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9 Ways The Hijacked Federal Government Is Waging War Against The American People

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
November 10, 2011

“The minute we fell for 9/11 we signed our doom,” said Paul Craig Roberts on the Alex Jones Show on November 9, 2011.

Alex responded, “9/11 is America’s death warrant.”

In the ten years since 9/11, America has been turned into a third world police state with a large underclass, a rapidly declining middle class, and a plutocracy that has broken its economic, political and emotional ties with America.

America’s traitorous political establishment has abandoned ship. They are treating America like a dump. Instead of building new bridges and creating jobs at home, they are shipping jobs overseas and forcing millions of Americans to beg for a piece of meat.

Even the body parts of American war heroes are discarded in landfillsites. That act is symbolic of the fact that the new world order traitors in Washington think of the American people as garbage and dirt.

On 9/11, the new world order traitors declared war on America and humanity.

So far, they have carried out the war from behind the scenes, in the shadows, inside the heart of government, while posing as America’s protectors. But that could change any day because the police state infrastructure that they have constructed in the last three decades in the guise of fighting terrorism and stopping the flow of drugs into America has given them the ability to wage their war against America out in the open.

They have the resources and the will to completely destroy America. All that is missing is the perfect storm.

After the snakes of the new world order cause the perfect storm the wolves of the new world order will be unleashed on America. At that point, the war against America and humanity will enter a new stage.

Below I’ve listed nine ways that the new world order traitors are conducting their war against the American people and American constitution.

1. Military Checkpoints by the TSA and Homeland Security.

Checkpoints are being set up all across America to search for bombs, guns, political literature, and other items that the hijacked government in D.C. is afraid of. Supporters of Ron Paul and libertarianism are singled out as lone wolves who pose a threat to social stability. In the airports, people are manhandled like lap rats and their basic dignity is stripped from them.

The new world order guards are treating the American people like prisoners because they are afraid and scared. They want to kill the spirit of America because they know that once that spirit is awakened they will be finished in a flash.

Only the American people have the power to destroy their fascist agenda and save humanity from global despotism.

2. Media Censorship And Media Ridicule of Patriots.

There are so many examples of the establishment media’s censorship of fundamental issues. The truth is regarded as the enemy by journalists, editors, and “news” executives.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura’s heroic resistance to the tyrannical TSA and his court hearing was treated as a joke by the establishment media and immediately ignored, despite its huge implications for American society.

Ventura voiced his anger at the media on the Alex Jones show on November 8, saying, “It seems I’m running into a brick wall with the media. Mainstream media won’t discuss the case, they don’t think it is relevant at all. In fact, I was due to do CNN yesterday and I was bumped because of course the big trial verdict was coming down in the Michael Jackson case. And so that has more importance.” Ventura said he told the CNN producer, “Well, I completely understand, after all, mine is simply a constitutional issue. Why would that take preference over, you know, Michael Jackson’s verdict on his drug overdose.” Ventura then added, “but that’s our pop culture media.”

3. State-Sponsored Terrorism.

The Oklahoma City Bombing and the September 11 attacks proved that the American people are sacrificial pawns in the global war against all nations that is being waged secretly by the new world order traitors.

No American is safe from the evil of the hijacked federal government and its master, the international banking empire.

Every human being is threatened by the demons in Washington and their comrades in Israel and England.

The next inside job in America may be a Nuclear 9/11. Hundreds of thousands of Americans may get incinerated by the evil terrorists in Washington and Israel to help gain public support for the coming wars against Iran and Pakistan.

4. Implosion of The American Economy.

America does not have an economy. It has a prison industry, a financial industry, an entertainment industry, and a military industry. Its insides have been gutted. The heart, the liver, all the organs that make a nation healthy and strong have all been pulled out by the new world order traitors.

The 2008 banking crisis was created on purpose to phase out the American dollar and introduce a new global currency and global central bank. Trillions of dollars have been stolen from the American people by the big banks, and the privately owned Federal Reserve.

Everybody can see that America’s national interest and has been sabotaged by the international banking regime and their traitorous agents in Washington. They have destroyed the common good in America, and ruined any chance of an economic recovery in the near future.

