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Is the assassination of al-Awlaki the final nail in the coffin for America?

By Dark Politricks

So the USA has finally gone and done it.

They have joined the likes of countries that they have denounced and even fought against over the years. Countries such as the Soviet Union, Libya, East Germany and many others who carried out extra judicial executions on their own citizens.

For all those people cheering the death of Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen by a done strike as something to be cheerful about I would say that you are an idiot and in all likelihood you have no conception of the enormity of the event that has just occurred in your countries name.

The USA has now executed one of it’s own citizens without any form of due process.

They have killed a US citizen abroad without any attempt at capture, imprisonment and trial and now that a precedent has been set – under a supposedly democratic president – the scope of these killings will only continue.

You might not like al-Awlaki, you might despise the things he says but investigate reporters and intelligence specialists have gone on record to state that he was not the head of al-Qaeda in Yemen as the lame stream media keep parroting.

In fact he wasn’t even a middle man in the loose confederation of like minded opponents to US and Israeli foreign policy who call themselves (or usually others call them) al-Qaeda and his status as “chief of external operations” for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula only came after his death by drone strike.

Even though the media like to think otherwise, he hasn’t been directly linked to any terrorist attack, and any claims to the contrary have yet to be proven. If evidence actually existed that linked this US citizen to terrorism and criminal organisations then there would have been no reason not to capture him for trial and punishment.

US Special forces are stationed all over the globe and as we supposedly saw with the attack in Abbottabad, Pakistan when Bin Laden supposedly died. The US government has no problem at all entering other countries airspace with or without jurisdiction and carrying out snatch n grab or as we are getting used to “hits” on their enemies.

Therefore in light of the lack of firm proof we should err on the side of caution because we all know where faulty intelligence gets us don’t we i.e war in Iraq, and probably coming soon Iran.

No despite all the unnamed sources claiming otherwise al-Awlaki was just someone who went on YouTube and spouted off now and then. Freedom of speech? Not if it goes outside the boundaries of what your POTUS wants you to think about.

We all know after 9.11 that he was outspoken about the attacks, denouncing them and even being invited to Government meetings – even dining at the Pentagon – before becoming disillusioned with the US response to the attack and moving to Yemen.

Therefore to claim that some major al-Qaeda terrorist has been slain by a righteous US automated fist in the sky is disingenuous at the least especially after we just helped arm them so that they could overthrow the Libyan government.

If he was a radical it was because he, like many other Americans, saw the US war on terror as nothing more than a land and resource grab that killed thousands of innocent Muslims and did nothing for American safety apart from creating a police state at home. He may have been classified as an enemy but he was still an American citizen.

His death is the final nail in the coffin of a free America as his murder is a sign that the US has moved that final step we had all feared into the realms of “the missing”, Cheney’s death squads and the President as the ultimate decider on who lives and dies.

We all know that the US Police have been shooting poor blacks and other ethnic people in the back on train station platforms for years and your great free country doesn’t mind the slightest if it’s ally and paymaster Israel executes you in full view of cameras on the high seas, with multiple shots to the head and back as you lie helpless on the floor. This has been the norm for some time now.

However I wonder if the outcry about al-Awlaki’s execution would be any different if he was white and was named Joe Six Pack Anderson instead.

What if he hadn’t of been spouting off about the war on Muslims but instead been attacking the TSA for groping his kid at an airport or demanding that the FED be audited?

What if he was just an American who had lost his job due to the financial meltdown and had been protesting on Wall St about the massive robbery being committed daily by US banksters on the Middle Class.

What if he were a Ron Paul supporting, gun owning, liberty loving good old American who just wanted to live in a country that wasn’t permanently at war and who was vehemently against the fact that his country was planning to use similar automated killing machine drones at home.

You might not have liked al-Awlaki or agreed with anything he said but in the light of any evidence to the contrary he shouldn’t have been executed without due process.

As an American citizen abroad he surely should have been accorded the same rights as an US citizen whether or not he was Muslim and against US foreign policy.

If he was involved in al-Qaeda in anyway, he should have been captured alive and then tried in a court of law before being convicted if the proof was beyond reasonable doubt. That is how supposedly democratic liberal nations handle their citizens when they break the law. They do not execute them on demand. We leave that sort of behaviour to countries like North Korea.

Just try to look past the Muslim sounding name and see the fact that an American citizen has just been killed on the President’s say so due to his political belief’s. If that doesn’t scare you in the slightest then I can only imagine the sort of FOX News watching and believing, ignoramus you most certainly are.


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4 Responses

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  1. Bill McKay says

    I couldn’t agree mire.
    It’s a sad sign of our countries decline from home of the free to home of the oppressed, where a mans political beliefs – no matter how abundant – can lead to his death.
    How many people in the USA hate our foreign policy – millions.
    How many have the balls to stand up to our ever increasing police state – not enough.
    Therefore any American citizen killed by his own country outside our supposed justice system is something we should mourn no matter how much we disagree with his views.
    I can only agree with the author in his assumption that if he had been a White Christian the reaction by our media would be on a different level together. We are all hypocrites and bigots for staying silent as our goverment starts a Stalinist pogrom against critics of it’s foreign policy.

  2. Christopher Sellars says

    Spot on old mate !!!

  3. darkpolitricks says

    Thanks for your comments.

    We all know this has been going on behind the scenes for years it’s a shame the US has decided to make killing it’s own citizens a standard policy.

    I cannot see how any Republican president would revert this change apart from maybe a constitutionalist like Ron Paul and for a Nobel Peace prize winning, Democrat, Son of God (or Satan depending on your religious / political belief) to carry out and extend Cheney’s death squad operations and make it US policy is more than just a shame it’s a key point in the USA’s history.

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