Rothschild Estate in Buckinghamshire where Gaddafi's were entertained

Max Kaiser Talks About Gaddafi’s Strange Bedfellows


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

First, I want to thank financial reporter Max Kaiser for his strong words on Financial Terrorism. According to Kaiser, assassination orders are out on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the heads of key financial institutions, placed there by the new government of Libya.

However, the the process of what I see as an excellent presentation of many of the facts, Kaiser does avoid one or two “third rail” issues. First the video:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

As I am being threatened with ranking at or above the highest levels of “mainstream media,” I am pressured to shy away from ever using the words “Jew” or “Zionist.” I had been unaware that those “in power” had recognized in me the potential for such duplicity and weakness. Perhaps I am being groomed for greatness, who knows?

However, when looking at the decision making of Colonel Gaddafi, who managed to misplace over a trillion dollars, his considerations were filled with those words, albeit privately. That mysterious state, so often expressed under the misnomer as “the only democracy in the Middle East,” ancestoral homeland of Gaddafi’s mother and, under some theories, his Rothschild business associates, is not, in actuality, the subject of this piece.

Can “Israel,” itself be a distraction? We wonder.

Max has the right folks named, Tony Blair included, an absolute must, Max discussed solutions I see as realistic but which I must disapprove of. I will not advocate the just killing of those who, in actuality deserve much worse than just death itself.

After all, I am not a terrorist. They are terrorists, Max says that over and over and very rightly so.

Max might mention, however, that Mr. Gaddafi placed the wealth of Libya, wealth he considered his own far more than he considered it the wealth of a nation itself, in the hands of those he referred to as the “Zionist enemy” or worse. He did this for reasons.

What reasons you might ask?

He thought it made him safe. He thought he would benefit from the financial terrorism of those he saw as partners.

Was Gaddafi betrayed by those partners?

The probability is yes. Superficially, Israel stayed loyal, provided weapons, mercenaries, rented him their most despicable assets, the American neocons and the phony antizionists of the American “left” as his defenders.

Where Max avoided the “3rd rail” is failing to mention that Libya’s money was stolen, not recently but rather years ago.

The theft of Libya’s funds, or what appeared to be the theft of Libya’s funds did not seem to negatively impact the private fortunes of Gaddafi himself. Was he fully complicit in robbing Libya blind?


Were one to examine his personal relationships, investment patterns, his contract awards and statements, I think we can call this one a “slam dunk.”

Sadly, years after the robbery, the delusional and the hypocritical are now screaming out warnings to the Libyan people. What should those warnings be?

“Look out, Colonel Gaddafi is going to give your money to what he terms “Zionist bankers” who he believes will help him run his despotic state and protect him from the avarice and insanity of the Bush family, Dick Cheney and their “monkeyboy,” Tony Blair.

You won’t be reading this or hearing it.

Instead, you will be getting warnings about oil companies or “NATO” from a mishmash of gatekeepers, disinformationalists and cranks.

When Gaddafi was facing death, despite having his assets siezed, he was a billionaire, maybe even a trillionaire, with easy access to accounts, cash, gold, anything, through his closest friends, the people who our conspiratorial associates have told us run the world and have done so for many years.

Will Libya dip into its coffers and call up certain companies in South Africa and elsewhere who have wonderfully trained former SAS commandos capable to helping them recover their missing funds?

Funny thing, Americans are in the streets today demanding the exact same financial institutions return their money as well.

What Max doesn’t say is that for years after Libya’s money was stolen, Colonel Gaddafi, not only remained silent but remained the best of friends with those who drank Libya dry.

What does this prove?


Not much. It means that a group of “half baked” bloggers are, as is so often the case, talking out the wrong orafice again, one they seem to use so much more often than the more appropriate one. It doesn’t matter, the output from one is indistinguishable from the output of the other.

Three days ago, it was reported that Gaddafi was in Tripoli, having taken control of the city.

Two months ago, we were assured that the Rebels, now the recognized government, were led by Al Qaeda. Mrs. Clinton met with them this week.

Russian “bigwig,” Vladamir Putin, world power-broker extraordinaire, condemns NATO for Gaddafi’s killing. A minor aside, sources in Israel claim Russia is shipping planeloads of non-Jew settlers to Israel, most moving to the West Bank. “Highly placed sources” say that Israel is aligning with Russia out of fear of eventually being subjected to a backlash of hostility from America.

We know that Israel is moving toward Russia, and doing it in a big way.

We know American conservatives are turning on Israel and American Jews as well. This is simply a reemergence of longtime hatreds, part of the racism and ignorance of the that coalition of country club types and “Elmer Gantry” rubes.

As for Gaddafi, this man knew so much. Again, we blow a huge crater in our history, one that will be filled with lies.