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Balkanization of Protest – Part 3: Generation Gripe

Balkanization of Protest – Part 3: Generation Gripe

Implausible Endeavors LLC
Singleness Of Purpose
21st October 2011

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Larus Occidentalis: adult and juvenile tug-o-war over ground squirrel
Larus Occidentalis: adult and juvenile tug-o-war over ground squirrel


Along with the world-famous Broken System, it’s the talk of the town.  In fact, the two-party stranglehold is the talk of the town THE SAME WAY the Broken System is talk of the town.

ALL talk . . . no DO.

The two-party stranglehold ABIDES, same as The System abides. Democrats may and do fight like siblings among THEMSELVES.  Republicans may and do fight like siblings among THEMSELVES.  Democrats and Republicans may and DO fight each OTHER like Hatfields and McCoys.

But Republicans and Democrats do NOT fight the two-party stranglehold.  On the contrary, they are overtly and covertly and fiercely UNITED in protecting their best interests.

Not so, Protesters.

Protests, for starters, are not INTENDED to abide.  They are intended to ACCOMPLISH something.  People With Power DO something or they QUIT doing something, which is to say they MEET DEMANDS, and the Protest ceases with its cause.  Or People With Power REFUSE to meet demands and quash the Protest.

Or People With Power EFFECTIVELY refuse to meet demands by condemning demands and Protesters alike to the life-cycle of Novelty News, and the Protest runs out of steam like a Plaintiff against Deep Pockets.

Or People With Power don’t HAVE TO meet demands, because Protesters squabble and the Protest implode.

People With Power HAVE power because they’re BETTER at this game than Protesters are.

People With Power are SKILLED sowers of discord and fanners of flames.  DISAGREEMENT is to The System as OIL is to The Automobile.

In the Balkanization of Protest, the renowned Generation Gap is inflamed into the GENERATION GRIPE: Young & Able VERSUS Old & Infirm.

A point of uber-contention between people with LOTS of life experience and people with LITTLE life experience is Social Security.

I ask, WHO is opposed to a secure society?  People who are compelled to pay for OTHERS’s security when they themselves are INSECURE, that’s who.  And the Skinflints & Heartless who don’t care about anyone, but we don’t care about them right back.

Besides, complaining about Government is part of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST schtick that resonates so well with the Young & Able.  Most people are NEVER satisfied, that should be clear.  TAXES TO CARRY THE DEAD WEIGHT OF THE DISABLED is as good as any other axe for Skinflints & Hard Hearts to grind.

It is the ever-INCREASING weight of Non Producers and the ever-increasing obviousness of Waste, Incompetence and Corruption that have sent even compassionate and generous people to the mattresses.


In a new AARP commercial, a strident-sounding Spokesman for a group of serious-looking Seniors warns Congress they WILL be voting in November.  Whereas Young ‘Uns might have something come up, those Seniors absolutely WILL go to the polls.  BANKABLE votes.  Of course, what ELSE do many of them have to do?  Look at the calendar of a handful of Octogenarians to verify that DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS are the mainstay.

COME BACK IN THREE WEEKS joins conversational standbys like HOW ARE YOU and HAVE A NICE DAY.  People are living longer; more and more treatments are devised, and health-care is ALREADY unaffordable.

Young ‘Uns don’t want to be saddled with all that expense, and never a more rational thought was entertained.  Commoners can’t afford their OWN health-care, much less that of a Senior population that is, even as I type, exploding with retiring Baby Boomers.

Able-Bodied of a certain TYPE have always resented and WILL always resent paying for the DIS-abled.  That’s THAT…people are unfailingly human.  But in ordinary times, even Skinflints and Heartless begrudgingly pony up for Disability, same as childless folk pony up for Education and people who don’t smoke or barbecue or have a fireplace or set off fireworks or leave Christmas lights plugged in SUCK UP higher premiums that are DIRECTLY traceable to mishaps and mischief of Smokers and Partiers and Fire Starters of assorted intent.

Complaining about Government is part of the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST schtick that resonates so well with the Young & Able-Bodied.  The decisive majority of people is NEVER satisfied, that should be clear.  TAXES TO CARRY THE DEAD WEIGHT OF THE DISABLED is as good as any other ax for Skinflints & Heartless to grind.

I invite MISERS and HARD HEARTS to revisit the hard right meme of the notorious Sixties: AMERICA: LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. If the false dichotomy FITS, goose-step to it.  Americans have validated and RE-validated the concept of SOCIAL SECURITY.  Americans have demonstrated and RE-demonstrated compassion and generosity toward genuinely Needy.

If you don’t like that, find yerself a JUNGLE and have at it.  We’ll stand advised that Trespassers will be shot, and Survivors shot again.

The flip side of TOUGH TITTY TO HARD HEARTS is TOUGH TITTY TO BLEEDING HEARTS.  Genuine needs are few.  It’s a real piece o’ work who will think GENUINE Needy should be as left to fend for themselves, but LOTSA people resent Receivers when caring for them further reduces quality of life and further increases fresh vulnerability of Givers.

FIRST DO NO HARM is paralleled by FIRST PICK LOW-HANGING FRUIT.  Rigorous elimination of FRAUD & INEFFICIENCY precedes any reduction of “Entitlements”.

