by Terry Richards

Terry Richards Peaceably Demonstrating for Exception to Ordinance to allow St. Petersburg Firefighters to Fill the Boot for Jerry's Kids in the Street


This is my response to Tanya Galavij (E-mail: Hemat Boland Pour) Assistant Producer & Coordinator Programs Department of Press TV Iran’s television network, broadcasting in English round-the-clock and is Based in Tehran (Website:; and, Morteza Mostafavi from Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) E-mail: (<[email protected]>). The Islamic Republic News Agency or IRNA, is the official news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran.Both areGovernment-Funded and controlled under the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance andasked me for an interview and further statement in connection with my article titled: THE REAL ECONOMIC TERRORIST IN AMERICA?

I love myCountry the United States of America, I justdon’t like thebehaviorofOur Members ofCongress right nowand the way they areacting and running Our Government, especially the waythey arehandling the Debt Crisis,and the way theyaretreating and burdoningOur Middle-Class, Poor, Veterans, and homeless Veterans,andtheir failure to createthe proper atmosphere to create newJobs.

If I did not love America I would I would not be wasting my time writing articles to try and save it from its very near financialdemise. I would justleave it and move to anotherCountry where I would feel more comfortable(Citing the old bumper stickers from the 70′s: “America! Love it or leave it!”)

So I don’t write articles like THE REAL ECONOMIC TERRORIST IN AMERICA?to be a Propaganda Spokesman for Terrorists or Nations that dislikes or have hostile intentions towards the United States.I write articles like this to inform Americans, andto bring awareness to Our Government that they’re on the wrong path and need to change beforeOur Country isbrought to itskneesEconomically with no chance of rebounding, and thereby, making us even more vulnerable to Terrorist attacks oreven attacks by Russia or China because we would no longer be Economically relevant in the world.

However, if it comes time whenOur First AmendmentUnited States Constitutional Rights of Freedom Speech, Freedom of the Press,Freedom ofReligion, and ofOur Right toPeaceably Assemble andto Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances are permanently infringed upon by the Government thenI shall leave this Countryand ask forPolitical Asylum in another Country,unlessof courseI am Unlawfully Detained by the United States Government.

So inthe interim, I say to my Fellow Journalists Tanya at Press TV, and to Morteza Mostafavifromthe Islamic Republic News Agency with the utmost respect, until the Iranian Government and other Governments like itallows Freedom Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Religion, andthe Right of its CitizenstoPeaceably Assemble and toPetition the Government for a Redress of Grievanceswithout infringement, retaliation or intimidation by the Iranian Government or other similar Governments, I will have no further statements to make to you in connection with THE REAL ECONOMIC TERRORIST IN AMERICA?or any othersimilar future articles I write, because generally, my articles speak for themselves and do not really need any further explanation or clarification.