emphasized its motto: By way of deception we shall wage war! Although wrapped in social justice, nowhere is the combination of deception and war more intrinsic than in the rantings of Marxist/Communist/atheist Antonia Gramsci.

During my five days at NPA-18 I inquired with acquaintances about their knowledge and opinions on current affairs. It was not surprising, given their predilection for science rather than politics, that the basis of their ignorance was an active shunning of politics. Given the state of current affairs, who can blame them!? (As you will read below, such was not the case with the scientist Albert Einstein.) When I inquired about their knowledge of Gramsci, none were at-all familiar with him.

Born in Italy in 1891, Gramsci was unjustly convicted by Italian fascists in 1926 and died shortly after being released from a Mussolini prison in 1937. Prior to jail Gramsci lived-in and praised the USSR, an atheistic sewer that had been financed by New York bankster Jacob Schiff and created by all-around psycho Vladimir Lenin. It was during his two-year stay in Moscow that he met and later married Julia Schucht. Although he is credited with promoting justice for Italys working class, during imprisonment he formulates a political scheme which focused on total deconstruction of Western culture. Codified as The Long March, this conspiracy is documented in a 1947 release Lettere dal carcere (Letters from Prison). A 1975 release Quaderni del carcere (Prison Notebooks) builds on his idea of commencing, The long march through the (western) institutions.

In large part the methodology of the ideological and spiritual war being waged against Western culture results from application of Gramscis writings. A recent revision of the sales pitch used to describe the methodology, especially in the United States, has been deployed. In Europe the term Cultural Marxism, which is an accurate descriptor of the long march through the (western) institutions is also being dropped. A more trendy term is being deployed: Multiculturalism.

In the Spring 1958 edition of The New Reasoner, Christopher Hill declares, Gramsci was above all an enemy of dogmatism. Rubbish! Above all Gramsci was an enemy of existing dogmas, of any kind. The inner soul of The Long March is the displacement of existing dogma, with emphasis on a conspiracy to disconnect Christians from their church and their God.

Multiculturalists emphasize that Christianity is their greatest obstacle. Gramsci decried: The civilized world had been thoroughly saturated with Christianity for 2000 years. The Long March through Christian institutions manifests in subtle ways. For centuries the western calendar has used a system that refers to dates before Christ (B.C.) and dates after the birth of Christ (A.D.). The latter refers to the Latin phrase, Anno Domini Nostri Iesu (Jesu) Christi. By the late 19th century, academics partial to Karl Marx had already taken an important step in the disconnect process. Big academia, especially those offended by any reference to Christ, revised the official dating convention to the terms Before Common Era (B.C.E.) and Common Era (C.E.) respectively. Common to what?

The Long March seeks deconstruction of all Western institutions: law, government, marriage, decency, morality, ethics, civil conduct, and sexual propriety, to name a few. Gramsci even pronounced that common logic is vulgar. This attack requires a dismantling of education which teaches common logic as a fundamental basis of scientific thought. On pages 99-100 of Lettere dal carcere he proposed a dialectic:

The dialectic is very arduous and difficult, in that dialectical thinking goes against vulgar common sense, which is dogmatic, (hungering after incontrovertible certainties and expresses itself in formal logic). To understand this attitude better one can think what would happen if the natural and physical sciences were taught in primary and secondary schools on the basis of Einstein’s theory of relativity . . . The children would understand nothing about anything and the clash between school teaching and family and popular life would be so great that the school would become an object of scorn and skeptical caricature.

The Gramsci intention about the effect of relativity on education was lucidly perceived by American sociologist John Murray Cuddihy who later wrote that Einstein was not motivated to clarify science, but to muddle and distort it. In 1921, Einstein had already stated that common logic could not be used to invalidate his theories.

We must be clear on Gramsci. He did not use the word dialectic in the Classical Greek sense; instead he reserved it for the Marxist polemic. The former sought the truth through the juxtaposition of opposing views with the aim that one view would prevail; a proverbial right versus wrong outcome. The Gramsci/Marxist dialectic is Hegelian. As such it does not seek the truth per se, it seeks power. The first steps of this dialectic are similar in appearance to the Socratic approach; but make no mistake, Marxists have no intention of resolving the conflict in any integrated sense of that phrase. Marx viewed the world in terms of a conflict of opposing forces. His dialectic shell game reduced the opposing forces to a primary and a secondary. The secondary is dropped, the process restarted, and the primaries are recast into a new, never ending polemic. In the Marxist/Gramsci dialectic, resolution of the conflict is never attained because truth is not relevant. Because all is subservient to the conflict, and a covert agenda for acquiring power, everything is reduced to the Big Gray, all is relative in the slippery realm of multiculturalism.

