The drama being milked from the surprise Florida straw poll, that has Herman Cain on top, is just part of the medias attempt to create another phony conservative to pacify mentally challenged GOP voters. The rush for a “politically correct” challenger to Barry Soetoro and his debauchery of the presidency, knows no bounds. The silly season is in full swing, especially for those Republican Party loyalists in the sunshine state. As any rap brother from Liberty City knows, Herman Cain is an oreo. Such a slur only fuels the national divide, but the real segregate has nothing to do with the pigment of ones skin, but has everything to do with the cerebral gulf that separates rational thinking from emotional guilt repentance.


The prospects of a black on black presidential race cause multiple organisms in the liberal libido media. How great is it for a country that matures to a level where ethnic color is blind. Let the stark differences in the political ideology between Cain and Obama be the determining factor in casting your vote, so goes the script. Now those right-wingers have their own Frederick Douglass, just ask, Dennis Miller of Monday Night NFL fame. If you believe this trumped up scenario, you must be one of those golden oldies just waiting for your opportunity to vote with your Florida state cousins.


The truth about Herman Cain is that he shares many commonalities with Barack Hussein Obama. Both can deliver a stirring speech, both are establishment corporatist favored candidates, but the factor that ultimately bonds them together, is that each are beholden to their Wall Street masters.


Listen in his own words. Cain can spin the message but he cannot deny his complicity.


How many conservatives really know that Herman Cains tenure chairman (199596) of the board of directors to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, puts him squarely in opposition to genuine financial and tax reform? What makes this moneyman apologist worthy of all the attention? In a report – Herman Cain, the Federal Reserve shill cites,

“If you want the real headline today it would say, A star is born,” Matt Towery, the conservative syndicated columnist and CEO of the nonpartisan InsiderAdvantage polling firm, told Newsmax Friday.

Only one of the 29-member focus group initially was a Cain supporter. By evenings end, however, the former CEO of Godfathers Pizza, who also served as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, had won an overwhelming majority among those on Luntzs focus group.

“I have never had this kind of reaction until tonight,” said Luntz. “Something very special happened this evening.”

Oh golly, is NeoCon Bobby Eberle, Texas Republican Party insider and publisher of GOPusa jumping ship? He writes in Is Cain’s Victory a ‘Protest Vote’?

“Before Rick Perry entered the race, people asked me what I thought about his candidacy. Without hesitation, I told each person who asked that if Perry ran, it would be a “game changer.” It was. Perry vaulted to the top of the polls. He instantly become the front runner. The real question is… why? The answer is because conservatives were looking at the field and could not find “their candidate.” Some who wanted an alternative to Romney focused on Michele Bachmann. But when Perry entered, that focus and attention shifted to him. He was now the choice of conservatives.

Game over, right? Wrong. With each passing debate, people are realizing that this race is still wide open. Because of some very poor advice on message and delivery, Perry has stumbled. Conservatives are having a real problem with his stances on some of the issues. So then comes the Florida straw poll. Now, if any of the top candidates were truly strong, then he or she would have won the poll even without massive campaigning. The problem lies in the fact that conservatives are once again scratching their heads and wondering what is going on with the top of the field.

If “none of the above” can win a poll, it means that people like Perry and Romney need to do a better job on the issues. It also means that “none of the above” represents a sizable block of voters who want someone who represents them. But most importantly, “none of the above” gives people an opportunity to hear more about a no-nonsense, conservative. “None of the above” now has a name, and his name is Herman Cain.”

No, the nonsense from Eberle* is just another example of the establishment covering their bets. Cain is a bankster wearing a corporate logo and talking a counterfeit conservative jive. His presence on the national scene is often claimed as refreshing. Such characterizations are balderdash. He is not a traditional hard right populist and he certainly does not qualify as a radicalreactionary.





Even the Classic Liberal in an article, The Mysterious Herman Cain, registers concerns. “We also know that Herman Cain . . . backed the Wall Street bailout in 2008 (which he called the “recovery plan”), advocated nationalizing the banks, slammed opponents of these programs (the majority of Americans) as “free market purists,” and agitated against an audit of the Federal Reserve.”

“We Mocked Soviet Central Planning; Why Not Mock Americas Central Planning?”

‘Does anyone remember when people in this country used to mock Soviet central planning?’ Well, central economic planning is what we have with the Federal Reserve.

Because of the Feds official policy to erode the value of our money, combined with its policy of holding interest rates to near zero, we receive almost no return on whatever money we manage to save.

Government loves inflation because inflation rewards borrowers, and the US government is the worlds largest borrower … Inflation rewards them because they are able to repay their borrowed money with cheaper money.

The Feds manipulations and money printing are harming the nation and the world.”





So is Herman Cain the newest champion of the conservative cause? Well, you had better rethink such an illusion. His 2005 book titled, They Think You’re Stupid, is a Freudian slip if there ever was one. In an interview with The Root, a Black publication, Cain states,

“TR: How do you plan to take your message to black voters and convince them that the Republican agenda is good for them?

HC: First of all, I have a conservative agenda that is resonating with some Republicans. I separate the label of “Republican” from “conservative.” I will run as a Republican in order to get the Republican nomination, but I am a conservative — I have conservative ideological positions, and my ideas for dealing with problems come from a conservative approach.”

Here lies the essential deception of the Cain rhetoric. A true conservative understands the root cause of our countries financial demise; namely, the fraudulent private central bank. If one defends fractional reserve banking and the proliferation of central planning under the auspicious and control of plutocrats, you cannot be an authentic conservative.

They think you are stupid for a very good reason. Most people are brainless dimwits. Those Republican Party stalwarts that swallow the feel good distortion of the Cain privileged version of “common sense”, only hear what they yearn for and ignore the actual record of his servitude to the corporate plantation. When focus groups or straw polls eat up the Oreo cookies from an Uncle Tom pitchman, they demonstrate the extent of their own stupidity.





Just view the typical Frank Lutz focus group and hear the extent of the brainwashing culture, from selected voting zombies, in their own lips. Their aspirations for real reform are not misguided, but their trust in another slick empty suit is unforgivable. Politics is not a spectator sport; it is blood drenched and tear shedding combat. There is nothing fair in this life nor few things easy about surviving the political shenanigans, all designed to protect the corrupt establishment. People need to internalize a default distrust of any public figure that spreads a populist platform, while serving the fascist corporate government alliance. When your neighbor professes support for a mild modification of the current system, they are proving that Cains book is aptly titled.

As a Federal Reserve colleague, Herman Cain knows exactly what he is doing. Obviously, those who voted for him, in the straw poll, (if you can believe the count results) do not. Those who support him for the GOP presidential nomination are ready to vote their own financial future and eternal liberty away.

The site Black and White asks: Who Will Be the First To “Uncle TomHerman Cain? It goes on to say, “As we all know, black conservatives are the last group where intolerant attacks are encouraged and justified by the PC left. Should Herman Cains presidential campaign gather some serious momentum, the lefts true feelings will come out.Well, BATR is a Radical Reactionary paleo-conservative publication and is glad to claim the honor of dispelling the 9-9-9 attempt to slip in a national sales tax.

SARTRE October 2, 2011

*Note that SARTRE Commentary appeared on GOPusa when the site started publication, and all ties were severed when the Neoconservative ideology was revealed.


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