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A Rigged Revolution: How The Shadow CIA-MI6 Network Put Khomeini And Militant Islamists in Power

Samman Mohammadi
November 14, 2011

A few weeks ago, after a period of inner soul searching, I finally mustered up the courage to accept the alternative version of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, and wrote an article called, “The British And U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979.

After further excavating, I became even more convinced that Khomeini exploited the anti-Shah uprising in 1978-79 for his own personal quest for power and hijacked the mass revolutionary movement with the aid of the anti-American traitors in the shadow CIA and MI6.

In my excavation, I came upon the research into the real origins of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian-American hostage crisis by Fara Mansoor through an article from 1995 called, “The real Iranian hostage story from the files of Fara Mansoor,” by Harry V. Martin.

Fara Mansoor is an Iranian revolutionary who took part in the 1963 anti-Shah uprising as a university student in Tehran that was crushed by the Shah’s forces. He witnessed firsthand the hijacking of the popular Iranian revolution in 1979 by Khomeini and the Islamic fundamentalists, who were catapulted into power by the shadow CIAMI6 network.

Mansoor has all the documents that shows the names of the individuals who were involved in the anti-Shah coup in 1979 on both the American and Iranian sides. Read Martin’s article to get the full picture.

Below, I’ve presented some of the main points from Mansoor’s research into the Iranian Islamic “Revolution” with other historical facts to come up with a truthful narrative of modern Iranian-American history (warning: this is not well organized, sorry):

1. President Jimmy Carter fired George H. W. Bush as Director of the CIA along with 800 CIA operatives who were essentially a government onto themselves. After the CIA’s assassination of President Kennedy this secret group had taken control of America’s foreign and domestic policy, so being fired by Carter was a huge slap in the face.

2. Former CIA director Richard Helms was the U.S. ambassador to Iran from April 1973 – January 1977. He was a close friend of the Shah and General Hossein Fardoust, who was the head of SAVAK, Iran’s intelligence and security agency, for ten years. All three men went to the same school together in Switzerland so they had a long relationship with each other.

During his stay as Ambassador, Helms discovered through Fardoust that the Shah had cancer. The political and security implications of this news were too big to announce to the public. The obvious question arose: Who would succeed the Shah?

3. Helms went back to his colleagues in the shadow CIA with the news that the Shah was going to die soon. The shadow CIA, led by Bush, did not inform President Carter of this news. They were still mad that they got fired. So they decided to take the course of revenge by humiliating Carter on the international stage and removing him from the White House.

4. A top-secret plan was drawn. The shadow CIA and MI6 helped Khomeini become the main opposition leader against the Shah by raising his public profile through the BBC. Also, some false flag attacks were committed in Iran by Islamists, backed by CIA operatives, that were blamed on the Shah to further discredit his regime and embolden the opposition to hit the streets. Eventually, the historical tide turned in favor of Khomeini.

Of course, Khomeini didn’t disclose to his brainwashed followers that the CIA and MI6 were manipulating the historical currents for him from behind the scenes. His main motivation was to take power, not to bring freedom to Iran or resist the “Great Satan.” He was happy to shake hands with the devil.

5. One of the shadow CIA operatives that Mansoor says helped bring Khomeini to power is Professor and author Richard Cottam (1924 – 1997) who worked in the Department of Political Science in the University of Pittsburgh as a scholar of Iranian politics. He also played a key role in the 1953 coup against Mohammad Mosaddegh by the CIA and MI6. At his blog in April 2010, Mansoor wrote:

“Throughout 1975-1979, Cottam was in contact with most of Khomeini’s close inner circle, especially his US representative, Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi (who later became Khomeini’s foreign Minister and is now one of “Reformist” leaders). Cottam apparently visited Khomeini in Najaf, Iraq in early August 1978. This was about one week before the Cinema Rex Theater in Abadan was set ablaze by Khomeini’s radical Islamists, burning to death 435 innocent Iranians inside—exactly on 25th anniversary of the 1953 coup. Cottam met Khomeini again on December 28, 1978 in Paris, France, and was in Iran for the Shah’s departure on January 16, 1979—lots of frequent flyer miles there.