Speaking of “Entitlements,” can we agree that paying OUT here-ya-go freebie #Welfare is NOT the same thing as paying BACK good-faith (also compulsory) contributions?  Can we agree that CUTTING EXPENSES is not the same thing as BREAKING PROMISES?

Yeah yeah, I’ve heard hard right Republicans tout a “transition period” to ween people from reliance on Safety Net, allowing Young & Able to “opt out” in the meantime.

REALITY CHECK:  Stipulated Government is a Murphy’s Law proposition.  That said, WHAT, non-Officials NEVER screw up?  It couldn’t happen that a generation of Opt Out’s ALSO gets led astray financially and “finds itself” up shit creek without a paddle in ITS most vulnerable years?

Yeah yeah, I’ve heard SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST folk declare they will NOT prevail upon Government/Society if THEY are ever face ruination (which they WON’T, ‘cuz they are Uber Clever).

Really?  Bear in mind, we’re talking about the FUTURE.  What happens when it isn’t “just” them facing financial ruin, but their KID facing certain death?  ‘Cuz I am here to remind Wishful Thinkers that literally not one in a million will save/invest well enough to pay for, say, Childhood Leukemia out of pocket.

Young & Able are NOTORIOUS for imagining INVINCIBILITY.  They also crowd the statistics of those who leave this temporal existence WRAPPED AROUND TELEPHONE POLES.

SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST Tough Guys are like the STEP OVER DISABLED Hard Hearts — too few to worry about, so long as ya don’t poke ‘em with hot sticks.  They’re too busy ruggedly and individually hewing existences outta whatever’s at hand and they have too much contempt for City Slickers to meddle in politics, SO LONG AS YA DON’T POKE ‘EM WITH HOT STICKS.

#SocialSecurity and #Medicare are good things.

Poor Planning, Mismanagement, Bad Faith, Fraud, PEOPLE PLEASING AND VOTE BUYING are bad.  If we’re gonna throw out babies with bathwater, VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS.

Dismantling programs before retiring incompetent Officials AND BANNING CORRUPT OFFICIALS from Public Service is like closing schools before retiring crappy Teachers and firing corrupt Administrators.

There is altruism and there is opportunism, and ALWAYS the twain shall meet.  LOOK AROUND to see the demoralization and distrust that breed like rabbits once Law Abiders can see that Lawmakers are above the Law.

The GENERATION GRIPE also manifests starkly as Booze & Pills VERSUS Marijuana.

Mind, since the rules for getting PAID are quite different ‘twixt REAL Journalists and #CitizenJournalists, it stands to Reason that rules of protocol will vary somewhat.  Even so, I can’t NOT internalize recent criticism by Jill Abramson of the New York Times, about needlessly over-long stories.

Stephen King, in his book on writing, entitled succinctly On Writing:  “Kill your darlings.”

Suffice it to say:

  • Americans are SPENDING fortunes to capriciously criminalize Marijuana, and Americans are FOREGOING fortunes by capriciously criminalizing Marijuana.
  • Anyone who has actually been high and actually been drunk AND IS NOT INVESTED IN BIG BOOZE, BIG PILLS, BIG LEGAL OR BIG INCARCERATION will attest that Alcohol is MUCH more “cunning, baffling and powerful” than Marijuana.
  • Hemp is an Emerging Market, and “we” are missing the boat because Profiteers & Prudes are hell-bent on criminalizing #Marijuana while promoting, celebrating and otherwise CAPITALIZING on Alcohol.

In arguing for the logical, prudent and inevitable decriminalization of comparatively harmless Marijuana, I more often say SCREW JUSTICE, FOCUS ON ECONOMICS.

But as it pertains to the Young & Able VERSUS Old & Infirm division within the Ruled ‘n Abused VERSUS Ruled ‘n Abused division of the DIVIDE & CONQUER part of the BALKANIZATION OF PROTEST, I say put the truly startling economics on the back burner and take a gander at the SHEER HYPOCRISY.

Oldsters who wouldn’t live to next WEEK without cocktails of pharmaceuticals practically SPIT the term “Drug Addicts” while pinning them with blame for a cornucopia of ills.  I’d say THE POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK, ‘cept that’d be called RAAAAYCIST by goose-stepping Label Hurlers.

“The very height of irony” is hackneyed.  MANIFESTLY UNJUST manifestly does not move a critical mass.

Focus instead on the NAKED EMPEROR HYPOCRISY of people who wash down a wildly expensive, indeed unsustainable, Prescription Drug Plan with copious amounts of Serial Killer John Barley corn.

CHRISTIANS & JEWS versus NON BELIEVERS & ALL OTHER FAITHS being yet another don’t-look-over-HERE-look-over-THERE-divide-and-conquer false dichotomy, I shall perversely conclude on #ArabProverbs:

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

“Keep your friends close — hold your enemies closer.”

“Examine what is said, not who speaks.”

“A fool may be known by six things: anger without cause, speech without profit, change without progress, inquiry without object, putting trust in a stranger, and MISTAKING FOES FOR FRIENDS.”

Amen or should I say الله أكبر


copyright 2011 Implausible Endeavors LLC

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