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Is my God really better than your God?

By Dark Politricks

I don’t often write about religion, mainly because I don’t believe in organised religion.

I may have Church of England on my birth certificate but then I didn’t really have much say in that decision at the age of 0.

That’s not to say there isn’t something “out there” and maybe there is. I suspect what many scientific people call the big bang equates to what Deists believe is God starting the universe then leaving it up to itself to become what it may. Semantics.

A personal God that interacts with the human race however is something that holds no water with me. When I look around at evil people getting away with murder, war, rape, kids starving to death for no fault of their own, massive natural disasters and miracles that only happen in circumstances where probability had just a good a chance. And if the praying fails to deliver a miracle then it’s just a sign of some deeper meaning that we need to decipher to understand God’s will and intent. When people say that good always comes out of something bad to justify God’s abandonment then I know its all hokum.

Show me a Christian solider coming back from the Stan with no legs or arms who prays for a miracle and then God gives him back his limbs and I might just become a believer but until then the all knowing, all powerful God that can’t logically change his mind (either he isn’t omnipotent or he isn’t omniscient) stays in the same category as Santa and the Tooth Fairy for me.

However saying that, before my brain was rewired by too much Internet use I used to read books for fun. It is sad but unfortunately true that I believe the web has literally re-programmed my brain to my own detriment.

Instead of the linear though processes required to sit down and read a book from start to finish in one weekend. I now multi-task, flick between my two monitors that each have different items I am working on and most of all click on links within online articles as I read  never finishing the original piece at all.

When I used to read books for fun my main choice – after my days of rebellious youth in which a bookcase full to the brim of autobiographies of every famous gangster and criminal ever to have walked the planet attests to – was history and mainly religious history.

In fact I have probably read more books on the Christian faith, the history of the Church and Jesus, Israel, the Jewish Rebellion against Rome, the Knights Templars and Freemasons and religions links to Egyptian mythology than any other topic.

In fact I have so much religious history clogging my brain up that when I recently had two Jehovah Witnesses knock on my door trying to convert me with their usual patter of crushed watches being shook back together in a bag explaining evolution and intelligent design I utterly demolished them with facts about their own faith that they had no clue about.

They had no idea about the Council of Trent or Nicaea, the many books of the Bible that were discarded, the gospel of Thomas or Mary, the Jerusalem Church that carried on after Jesus’ death by his siblings including James the Just and the true meaning of the word messiah.

In fact I reckon most Christians don’t even realise that their whole faith is based around one mans interpretation of what he “thought” had happened to a man called Jesus many years ago i.e Saul / Paul.

This was the man who killed Christians as a job and then became leader of the Christian church despite the original Jerusalem Church‘s wishes. He took the word Messiah and twisted it beyond all recognition so that we know believe it to literally mean “the Son of God”.

But I babble too much.

What got me onto this topic was two things.

1. The recent Occupy London protests that have camped outside St Pauls Cathederal in their tent village. People wanted the protesters to leave claiming their protest was a fire hazzard and other health and safety issues as well as being unsightly and demeaning to the Church and their worshippers.

Real nonsensical stuff that made me thing what many others did “What would Jesus do?”.

As Gandhi famously said “If all Christians acted like Christ, the whole world would be Christian.”

The whole world isn’t Christian so what does that tell you.

2. Then there is the recent Republican primary campaign in which many of the contenders are trying to reach out to their evangelical Christian base.

I find it quite ironic that people who are so opposed to abortion and want to give embryos the same rights as people yet cheer and clap when people are murdered by the state in the most grusome way. What kind of Christian supports  a system where people like Troy Davies are constantly killed even when their guilt is in severe doubt.

Isn’t Christianity all about forgiveness and isn’t murder, whether or not it’s carried out by the state, a sin forbidden in the 10 commandments?

What kind of religious person, which many governors claim to be, try and outdo each other on the number of state executions they carry out.

What kind of person cheers on a live TV debate when the question of the number of people condemned to death by Rick Perry in Texas is brought up?

And what about abortion that divisive topic that some people are prepared to kill for?

Why is human life only important and worth saving at the point where a fetus is indistiguisbale in appearance from other mammals such as a dog or pig fetus but not when they are a fully grown man facing an electric chair or chemical injection and their guilt isn’t 110% proven.