The Gramsci/Marxist dialectic openly prescribes spiritual, institutional, and national sedition. But contrary to the workload that typifies a true scientist, Einstein spent inordinate time in politics. And in the context of his support of Marxism, Einstein declared, Nationalism is an infantile disease.

Einstein Religiopolitics and the Long March

The historical record confirms that, similar to Gramsci, Einstein had loyal connections with Americas Cold War enemy: the USSR. It should not surprise you that Big Media maintains a disconnect from this fact.

As one studies Einstein more closely, what emerges is a person more adept in politics, especially religiopolitics, rather than the media promotions regarding his ability in science. In 1943 two infamous USSR propagandists, Solomon Mikhoels and Itsik Fefer, were invited to tour the United States to solicit support of the Joseph Stalin regime. The National Reception Committee arranged their visits; it was formed and chaired by Einstein. The 1946 publication of the Black Book is based on the anthologies accumulated by Mikhoels and Fefer, and was published by the Jewish Black Book Committee. This committee was co-chaired by Einstein. The Black Book preface was authored by Einstein. For this and other efforts, Pravda named Einstein to its 1947 list of Top-Ten Friends of the Soviet Union.

One of Einsteins deepest ties to the USSR manifested in the traitors Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. There is also abundant evidence that Einstein was a confidant and close friend of notorious Soviet spy Klaus Fuchs. Along with Morton Sobell , these Soviet spies openly admitted to espionage involving massive leakage of highly classified nuclear weapons technology stolen from our ultra secret Manhattan Project. As a direct result, on August 29, 1949 the USSR successfully tested its first nuclear warhead, initiating the most massive and dangerous arms race in human history. (One could argue that the Ronald Reagan victory in the Cold War arms race produced the military inventory that later underpinned the Project for a New American Century; a result Reagan could not have anticipated.) In 1953 President Truman received a letter demanding that the Rosenbergs be pardoned. The letter did not attempt to trivialize the evidence or exonerate any defendants, but had blatant the enemy of my enemy is my friend overtones. The letter, which coyly avoids stating that the USSR was his friend or that Germany was his enemy, was signed by Albert Einstein.

But at the close of WWII Einstein revealed his true character and humanity when asked about the fate of those he hated: the German people. This genius openly advocated the murdering of innocent human beings:

The nation (Germany) has been on the decline mentally and morally since 1870. Behind the Nazi party stands the German people, who elected Hitler after he had in his book and in his speeches made his shameful intentions clear beyond the possibility of misunderstanding. The Germans can be killed or constrained after the war, but they cannot be re-educated to a democratic way of thinking and acting.

Given his reputation for religiopolitics, Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952; offered without the need for citizenship or a democratic election. Due to his public involvement in the formation-of and his true loyalty to Israel, Einstein declined:

I am deeply moved by the offer from our State of Israel, and at once saddened and ashamed that I cannot accept it.

This proposal came from Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, the same ally who later established Operation Cyanide which resulted in the murdering of thirty-four and the maiming of hundreds of American service men during multiple Israeli attacks on June 8, 1967 against the U.S.S. Liberty.

Albert Einstein and David Ben Gurion 1952 (Source: Life Magazine)

On at least one level it would appear that Gramsci was more trustworthy than Einstein; Gramsci never claimed to be a scientist.

Goodbye to Albert Einstein

In a letter to Robert Hooke of February 5, 1676 Isaac Newton explained, If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants. This was not an original concept of Newton, instead coming from the Latin phrase, nanos gigantium humeris insidentes, which roughly translated means, One who develops future intellectual pursuits by understanding the research and works created by notable thinkers of the past.

In his monumental poem No Man is an Island, the English scholar John Donne said: No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as a manor of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

In the John Boorman movie Excalibur, the following dialogue takes place between King Arthur and his mentor and counsel Merlin the Magician:

King Arthur: Which is the greatest quality of knighthood? Courage? Compassion? Loyalty? Humility? What do you say, Merlin?

