“Protect and Defend” along with “Foreign and Domestic,” America’s Betrayal


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


What is an oath? An oath is a promise. Those taking an oath are selected, we are told, on the basis of public trust, that they are of sufficient character that the oath they take will be the oath they keep.

Sometimes the oathtaker is elected, sometimes chosen, sometimes the position of authority and public trust was not one sought but one “thrust” upon that “oathkeeper” out of economic necessity.

What Americans have learned is that those who take oaths and those who keep them are seldom the same folks. “Oaths” seem to come with more than a bit of “wiggle-room.”

Here is what an oath sounds like to a citizen:

“I (state your name) promise to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and to perform my duties with honor…..”

This could be a judge, a soldier, a dog warden, even a police officer. The problem of late has been that those who take oaths seem to have held what we term “mental reservations and evasions” while taking their oaths.

They think they swore to “weasel word” oaths.

“I, (state your name or alias), promise to protect and defend my own ass and screw the rest of you….”

What we are talking about, of course, is police behavior against the “Occupy” movement. We don’t have to end it there but it is time we started asking some hard questions. It’s time we started asking when we stop taking orders and when we take individual responsibility for protecting and defending the constitution of the United States.

This isn’t a perfect document but it sure as hell doesn’t allow police to pepper spray peaceful protesters nor does it allow police to try to silence dissent, especially not when we all know America has become something all of us hate.

I was just talking with Mike Harris, one of our staff writers who has a morning radio show at Republic Broadcasting. His point is that 96% of the time, the candidate with the most money wins elections. Thus, with corporations or certain extremely powerful groups choose to buy our congress, and I assure you, a trans-generational, trans-national organized crime conspiracy has done just that, we are not only no longer a democracy, we are no longer a republic. If representative government is based on cash alone and ours is, we are no longer the United States of America.

Police seem to recognize that because so few seem to have any respect for the laws and traditions that made America what we wanted it to be and what its constitution requires. We can stifle free speech, we can torture at will, arrest and detain without trial, and certainly love dishing out “cruel and unusual” punishment.

A month ago, here in Ohio, the police came to the people and asked them to overturn a law passed by right wing governor Kasich. Police had lost their overtime and collective bargaining rights.

What is funny about this is that police voted Kasich in. What is funny about this is that police are the “Rush Limbaugh fanclub” that Kasich was catering to when he and Republicans in the legislature voted down all labor rights for police, nurses and teachers.

Who came to the support of police?


In the end, Kasich and his cronies, which had included the police, only got 31% of the vote here.

If you want to understand police, there is one word that says it all, Rampart. This was a 90′s scandal, that if all of it got out, showed, not dozens but hundreds, even thousands of Los Angeles police taking everything from minor bribes to operating as “hit men” for drug gangs. After a long investigation and coverup, Los Angeles may have a better department.

It really doesn’t, it is exactly as before but more careful.

In Los Angeles, police were taking millions in bribes from Mexican drug cartels. I can almost understand that in a way. Forgive me for having a soft place, perhaps in my head, for police.

New York is another story, New York, Oakland and city after city.

Police aren’t taking drug money or “freebee’s” from whores or snorting cocaine in order to work those extra shifts each week. The new “police” take their money from corrupt banks. In comparison to banks, give me Tony Soprano every time. Give me a decent crooked cop every time.

I don’t care if a cop drops his pants in an alley with a working girl or boy or pockets a gun he find during the search of a crack dealer. I do get angry when police attack the country I sort of fought for in Vietnam as a Marine by tasking bribes from crooked banks.

Then there is Janet Napolitano, the new Secretary of Homeland Security. I expected the Nazi regime of Bush to be disassembled, not strengthened.

We have to understand out times and what is at risk.

These aren’t anti-war demonstrators which, if you remember correctly stopped the 10 years slaughter in Vietnam. They were right then and demonstrators today are right now, more right than 90% of them know. We should all be with them, especially anyone who has ever sworn an oath.

The purpose of ”Occupy” is to force America, a nation that has more than “lost its way,” but something far more sinister, to enjoy a rebirth of freedom beginning with respect for the constitution and the laws it was meant to foster, laws our “bought and paid for” government has long forgotten.

The constitution has flaws. Just look at the Supreme Court. They made foreign drug cartels into “people” and have allowed them to legally buy our government, or perhaps just rent it from the Israel lobby.

Is this another joke? If only it were.

If this were a decade ago, we would be talking “left and right.” Those days are gone. We are now down to simple survival after having our country looted by foreign corporations, banks and what we used to call the New World Order, the once popular name for a globalist conspiracy nobody really understood.

Now we see unaffordable gasoline, decade long wars, jobs disappearing, homes empty, a third of our nation filled with illegal aliens and a government that has lost touch with reality.

We all also see a pattern but few have a grasp of when and where things went over the edge.

If you still believe that 19 hijackers were responsible for 9/11, if you don’t know about Building 7 or the missile attack on the Pentagon, that and so much more, you have been one of the millions of Americans whose brain fell victim to the controlled press.

Until you can be properly educated to be the citizen of a free nation, to be a real American again, we might as well all be living in the Soviet Union of old.

If it were only banks and only billions they are stealing. It isn’t banks, its a secret world government and its hundreds of trillions of dollars they have stolen, the tuition of your great grandchildren, the home they were meant to live in, the job they were meant to have, all planned, their life set out for them, one of starvation and slavery. When our votes were stolen, we were silent. When the Patriot Acts were passed, we were silent. What are we.

We are what Darwin would describe as a species destined for extinction.

If you have been silent, if you swore and oath but enforced the rule of un-American brutality, you did your part to bring it about.

The kids on the street are talking “peaceful.”

Those of us who have fought in wars, those of us who understand what the enemy will do before the relinquish power, know many of us will die.

“They” planned and excecuted 9/11. They bombed the London underground. They bomb Nigeria and Pakistan every day.

They will use a nuclear weapon on an American city someday, when they think the time is right, when there is enough money still involved.

There are people out there that evil and our police are working for them, people that make Al Capone and look like a choirboy.

A week ago, Greece and Italy got new prime ministers appointed. Who did it?

Organized crime. Look into it, see who is in office now, check on an election. There was none.

Look into who German Prime Minister Merkel is.

Why would a communist spy, supposedly ”former,” we know better, be running one of the biggest countries on earth, right into the ground?

Why would the US Senate have just passed a law that allows the president to arrest any American without reason and hold them without trial forever. This just happened, 60 votes.

Obama will sign it, and it represents an end to America as we know it.

This is so serious it is worth giving your life over. There was no debate, nobody read it, and this is not an internet rumor out of Snopes.com.

We aren’t that kind of place and I am not that kind of writer.

The police? They are going to have to ”grow a pair,” stand up for America and, on this rare occasion of “life and death,” begin taking their oaths seriously.

If they don’ t think they are on the same list as the rest of us, they are stupider than I think.