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I agree with Col Gaddafi – only a one state solution will end the Israeli conflict

By Dark Politricks

It’s not often I say this but I actually agree with Col Gaddafi.

I don’t agree with his decision to crush legitimite protest or his tactic of targeting civillians during the current civil war in Libya. And I certainly don’t agree with his choice of friends.

That Tony Blair really is a bad influence on Muammar and he really ought to choose who he hangs out with more wisely. It’s no wonder people think he is a liberty hating war monger when he hangs out with Tony 4 wars Blair.

No what I agree with Gaddafi about is his proposed solution for ending the Israeli Palestine conflict.

Whilst most people who want to see an end to this blot on humanity see a two state solution as the only answer, Gaddafi like myself see’s the only real possibility to long lasting peace to be a one state solution in which all people currently within the borders of Israel and Palestine live together as equals.

What Gaddafi calls Isra-tine has been mocked by some including Larry King but anyone who puts logic and reason above religion can clearly see that having a nuclear armed Zionist state surrounded by countries who despise the hypocrisy and double standards afforded to it will only lead to future arms races and more wars fought by Brits and Americans on behalf of the Israelis.

I understand the initial reasoning for a Jewish state. After the 2nd world war many Jews believed that the only way they could possibly escape the centuries of persecution and defend themselves from future atrocities would be through having their own powerful state which would be a safe haven for Jews from across the world.

However this Jewish homeland has been forged out of the blood of others and unless the Zionist mindset is reset I cannot see how a lasting peace could be forged when any future Palestinian state is only ever going to be a 2nd class country controlled by it’s heavily armed and immensely paranoid neighbour. Having a state in which your borders and defence requirements are controlled by another is no state at all.

Whilst it might sound crazy at first a single state solution is really the only way to solve the situation permanently and fairly for everyone concerned. The current Jewish homeland is only ever going to be a source for future problems as long as Jews are treated as first class citizens and non Jews as strangers in the their own land.

The right of return is the single most problematic issue I can think of purely because being a Jew is a mixture of birth and choice but not a genetic or racial trait. If your mother is Jewish then you are Jewish but if your Father and Mother are both Muslims, Christians or Atheists you can convert to Judaism and then gain the right to an Israeli passport.

How is it right that thousands of people who have no historical roots to the country on the edge of the Mediterranean can gain citizenship to Israel and then claim it as it their birthright whilst Palestinians who have lived on that land for thousands of years are denied the same rights as those can call themselves Jewish?

Now despite what some numbnuts who have read a few posts on this site attacking Israeli foreign policy may believe I have nothing against Jews. In fact I have nothing against anyone of any religion, colour, country or mindset as long as they don’t try and push their own ideology and beliefs on me they can get on with whatever it is that makes them happy.

However it seems that if you dare question the legitimacy of certain Israeli actions such as their attack on the Mavi Marmara, their international law breaking policy of settlement expansion, their non compliance with the Non Proliferation Policy or their dubious history and continued use of false flag attacks which are pinned on Muslims you are somehow deemed an anti-semite.

Well if wanting every country in the world to abide by the same laws makes me a racist then I happily chose that label. However I really cannot see how the term racist can be applied to a classification of people who have no common racial traits. In fact the only thing that really binds most Israelis together is their wish to live in that part of the world and in that regards they have more in common with the Palestinians than most of their neighbours.

A single state solution would enable Jews and Palestinians to live together and hopefully learn that actually there is very little that separates them apart from their leaders desire that they should live apart.

On a religious note both Muslims and Jews have a common heritage. They both can’t eat Pork and other proscribed foods, they treat Friday as a special day and both claim to be able to trace their lineage back to Abraham. In fact apart from a few differences their religions are more similar than different.

Having a single democratic country that is bound by a constitution and bill of rights that sets in stone the equality of all peoples would solve so many problems that I cannot believe it is not put forward more often.

Having one state would mean that the country would be big enough for both peoples to live side by side and wherever they want. The religious settlers could settle wherever they wanted and the Palestinian refugees could end their decades in the wilderness and return home from the horrible squalid refugee camps they have had to endure for years.

Other Middle Eastern countries such as Syria and Iran would more than likely accept the single state solution as it would mean Zionism would cease to exist. Instead a secular democratic nation in which all religions are treated as equal would take it’s place and because Palestinians would cease to be 2nd class citizens on their own land a lot of the animosity aimed at Israel because of their treatment of the Palestinian people would no longer exist.

Of course the only real obstacle to this solution is the fact that the Zionists don’t want to make real peace with the Palestinians especially if it meant removing the “Jewish” nature of the state of Israel.

It seems Israel wants to join the ranks of Islamic Republic of Iran as one of the few countries in the world that base their whole nationalist identity around a religion. However even Islamic Iran allows other religions to exist within it’s boundaries and in fact outside Israel it has the largest number of Jews residing within it’s borders in the Middle East.

If the Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was really the new Hitler he is made out to be by certain pro-Israeli supporters then why hasn’t he started his upcoming holocaust by killing the thousands of Jews that live within his borders? That fact alone seems to suggest that the problem is not animosity against Jewish people per se but rather the nationalistic and borderline racist Zionist ideology that is the problem.

So because of the Israeli rulers desire to keep their country a Jewish State rather than a secular democratic country where anyone is welcome this plan is unlikely to come to fruition anytime soon. However just because an idea is currently unfashionable it doesn’t make it wrong and in the long term it make sense as the only real way to defuse current and future tension in that region.

I have called for a one state solution for as long as I can remember and it is heartening to see the idea catch on even if it is Col Gaddafi who is spreading it.

Here is Col Gaddafi discussing his plans for Isra-tine on Larry King and AlJazeera.

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  1. Zionist says

    Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Lets take a took at two other Binational states, Yugoslavia and Rwanda. Check your history before you make idiotic statements.

    • darkpolitricks says

      Well your username says it all doesn’t it.

      No wonder you don’t want Palestinians to have the same rights as yourself as it would mean ending the bullshit and giving up your upper hand.

      For a people who have been oppressed over the centuries I find it very sad to see victim turn into abuser and you would think that of all peoples the Israelis and Jews would understand the suffering, humiliation and pain that comes from being 2nd class citizens in your own country, having to live in ghettos, having to produce your ID cards at checkpoints to move about and basically living in fear of an attack that could come at any moment.

      Why is it ridiculous to believe that sensible people from both sides could live together peacefully. It is only ancient dogma and religious bullshit that is keeping them apart and anyone who knows anything about religion knows that both religions traces their roots back to Abraham so it is not so ridiculous to believe that one day the zealots from both sides will put aside their prejudices and learn to live together as brothers.

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