by Zabi Rashidi


Balkh Governor, Ata Mohammad Noor Monday in a joint news conference with U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker told reporters that he would undertake the responsibility for Jamia-e-Islami leadership if required.

He said the leadership for previously late Prof. Rabbanis led party would be handed over to his son in the next couple of months, but the congress of Jamiat would be held in the near future to appoint the leadership for another long term future.

He said also said about Ahmad Zia Masoud and Hajj Mohammad Mohaqqeq his stubborn rivals that they had formed a new coalition, but give not details.

Meanwhile, U.S. ambassador, Ryan Crocker also reported his countrys pledge to continue peace talks with the Afghan government armed oppositions, but didnt reject military pressure on the rebels.

He also confirmed the recent Afghan presidents remarks on holding negotiation with the Pakistan instead of Taliban militantsan assertion highly stimulated Pak leadership anger.

Afghan President, Hamid Karzai had summoned a conference of Jehadi figures, politicians, both houses speakers and ulema council members discussing peace talks and insisting to hold it with the Pakistani leadership.

We made ample efforts to specify the hideouts of key Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, but couldnt succeed. Now we are planned to hold negotiation with Pakistan, he said blaming the armed Taliban for having no authority to take decision and the Pakistani ISI to back the Afghan government armed circles.

The decision by the Afghan leadership comes after High Peace Council (HPC) Chief and Ex-Afghan President, Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani was killed in a suicide attempt in his residence in Kabulan incident for which the Haqqani network was charged to be involved.