Local commander has abducted Jabbar Sabet:

A local commander belonging to Hezb-e-Islami has probably taken Abdul Jabbar Sabet to Tangi Wardak some 60 kilometer west of Kabul, Kabul police crime chief, Mohammad Zaher told Veterans to day Reporter

Former attorney general, Abdul Jabbar Sabet was abducted in by a group of unknown armed men his villa in Chahar Asya district of Kabul on Thursday.

As our update information shows, Sabet is kept in the villages between Logar and Wardak provinces where Commander Vazir has fully control, Zaher said, assuring that Sabet s condition will be clarified in two days.

Meanwhile, Wahidullah a relative of Sabet says he witnessed the abduction of the former attorney general and saw the abductors took him toward Wardak