Okay, first Cottam helps get rid of Mossadeq and democracy in Iran in favor of a dictator. Later he helps get rid of the Shah in favor of people about whom he said the State Dept. knew nothing (but should have). Does that mean that Cottam knew who these Twelvers Shi’a Islamists really were, and helped them anyway? Or did he blithely imagine them to have someIslamic, humanist ideology—whatever the hell that is.”

6. The Iranian hostage taking was politically staged and instigated by the operatives in the shadow CIA. Mansoor says this was done by the Bush loyalists in the CIA for two reasons in particular: consolidate power for Khomeini and make him the unquestioned leader of Iran, and humiliate President Carter as an act of revenge for firing 800 CIA operatives, and put George H. W. Bush in the White House to carry out the new world order agenda.

On the day Reagan was elected President, Khomeini was ordered to set the hostages free. And as soon as Reagan became President, Vice President Bush took control of the White House. Two months into Reagan’s presidency, Bush hired John Hinckley, Jr. to assassinate Reagan, but he failed. The connections between the Bush family and the Hinckley family are well known. Visit this website for more detail.

Conclusion: Both Khomeini and George H. W. Bush were made leaders of their countries by illegitimate and secret means. They are among history’s biggest traitors, mass murderers and liars.

The anti-American traitors in the rogue CIA rig revolutions abroad, and rig elections in America. One of those revolutions was the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution. Without the financial aid and political guidance by the shadow CIA and MI6, the Radical Islamic State in Iran would not be a reality today.

In March 2010, Mansoor wrote that the secret relationship between Iran’s radical Mullahs and the shadow CIA is “one of the great ironies of the 20th century.” Mansoor said:

“So, let me see if I understand this. In 1953, 1963, 1978-79, and beyond, the Shia Islamists asked the “Great Satan” for help; they got that help every time; then after they finally consolidated their power, they demand an apology from said “Great Satan” for actually providing the help they asked for in the first place.

What’s wrong with this picture?

The Shia religious leaders plot against the governemnt several times–that is TREASON, folks. As soon as this treacherous alliance succeeds–with the help of the foreign “Great Satan”–all their opponents conveniently become the traitors and all their problems are caused by interference from “foreigners.” Hollywood has nothing on these guys.

No wonder that this convoluted relationship is one of the great ironies of the 20th century. Its history is not understood and its true meaning presents the world community with one of its greatest challenges.”

Mansoor’s investigation is much more lengthy and detailed than what is offered here. I encourage you to read Martin’s article, “The real Iranian hostage story from the files of Fara Mansoor.”

Also, listen to Mansoor’s interview with American radio host Dave Emory from January 1993 that is available on YouTube in several parts. Mansoor goes into great detail about the cover-up of the real origins of the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian Hostage Crisis which goes to the very top of government in Iran, America, and Britain.

II. Understanding Why: Two Big Geopolitical Reasons

The secret foreign policy establishment in America, which Charlotte Iserbyt talks about in her interview with Infowars called, “Skull & Bones, The Order at Yale Revealed,” made an alliance with Khomeini and the radical Islamists in Iran for two main geopolitical reasons: Keep the Soviet Union out of Iran, and Set The Stage For A “Clash of Civilizations” in the 21st century to bring in a global government.

1. Keep the Soviet Union out of Iran.

The Iranian Marxists and Communists could not be trusted by Washington to not turn to the Soviet Union for political and military assistance. The only political alternative the Western powers had was Khomeini who had a cult following and spoke a religious language that could mobilize millions of Islamic Iranians to rise up in the streets against the Shah.

Khomeini’s anti-Western rhetoric, which was all an act, gave him popular legitimacy in the eyes of the left and communists who embraced Khomeini as a “revolutionary” figure because of their stupidity and naivety. Once he was put on the throne by the CIA, Khomeini consolidated power and showed his true colors by murdering all of the anti-Shah opposition. The rogue CIA assisted the Khomeini faction in their slaughter of thousands of political dissidents who opposed the formation of the dictatorial Islamic Republic.