5. Attempted Destruction of Alternative Narratives, Currencies, Food, Farming, And Medicine.

The political mantra that “There is no alternative” is a lie.

The new world order traitors want one enslaved world community, one despotic world government, and one politically crafted global reality. They don’t want any questioning of their system. They hate critical dialogue and debate.

They don’t care that their global authoritarian government is based on mass murder, theft, terrorism, deception, world wars, treason, and even global genocide. They only want one version of history to be remembered and taught by future generations.

A small number of criminal corporations have been given monopolies by the federal government in all areas of life: food, money, security, information, transportation, etc. All these corporations are in favor of a global fascist state because they hate economic competition and the free market system.

The 9/11 truth and justice movement is the greatest threat to the fascist new world order because we have the force of truth on our side. We have the facts and scientific evidence to prove that the criminals in Washington, London and Israel are mass murderers and state terrorists.

6. Saddling New Debts on The American People by Waging Criminal and Fraudulent Wars Overseas.

In the stable of nations, America is the most powerful and beautiful horse. This horse was stolen and poisoned with lies and propaganda on December 23, 1913, when the international banking criminals established their Federal Reserve System.

America is not just any horse. It is a work horse and a war horse, and it excels at both because of the spirit and productivity of the American people. The Banksters and corporate fascists are using the American horse to pillage the planet and conquer all nations.

When the American horse becomes exhausted and can no longer push the new world order agenda through the marshes of history, the new world order rider will hop off and kill it.

The traitors in D.C. want to do this gently, but if the American people resist, then the American horse will be killed violently. Its replacement is a horse from hell: the global fascist state.

For now, the American horse will be saddled with debts. The American people will be forced to pay back these debts to the international banking gang at gunpoint, or they will start a new revolution to wipe out all the false financial debts and the debts that were incurred as a result of the war on terror scam and irresponsible bank bailouts.

7. Surveillance.

A sophisticated surveillance grid has been created in America to track everybody’s consumer behavior, political beliefs, and daily routines. There is no privacy in Totalitarian America. Everybody is under the thumb of Big Brother.

There will be chaos when the system crashes and the economy collapses. That is when the complete surveillance grid will be rolled out and used against the American people. People who even think about resisting the banksters and corporate fascists will be targeted for execution.

8. A Police State Infrastructure With Concentration Camps, Torture Facilities, Prisons, Detention Centers, and Mass Graves.

The threat that America and humanity is facing is not really a “war,” but global genocide.

We are all natives now.

9/11 was to our generation and our civilization what the sight of European ships was to the native inhabitants of North America.

They were killed off like bugs.

The 99% are being treated in the same way.

Brainwashed agents of state terrorists will enforce the global totalitarian regime’s orders and kill dissidents in every continent, slum, suburb, and village.

Americans will be buried in mass graves and landfills like everybody else.

No nation will be left alone.

Human life is worthless waste according to the soulless globalist banksters and new world order traitors. They see humanity as a cancer, and they are treating us accordingly.

9. Release of Bio Weapons, And Global Plagues Like The Avian Flu.

A global plague will kill off at least 2 billion people, including millions of Americans. Such a reality will be celebrated by the new world order traitors and mass murderers. They will rejoice after they set the whole world on fire and reduce civilization to a state of pure savagery and barbarism.

The rule of law has already been shattered by the demons in Washington. It is every man for himself now. We are all back in the jungle, and facing all the terror that comes with living in a state of lawlessness.

Imagine what will happen when a global emergency is declared two weeks into a global health crisis. People will turn into animals. They will see death all around them.

The evil of world war, plus a global economic crisis and a world plague will devastate and ruin our societies. And that is the point.

All this has been planned by the sociopathic and evil ruling elite that hijacked America. They want terror, a global war, a global economic crisis, a global plague, and total global chaos, so they can offer their global government as a solution to these catastrophes.

In the process, they are bringing all nations into a state of poverty, war, fear, and slavery.

We can respond in two ways to this dark reality: with denial, or with vengeance.

We face two futures: the annihilation of America and humanity, or the resurrection of both.

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