At various stages throughout a pregnecy, fetuses have eyes on stalks, fish-like gills, tails, downy fur, distorted torsos, spindly legs, giant heads, and alien-looking faces. We don’t see many of these freakish features on pro-life advertisements and videos.

And what about all the wasted sperm and eggs that are discarded either accidentally or manually throughout the life of a person?

Sperm and eggs are actual living entities so why is the point of conception more important than before the two living entities merge?

Also up to 65% of all conceptions are spontaneously aborted in the first few days or weeks of a pregnancy, usually without the woman ever knowing she was pregnant and another 10 to 15% of pregnancies are miscarried in the months to come.

Should each miscariage, or spontaneous abortion be investigated by the Police in case the “fetal wastage” was caused by external factors such as a fall or knock. Should the woman be accused of murder in these cases and if not why not – after all the fetus is according to most Republican Presidential candidates a “human being” that should be accorded all the rights of you and me.

Now that would be ironic. A woman put on death row and executed by an inhumane method because she spontaneously aborted a fetus. It’s okay to kill the woman but not the bundle of cells that look like a [insert mammal of choice here].

If you are religious and believe we humans are special creatures bestowed with unique qualities that God has designed for us then why has he left so many mistakes in his creations and so many clues to his bad workmanship and design?

If we are an example of intelligent design I guess God must have been practising for something better to come.

Either that or he was in some sort of remedial human workshop class up in heaven when he designed the human body. There are too many mistakes to list but here are just a tiny fraction.

  1. Why is the main pleasure centres of the human body entwined with the sewage and waste department. Was this some kind of sick joke or was he just being economical with the body parts and trying to save space.
  2. Why did he design us with such large brains and skull sizes that mean that mothers giving birth have to go through excruciating, life-threatening pain during childbirth because of a womans small pelvis size that “is supposedly designed” to allow us to walk on two feet.
  3. Why did he make us with redundant body parts such as the four toes we have no need for or the Coccyx. We even have cases of babies being born with actual tails! Surely a malfunction in the well designed human body. And don’t give me any explanations of what use they have . Just because a body part had a use in the past and is still attached to us providing some kind of minimal benefit despite it’s original purpose having long evolved away does not make it useful.
  4. Why are so many babies through no fault of their own born with horrible defects, deformities, parasitic mini twins, diseases and short life expectancies.
  5. Etc, etc, etc

And if you are religious and believe we are the only special creatures that God loves in the universe then why has he given the whole planet a best before date of  5 billion years when the Sun dies.

Your God love’s us that much that he gave the whole race an expiration date?

And then there is the ultimate question for believers. What if you are wrong. What if you have picked the wrong God!

Knowing that your religion is basically just one mans interpretation of events that he had no part of (Saul > Paul). Why is it that you have taken his words over the local nutter on the bus or street corner who spends his weekend berating passers by about their sinfulness and the coming end times?

What makes one man’s delusions over two thousand years ago “real” whereas if I claimed to know of a man that lived decades before me, having never met him and declared him to be the Son of God certifiably insane. I would probably end up in the local mental ward if I did what Saul/Paul did all that time ago.

Why is your God the true God and all those other peoples Gods just falsehoods, cults and voodoo religions?

There have been literally hundreds of Gods over the years. Who is to say you are following the right one?

What if you die get to the pearly gates and then find out you have wasted your whole life by worshipping Yahweh instead of Zeus or Jupiter or even worse that multi armed Hindu God or even Allah. How gutted would you feel if you did miss out on 72 virgins due to your choice of ultimate creator.

I guess that this article is not really an attack on anyone’s beliefs, you are entitled to them. However when they start to inflict on my life and my choices as a logical independently minded individual then your religion does become a problem.

I certainly don’t want another evangelical President in the White House who believes the Middle East needs to be conquered because it’s God’s Will. Having religious leaders of the UK and USA at the same time adds up to double trouble as the last ten years can attest to in Iraq.

Personally I have had enough of self fulfilling prophecies and Zionism and the State of Israel are proof that people with enough power and a will to succeed can make any “prophecy” come true and then claim it to be a sign of God’s will.

I could go on and on all day but you all obviously have the internet so just do a search on Google for Atheism.

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