Seasonality tells us that statistically the months from the end of October through the end of April are in fact the best months of the year for investing while the six months from May through October (the sell in May and go away strategy), are the worst but is there any validity to what s sometimes known as the Halloween indicator? [Let’s take a look.] Words: 460 Continue to read…


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There is more than enough reason to believe that U.S. stocks are in a bear market regardless of what percentage drop has taken place. [Let’s take a look at stock momentum, various moving averages, volatility and certain technical indicators to see what they have to say in this regard.] Words: 700

Can markets find the road back to positive territory? [There are] three reasons investors should consider [before deciding whether to] remain in equities or sit on the sidelines, [namely that:] investor sentiment is signaling the market is over-extended to the downside, stocks are trading well below historical valuation trends and the’sS&P 500 dividend yields are higher than the 10-year Treasury yield. [Let s take a look at each of the three to help you come to a decision. Words: 960