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Any US Veto on Palestinian statehood will show the UN’s real colours

By Dark Politricks

Whether or not Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas goes ahead with his bid for Palestinian statehood at the UN tomorrow or he is bought off at the last minute by backdoor deals and promises by President Obama and Israel the question of Palestinian independence should be a given for almost everyone.

Even though at last years UN general assembly meeting Obama made reference to full Palestinian membership. This year he is threatening to veto any attempt at such a “unilateral” action and it has become pretty clear since his fast start at placating the Muslim world with his Cairo speech in 2009 that any moral fibre or good intentions he may have had towards ending the Israeli Palestinian conflict has been overridden by realpolitik and Israeli pressure.

This was pretty clear when his only attempt at bringing peace between the two sides ended in abject failure and personal humiliation as it became clear that on matters concerning Israel even the President of the United States has to take his orders from somewhere else.

This subservience shines though even after multiple US military commanders have attacked unconditional support of Israel as putting US troops at risk, including Robert Gates who called Israel an ugratefull ally after the Israeli PM lectured and belittled the US President live on TV.

The repeated accusations of being a Muslim, the multiple letters signed by the majority of Congress on demand when AIPAC click their fingers attacking his anti-Israeli stance and the 29 standing ovations given to such a base speech by Benjamin Netanyahu showed the world who really pulls the strings when it comes to US policy towards Israel.

So now it is a year on and Obama and the USA are backtracking on their earlier promises of Palestinian statehood promising to veto any security council resolution if one is brought forward. Ben Rhodes, the White House national security council spokesman, told reporters after Obama met Abbas in New York that:

“We would have to oppose any action at the UN Security Council including, if necessary, vetoing,”

and today in Obama’s speech he said:

“peace was hard”

and that Israeli’s and Palestinians have to resolve this problem on their own directly insinuating that a vote by the U.N. would be fruitless.

If the USA uses it’s veto power as it has done on dozens of previous occasions to protect Israel it will just be another sign that the UN is little more than a worthless talking shop that is used by the veto holding permanent members of the Security Council to give legitimacy to their own desires for war and conquest, such as Iraq and most recently with Libya. Whilst at the same time using it to prevent the legitimate aspirations of other nations to come to fruition.

Russia and China use their veto to block anything the USA, UK and France might want and the Western nations do the same. This usually means that no consensus is ever achieved and nothing of significance is ever accomplished at security council meetings.

Therefore it will be no surprise at all to see the USA once again show the world it’s hypocritical true nature when it blocks any Palestinian motion for statehood.

The UN has been an abject failure since it’s inception however nothing blots the UN and everything it stands for than the Israeli, Palestinian conflict.

As well as the endless negotiations that lead nowhere, we endure the hypocritical actions of countries like Libya and Iran that use UN bodies like the Human Rights Council to attack Israel for their human rights violations whilst at the same time real and significant violations of international law by Israel are constantly swept under the carpet with the US backing it up.

Personally I think the only logical solution to the conflict is to have a single democratic, non religious based country composing of both Israel and Palestine in which all people are treated equally whatever their religion or race.

There is nothing worse than right wing nationalistic governments that use fear of terrorism and the threat of constant war to keep their country together.

We can see this in Israel and we can see it growing in the USA.

We fought the Second World War to defeat fascism and afterwards we came together to give the world Human Rights, Conventions on future behaviour during wartime and the basis of international law which is supposed to be followed by all nations that comprise the United Nations.

Western guilt for the treatment of the Jews under Hitler led to the mistreatment of the Palestinian people and the creation of a new country on their land. Whilst the Balfour agreement specified both peoples were to live together equally the Israeli Zionists used terrorism to push out the British and then the Palestinians.

Future attempts by sympathetic Arab countries to reclaim the land ended in failure and in recent years the Israeli state has been propped up by bought and paid for US politicians and free military hardware, illegal assassinations and wars on their neighbours – all with the help of US puppet Arab dictators which held the peace together.

However times are a changing and Israel needs to look around and take note. The Arab Spring has shown that once the dictators are removed the people of the Middle East still support their Palestinian brothers and long term allies such as Egypt and Turkey are now barely on talking terms.

Not only is the Arab world showing its support for a Palestinian state but western nations also support the right of the Palestian people to rule themselves free from Israeli subjugation and humiliation.

The Mavi Marmara incident showed how much contempt Israel had for international law when it murdered Turkish and American peace activists trying to break the blockade of Gaza and then refused to apologise for their action.

This has recently been followed up by the killing of 5 Egyptian border guards following an attack on an Israeli border which led to the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cario and the evacuation of Israeli staff back home as hundreds of people attacked the building, knocking down walls, burning the Israeli flag and causing an international incident that once again showed how isolated Israel is becoming in the region.

Therefore whatever happens tomorrow it is clear from poll after poll as well as the streets of the Middle East and many Western cities that the vast majority of the world support an end to the Palestinian occupation and oppression. Not only this but most people want a permanent end to the violence both Palestinians and Israeli’s have suffered from their feud since the creation of Israel over 50 years ago.

Israel was created by the UN because of our guilt after the second World War and there is no logical reason the UN cannot help create a Palestinian state.

It is certainly time we felt guilty for turning our back on the Palestinian people for so long and maybe we should think about the debt we owe them tomorrow when any vote is cast.

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  1. danny says

    Israel is full of mentalist meideval nutters! and the US is full of greedy ready to lynch nutters and the world has sleep walked in to a situation where we have Jews and American evangelists whose religion believes in a nuclear holocaust and sitting on more of them than anyone else, can you see the picture being painted! US and Israel will have no guilt dropping nukes on ME, Far East or Europe because they have the belief it is prophecised by their respective gods! makes them much worse than some two bit terrorist barely capable of exiting their own country!

    • darkpolitricks says

      I agree with you and have wrote about this in a number of articles you might like including:

      What is even scarier for people like us is that we are often led by leaders who believe in such fantasies and who claim to communicate with our creator often using such glaring madness as reasons to go to war.

      I can only imagine what would have happened after 9.11 if the USA and UK were not led by George W Bush and Tony Blair, two Christians who thought they were following God’s desire by starting an endless war on a word “terror”.

      I only hope the next President of the USA is not of the same ilk, yet when I see some candidates such as Sarah Palin talk about Israel and God I have little faith in mankind making the correct choice at any polling booth (if our votes are actually counted at all).

      Thanks for commenting

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