Merlin: The greatest? Well, they blend like the metals we mix to make a good sword.

King Arthur: No poetry. Just a straight answer. Which is it?

Merlin: All right, then. Truth. That’s it. Yes. It must be truth, above all. When a man lies, he murders some part of the world. You should know that!

The most pusillanimous offense in science is plagiarism; it embodies the antithesis of Newton, Donne and Merlin. To avoid even the slightest appearance of such, it is established that new or incremental works of science be openly vetted through the use of 1) detailed references, 2) peer reviews and 3) open honest direct debate. In the 1905 annus mirabilis, the so-called Miracle Year, it was alleged that a level three patent clerk originated not one, not two, not three, but four seminal papers in physics. Did any of these four papers contain detailed references? Did they undergo the customary rigors of peer review prior to being published? Were these four papers, despite decades of innumerable requests, the focus of open, honest direct debate with its alleged author, Albert Einstein? Nein!

1). At NPA-18 all submitted papers point to numerous references. 2). The intrinsic purpose of presenting abstracts at NPA-18 is a request for peer review. 3). Indeed, the format of all NPA conferences implicitly includes open, honest direct debate with the authors.

The four papers published in 1905 with Einsteins signature included:

1. Concerning an Heuristic Point of View Toward the Emission and Transformation of Light.

2. On the Movement of Small Particles Suspended in Stationary Liquids Required by the Molecular-Kinetic Theory of Heat.

3. On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies.

4. Does the Inertia of a Body Depend upon its Energy Content?

Allegedly these four papers were assembled, solely by Einstein, in less than seven months. Subsequently, there was a deafening uproar of suspicion from the science community regarding everything from originality to veracity. Did your high school physics teacher review that historical uproar? Detailed scientific and historical review of each of these four papers, and his 1915 paper on the General Theory of Relativity, reveals a consistent pattern of impossibility, implausibility and inveracity.

Whether reviewing the blatant, the subtle, or everything in-between, you find subterfuge in true history of Time Magazines Person of the Century. The most blatant subterfuge involves the equation E = mc2. The Big Media promotion that this equation and its precepts were formulated by Einstein is a vicious lie. Implicated for plagiarism, annus mirabilis #4 never mentioned the equation! In truth, Einstein and his handlers made that claim a year later, but only as a matter of gatekeeping. And the notion that Einstein was the original thinker behind the concept of the equivalence of mass and energy borders on the adolescent. The original ideas that ultimately arrived at that concept were formulated and published by Scottish genius James Clark Maxwell in 1878; that is, 27 years before annus mirabilis #4. Given that the essence of Einstein is merely gedanken, he had no experimental basis to lay claim to any aspect of E = mc2. In stark contrast, hard data sustained by Joseph J. Thompson in Cambridge and Walter Kaufmann in Gottingen, in 1890, had already confirmed during cavity radiation experiments that mass and energy were proportional. In 1900, the French genius Henri Ponicare` had already written the math in the form conducive to electromagnetism: m = E/c2 ! Therefore, even the proportionality constant of c2 was already established. But it is suspected that the direct plagiarism by Einstein of E = mc2 came from the 1904 publications of Hungarian physicist and university professor Freidrich Hasenohrl. Hasenohrl won the Haitinger prize from the Austrian Academy of Sciences for these publications.

Have you ever heard the name Georges Sagnac? I still have the physics text books used while I was at Albany State; the two-volume 1200+ page 1966 publication by Resnick & Halliday, Physics. The name Sagnac is nowhere to be found. I have a three-volume 1300+ page 1986 publication by Weaver, Motz & McAdoo, The World of Physics. The name Sagnac is nowhere to be found. If you visit (i.e. Wikipedia), you will find the following entry regarding Sagnac: The Sagnac effect . . . is a phenomenon encountered in interferometry . . .

The last example of censorship by the so-called science community is the most insidious. Sagnac was not pursuing improvements in interferometry. He was refuting the notion that space is empty (a vacuum), and whether the speed of light is constant in all conditions and therefore limited. Prior to the 1913 seminal experiment by Sagnac, mainstream physics had concluded in 1887, based on an experiment by Albert Michelson and Edward Morley, that space was empty and the speed limit for the universe was c. Einstein premised his special and general theories of relativity on what is now infamously called the Michelson-Morley null result.

