Customers Arrested for Closing Accounts, Passersby “Kidnapped” by “Bank Police”


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

CitiBank of New York, one of the financial institutions targeted for “decapitalization” by American activists has gone rogue. This week, the La Guardia, New York branch of Citibank arrested 25 of its depositors who were in line to close their accounts. Despite statements to the contrary from the bank and NYPD working on a “cash/tax cheat” basis for the bank, there was no disturbance.

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Soon afterward, bank security guards, using full police powers went onto the streets and illegally detained observers and innocent passersby, pushing them into the bank and detaining them.

Illegal force was used, illegal arrest powers were used, bank security committed numerous felonies at the request of bank officials, including but not limited to illegal arrest and detention, kidnapping, assault, and a litany of civil crimes.

Another way of seeing this, of course, is as a “run on the bank,” a not unreasonable act based on the recent attempt by Bank of America and Merrill Lynch to collapse the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that theoretically guarantees Citibank deposits through attempts to transfer literally trillions of dollars in counterfeit securities from Merrill into federally guaranteed B of A accounts.

According to New York law, any person, be they “sworn” law enforcement or not, who attempts to detain another individual, causing them to move more than two feet, has committed the crime of kidnapping., also a federal crime.

In this case, a mix of bank employees and some off duty police, some of whom we have been told are no longer employed in law enforcement, “former police” for reasons unknown, were hired by the bank to attack customers attempting to recover their own funds in full accordance with city, state and federal law.

Failure to arrest bank officials and those involved in these crimes, which include a series of federal crimes, indicates at breakdown of law. It is the responsibility of the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, now accused by nearly half of congress with crimes tied to supplying weapons to Mexican drug cartels, to enforce Federal law in New York.

In fact, there is no law in New York.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has full authority on all premises that hold funds insured by the FDIC yet failed to respond as required.

Minimally, this is clear evidence of a total breakdown of civil authority within the United States, one of thousands of such incidents recently, where criminal acts are openly committed at the orders of financial institutions.

It is not unreasonable to assume that the NYPD, the New York Police Department is currently in a “state of rebellion” against the government of the United States

We request that National Guard troops under federal command be sent to New York to detain all police or security personnel who are operating illegally on behalf of financial institutions.

We further request that the Internal Revenue Service audit all New York Police officers who are working for banks, making certain that payments being made are from accounts that are legal and including withholding taxes, something we are led to believe is not happening.


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