2. Divide and conquer the Middle East. Set the stage for future conflicts between Iran’s Islamic regime and its neighbours. And, ultimately, prepare the world for the Clash of Civilizations, more commonly known in religious texts as “the Battle of Armageddon,” between the army of Islam’s Shia Twelvers and the army of the new world order in the West along with the Zionist army of Israel.

The sinister new world order cabal who control Washington and Western civilization take a long view of history. That is why I’m inclined to believe that the shadow CIA and MI6 didn’t back Khomeini just because he guaranteed that Iran would remain anti-Communist.

The argument that this unholy alliance was a matter of political necessity implies that the anti-Communist connection is the only reason they got into bed with each other. But there is more to it than that.

It is public history that the shadow CIA exaggerated the threat of Communism to help justify massive arms spending, the large budget of the intelligence community, and the crackdown on civil liberties in America.

The Soviet Union was always a manufactured enemy.

Historian Antony C. Sutton’s research of Wall Street’s support for the Communist revolution in 1917 proved official history wrong. The opposition between Capitalism and Communism was just global political theatre that was put on for the global masses. Both America and the Soviet Union were controlled by the same masters.

The “Clash of Civilizations” is the 21st century version of global political theatre for the global masses. Iran, America, and Israel are all controlled by the same shadow conspirators.

Khomeini and the Radical Islamists were not supported by the shadow Western elite to counter Communist influence in Iran. This alliance doesn’t sound so sinister if the only motive was to block Soviet influence in Iran.

But what does sound sinister is making a secret pact to act as enemies on the global stage in order to start World War III, depopulate hundreds of millions of people, and establish a global fascist government.

It is obvious this is the case, that the Islamic Republic of Iran was constructed by the shadow CIAMI6 network to set the stage for World War III, which will be fought to pave the way for a global government and a new world order.

Persia, Israel, and America are the three nations that will be sacrificed in this War of Armageddon.

III. Understanding Why: Other Reasons

There are other financial and political reasons why the Globalist-Islamist alliance is profitable for both the Iranian Islamic regime and the Totalitarian West:

1. Justify a global arms trade that exceeds hundreds of billions of dollars by being in a permanent state of war with each other.

2. Maintain iron-fist control over the free press and use the excuse of “we are in a state of war” to justify this anti-democratic policy.

3. Justify hundreds of billions of dollars that are being wasted on both sides to keep alive the military-industrial complex and the large budgets of the intelligence services.

4. Crackdown on civil liberties, and brand anti-government protesters as “domestic terrorists” in America, and as “traitors” in Iran.

IV. America And Iran Are Held Hostage By Government Extremists and Militants Who Are Working With Each Other To Destroy Freedom Everywhere

The Iranian Islamic Regime and the American Totalitarian Fascist Regime are mutually dependent on each other to preserve power and justify their totalitarian systems of government.

The radical Mullahs and the radical spies in the shadow CIAMI6 network are both against freedom, decentralization, truth, and justice. They love state secrecy, power, lies, and war.

Both the Iranian Mullahs and the shadow CIAMI6 are stuffing a Satan Sandwich down our throats while holding us hostage and saying to us: “You are with Islam or the Great Satan,” and “You are with America, or the Radical Islamists.”

This is the game that is being played.

The governments and political leaders of America, Iran, Israel, and the West have brought misery, poverty, suffering, tyranny and death upon many, many nations, including their own.

The American government slaughtered its own people on September 11, 2001 to help launch a global war. The Iranian government has also slaughtered thousands of its own people. Both governments are led by traitors and tyrants.

Hundreds of millions of people are victims because they refuse to face the truth and end the era of mass brainwashing. The brainwashed victims in Iran want to be “Martyrs for Islam.” And the brainwashed victims in America and the West want to “destroy Islam,” a religion of over a billion people.

We must be wise and not fall for fairy tales and big lies that are invented by Satanic power-seekers and war-makers.

We must be brave and say to the traitorous government officials and political leaders in Iran, America, Israel and the West who are covering up the truth from the people of the world for their own personal gain: We The People will bring you down.

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