Sagnac was not the only scientist to prove that space is filled with a cosmological ether, or that the speed of light was variable. Is it not curious that university texts also censor the name Dr. Dayton Miller, and his interferometer experiments of the 1920s? Einstein most-assuredly recognized the implications of the Miller results, stating

I believe that I have really found the relationship between gravitation and electricity, assuming that the Miller experiments are based on a fundamental error. Otherwise, the whole relativity theory collapses like a house of cards. (1921

My opinion about Millers experiments is the following. … Should the positive result be confirmed, then the special theory of relativity and with it the general theory of relativity, in its current form, would be invalid. Experimentum summus judex. Only the equivalence of inertia and gravitation would remain, however, they would have to lead to a significantly different theory. (1925

In summary, have you ever heard of or used a Global Positioning System (GPS)? Have you ever been informed by the gatekeepers that Sagnac/Miller were not wrong and that if, instead, GPS was based on the gedankens of Einstein, that we would all be aboard the bus to Abilene ?

Einstein’s Legacy

Secretly Einstein began to recognize that his legacy might not endure thorough investigation or mere empiricism. Hedging his bets before his passing in 1955:

You imagine that I look back on my life’s work with calm satisfaction. But from nearby it looks quite different. There is not a single concept of which I am convinced that it will stand firm, and I feel uncertain whether I am in general on the right track.

But what we need to ask ourselves is this: Whose shoulders was Einstein really standing on, and what was their motivation? I strongly submit to you that it was not science.

Einsteins Brain

Now farewell, darling, be quite happy and if you come across nice flowers, bring me some. Letter from Mileva Maric to Albert Einstein, May 2, 1901

Honest historians, if there is such a thing, explain that his first wife, Hungarian Christian Mileva Maric, was the source of much original thinking that appeared in annus mirabilis. This makes sense given her extraordinary academic ability, especially in mathematics and physics. It is well-known that Einstein notebooks include a plethora of corrections to the math of the genius, all in Milevas handwriting. In fact, the original manuscript of the papers which formed the basis of the Special Theory of Relativity was signed by Mileva! When asked why she did not request more credit for the work she contributed, Mileva, owing to her fidelity and naivet, declared, We are one stone; Ein stein! At age 26, in 1901, Mileva received a letter from Einstein:

How happy and proud I will be when the two of us together will have brought our work on the relative motion to a victorious conclusion!

It is reasonable to assume that the reason the Nobel Prize committee could not give Albert an award for, what is alleged to be, his Special Theory of Relativity was because there was general awareness at that time that all the source documents were signed by Mileva. Instead he was given the Nobel Prize for the photoelectric effect (i.e. annus mirabilis #1).

Mileva Maric of Titel, Hungary, 1894, age 18

And the flowers? After repeated infidelities with his cousin, whom he eventually married, Einstein divorced Mileva in 1919, and inflicted upon her his infamous conditions. Mileva had given birth to three of his children, one daughter and two sons. Their first child, a daughter named Lieserl was born in 1902, prior to marriage in 1903. Einstein was not present for her birth, nor did he ever lay eyes upon her. The fate of Lieserl remains unknown. The two sons were baptized as Christian by Mileva in 1913. Mileva died in 1948. And those original source papers co-authored and signed by her? As you might suspect, those mysteriously disappeared.

Big Media and The Long March Through the Vatican

Periodically the common person becomes concerned with the question, Who controls the media? Ranging from the so-called news media to pornography, selected groups have openly boasted about their intention to control and use the media to to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion, They have openly declared that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. In January 2011 this very same mass media issued the following headline:

God Behind the Big Bang, Pope Says

Big Media that ran this headline included Reuters, Associated Press, AOL News, Yahoo News, Google News, NBC, CNN, ABC, BBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, and of course Rupert Murdochs Fox News; to name a few! Confirm this for yourself; use that headline as your search term.

But did Pope Benedict XVI make a claim even remotely similar in wording or meaning to that global headline? Big Media claimed that he announced this at the Eucharistic Celebration on the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord, which occurs every January 6. I was so shocked by those headlines that I pursued confirmation from the source, the Vatican. So, did the current Pope make any claims about the Big Bang? Of course not, the headline was a boldfaced, unabashed Big Media lie.

