There was a time when one could justify the existence of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), especially in light of that vile murderous “multiculturalist” sewer that was funded, in part, by Jakob Schiff; that sewer was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). But justification today?

Claudio Bisogniero, the current Deputy Secretary General of NATO, has ranted regarding the planning of collective defense. You can observe his ramblings here:

The operative word is, of course, defense. These days, defense from what? A Libyan invasion of Europe? Libyan withdrawal from the world monetary system; a criminal syndicate that is forcibly maintained by the Moneychangers? Libyan attacks against the zionist state? Or is Mr. Bisogniero referring to defending us against Libyan resistance to the spreading of democracy ala Iraq?

Perhaps Mr. Bisogniero, and his Moneychanger lackey counterparts currently residing in Washington, Paris, London and Tel Aviv, were referring to the aggression and dangers posed against NATO by the Libyan children shown in the following video (WARNING: Extremely realistic):

We should note that the Moneychanger lacky, the informed founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange, somehow just cannot bring himself to openly identify and declare who exactly (at least in terms of well-known heritage, history and culture) is now running the superpowers in the United States and Europe (and therefore NATO). Why is that Mr. Assange? Is an answer to that question not the true issue; an issue that a gatekeeper like Assange is paid to avoid?

Is it not the least bit ironic that Assange would be babbling about the “problems” of Muammar Gaddafi while on Russian televison; Russia, a land once brutalized by the very same well-known heritage, history and culture? Perhaps we should ask Assange s boss Rupert Murdoch. I am confident that the children depicted in the second video above will one day know that answer to the ‘true issue’ question.

Part of the answer to my ‘true issue’ question can be found here; a list that needs to include Bisogniero, Assange and Murdoch, as these also represent The company that we keep.