Unbloodied, as I would remember him….

Don’t Like 9mm Justice in Your Livingroom?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gaddafi is dead and all we can do is talk about it. For every honest question, there are several “subsidized” hypocritical remarks from the shills and phonies who will be filling your email with commentary. Gaddafi and his Israeli/neocon buddies spread around alot of cash. Some who got paid off moved on quietly when it was time, others are making total asses of themselves.

I didn’t want to see Gaddafi arrested, killed or tried. However, I am an American and didn’t live under his rule for 42 years. Those who did, people I know of heroism and charcter, hated him.

He had to die, just like Saddam and bin Laden.


He died, whether the person who killed him knew it or not, because he knew too much. Gaddafi had something on everyone and had paid off politicians around the world for 42 years. He had also ordered the imprisonment and killing of tens of thousands of innocent people.

Others have done worse and continue to rule or run the planet free as a bird. As long as we all agree on this, we can remain civil.

I have a list sent me by rebel leaders of others who died with him. They are pleased and proud. They feel that a great tyrant was brought to justice.

Conveniently, whether they believe it or not, there are other celebrations also. We would believe, were we all morons, that the leftists and activists who ate lobster and drank Dom at those Tripoli hotels, who were on the payroll of the Libyan people, would be crying the loudest now.

Yet we hear silence from so many. The money stopped after all. Then there were the others, those that were so easy to find when the moneytrail was followed, back to Tel Aviv, through Lebanon and into the bank accounts of so many “do gooders” and “charity” types.

Then there was Bush, Blair and Netanyahu, Gaddafi’s real partners, that and Fox and Cheney and David Welch.

So many wanted Gaddafi dead, dead and silenced.

Let me tell you a little story.

I got a story last night, 2AM from one of my writers, someone of prominence, who received it from a source at GlobalResearch.ca, a “progressive” Canadian organization that has failed my “sniff test.” Ah, the world we live in….

According to the story, Gaddafi’s forces had taken Tripoli last night and controlled most of Libya. They named city after city that had been taken by Gaddafi and that the NTC was ready to go into hiding.

Then I reached Libya. They told me they had Gaddafi trapped and were within 300 meters of him. One of our regular contributors was leading the forces in Sirte.

He is on some of the videos. We do not believe he shot Gaddafi.

Things we do know? We know what an execution is like, the brutality, we also are more clear about the lies around the staged death of Osama bin Laden. Is Gaddafi going to be flown out to an American aircraft carrier for what some believe to be a mandatory Islamic burial at sea?

Was Gaddafi a Muslim anyway?

Here is part of the unclassified note from Libya:

All of Libya now liberated. The tyrant, his “defence minister”, Abu-Bakr Yunis Jabir, and his son Mu’tasim (the one who spends $2m a month on European girlfriends and $2m to Beyonce to sing on his birthday) are all dead. Saif al-Islam reported wounded and under arrest. Chief torturers Abdallah al-Sanusi and Mansur Daw (recently returned from Niger) dead. No more resistance from mercenaries. It’s over.

We should know more about how he died. The BBC showed a live capture, Gaddafi pulled out of a sewage tunnel begging for his life. No, there is nothing wrong with wanting to live, no dishonor at all.

Killing him was probably the right thing, a decision I might have made were I a Libyan and there. I would not have enjoyed it. I have killed before, many of us have. Welcome to that world.

As an intelligence source, bin Laden was a thousand times more valuable and a hundred times less threatening and Americans, supposedly, murdered him, unarmed and alone.

Gaddafi had much to tell and I wanted to know all of it. I am old and weak, I would have let him and the monsters around him live. None of “mine” were murdered or raped by Gaddafi and his friends.

Reality check.

I get to talk to national leaders now and then. I will be kind and call it a privilege. It is not.

Those unable to be ruthless will fail, I tell them that. Gaddafi was ruthless and that ruthlessness was important at one time.

He was just another of the Cold War centerists, those who played right against left. When the Cold War ended all Gaddafi could do is sit and stew in Tripoli, stew on his plots, manipulating tribe against tribe, playing with his gangster unions and his fawning adherents who spent Libya’s billions in the whore houses of the world.

His dependable old allies, South Africa, gone, Israel, still around, still ready to follow the cash wherever it lead. This left him the corrupt oligarchs of Sub-Saharan Africa and their African Union. There he elected himself “bwana Gaddafi” and lorded over his dark skinned friends, passing out money and privilege to the most corrupt of Africa’s most corrupt.

Spun on a website by a paid shill to those who don’t know better, Gaddafi could be a hero. In reality, of course, he became increasingly insane, increasingly brutal and increasinly obvious.

His bought and paid for friends in Canada, America, Britain and wherever members of the pretend blogger press get together, when the wolf finally showed up at the door, portrayed him a hero, his billions spent on imaginary water projects that were centuries from completion, his free education his wonderful hospitals.

It took only 200 rebels to take Tripoli from his 50,000 man militia.

His body was dragged through the streets of Tripoli only 8 hours after the most reliable sources of the alternative press announced that he had regained control of the city.

What do we know? We are faily sure Gaddafi is dead. We have his death to compare with that of bin Laden, a real death with an imaginary one. This lesson is clear enough with those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

Of the NATO invasion, we know that those who spoke of it at length were liars and cheats.

Of those who spoke of last weeks conquest of Libya by Gaddafi, we can only recommend quality psychiatric help at a facility not run by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Moreover, for those who choose to play Gaddafi as a hero after it became know he had always worked for Israel and the CIA and his envoys had been with neocon David Welch on August 19th, 2011 in Cairo, a meeting verified by so many, we can only call those who choose to not know the truth, what can we call them?

Insane is too kind.

Dishonest is an understatement.

What can we say categorically?

For sure, those who supported Gaddafi against the Libyan people sided with a murdering tyrant against a people struggling to be free.

As for those who talk of NATO? France left NATO 50 years ago.

No NATO troops landed, no oil deals were needed, the neocons and Brits had sucked them down years ago.

All lies, all liars, cheats and liars, cheats and liars among us.

These same cheats and liars claim to support “us” on 9/11, on globalism, on ending wars and torture.

Perhaps everything they have always said has been a lie.

Seems reasonable to me.