Try it for yourself; go to the Vatican transcript page for the Solemnity of the Epiphany mass. Run any of the following search terms: Big Bang, cosmology, Einstein, relativity, planets, or science. Not once did the Pope say anything even remotely close to that headline. The only quote close to the issue of cosmology, but never even mention that term, follows:

The universe is not the result of chance, as some would like to make us believe. In contemplating it, we are asked to interpret in it something profound; the wisdom of the Creator, the inexhaustible creativity of God, his infinite love for us.

Do you see the Fred Hoyle misnomer The Big Bang anywhere in that quote? Do you comprehend anything in that quote that says God behind the Big Bang? Do you see anywhere in the entire transcript anything that is even close!?

In truth, the Vatican was reacting to the psychotic atheistic nonsense that spewed from Big Banger Stephen Hawking, who claimed in his September 2010 book release, The Grand Design:

Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist . . . “The question is: is the way the universe began chosen by God for reasons we can’t understand, or was it determined by a law of science? I believe the second. If you like, you can call the laws of science ‘God’, but it wouldn’t be a personal God that you could meet, and ask questions.

To the best of my knowledge the Vatican never issued a request for correction to the Big Media notion that, in essence, the Pope agrees with Hawking. In fact, the sycophants that comprise the current leadership of the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian denominations were falling all over themselves agreeing with a headline that they never confirmed as true. The Long March went through them like they were intellectual and spiritual confetti. (I recommend that Vatican and Christian scientists begin their redemption with the NPA-18 paper The Paradigm of the Electric Universe, by Reverend Nicholas J. G. Sykes.)

Personal Conclusion and Recommendation

Humans presume that the intellectual and spiritual war can be viewed as less catastrophic than a physical war. I strongly disagree. It is more catastrophic to passively comply with those who speak not peace but devise deceitful matters against those that are quiet in the land (Psalm 36:20).

The Long March has a guru in Antonio Gramsci, and The Big Bang has its messiah in Albert Einstein. had openly and unabashedly advocated the proverbial disconnect. While the former declares common logic to be vulgar, the latter proclaims common sense to be useless. Both have lead by-default and by-design to the notion that a Creator does not exist or, if one does exist, He is not needed. It was Jesus who openly identified the source of this deceit over 2000 years ago:

Ye are of a father, the devil, and the desires of your father ye will to do; he was a slayer from the beginning, and in the truth he hath not stood, because there is no truth in him; when one may speak the falsehood, of his own he speaketh, because he is a liar, also his father. (John 8:44)

We are far beyond the point that The Long March can be viewed as even remotely connected to social justice. We are far beyond the point that The Big Bang can be connected to science. Now both, as a matter of dogma, are compelled to resort to a Marxist styled dialectic that purposely avoids the truth and, further, goes so far as to punish those that pursue it.

We are witnessing the final stages, of their planned demise of Western institutions, wherein their only options to maintain intellectual, spiritual and physical apartheid are open-ended military intervention and all-encompassing tyrannical legalities. Increasingly the so-called West succumbs to the vileness of making it illegal to question their dogma. Do not remain naive or sooth yourself with self-indulgent optimism; we are very close to a new Dark Age. Please remember, we are dealing with people whose souls are so dark, they will lie to you about the Pope!

You would also be naive to assume that the esoteric subject of cosmology has no relation or effect on earthly society and culture. The Godless, purposeless overtones that define The Big Bang can be directly connected to individual attitudes that human life too has no purpose; no positive outcome. A population that is disconnected, depressed and distressed is a population that is easily manipulated.

Personally and most importantly, in the alternative to Einsteins Big Bang called plasma cosmology I find resonance. I find it easy, if not joyful and harmonious to connect to a cosmology that confirms the original creation source texts that proclaimed, Let there be light. As a Big Bang Denier, I am personally repulsed by the theory that says, Let there be a great sucking sound. Ridding the Western culture of dogmas deployed by Gramsci and Einstein is crucial. In my humble opinion, as a start, the intellectual and spiritual walls recently erected by The Long March and The Big Bang will crumble by merely marching in the Creators light and blowing horns powered, not by gravity, but by electromagnetism.