by Zabi Rashidi


President Karzai ordered the election commission to reassess protester MP, Simin Barakzai s election evidences, asking her to appoint representatives for the oversight.

After the doctors called Ms. Barakzai s health condition critical, the president in a telephonic conversation with the parliament speaker, Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi, asked him to convoy his message to Ms. Barakzai.

The Herat MP, Simin Barakzai went to hunger strike after the election commission disqualified her with her eight other colleagues in the charge of fraud.

She is now in hunger strike and her doctors announce her health condition critical.

Ms. Barakzai in her testament called President Karzai, vice president Qasim Fahim, head of election commission, Fazl Ahmad Manavi and the parliament speaker, Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi the responsible of her probable dearth.

Meanwhile, minister for parliamentarian affairs, Homayun Azizi told the reporters that based on President Karzai s order, the relevant organs such as the parliament, the Free and Fair Election Foundation in Afghanistan (FEFA), the human rights committee and the civil society to introduce their representatives for the open reassessment of Ms. Barakzai s electoral files.

Mohammad Reza Khoshak Watandost the representative of Herat province in the parliament criticized the government for inattention to Barakzai s condition in her 11th day of hunger strike, saying that human s life is valueless in this country (Afghanistan).

He added that the government is waiting for Baraskzai s death, otherwise it would have certainly taken some steps to stop her hunger strike.

Badakhshan MP, Fauzia Kufi expressed support of Barakzai s hunger strike and said that is her legal right to struggle for gaining her rights.

Kabul MP, Shokria Barakzai accused the head of the election commission for betrayal, asking for his trial.

She added that he should respond to any steps he has done in which has hurt the election commission.

Niloofar Ibrahimi the PM from Badakhshan, a number of the civil society members and university students went to hunger strike in support of Ms. Barakzai.