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Enough War!

by Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

In the name of real Peace and the very future of all our lives, we all must join together and stop the insanity of the US military from illegally planning to invade yet another country, Iran, for more lies and deceit, while mainstream controlled media continue to report Orwellian propaganda of Doublespeak. This is part of an on-going and larger series of wars that Michel Chossudovsky notes would lead to the integration of these separate war theaters, eventually leading towards a broader Middle East-Central Asian war. (1)

Given the huge health crises and enormous degradation of our environment we already have, we would never survive this planned global war scenario. As it is now, the illegal weapons already in use, such as bombs with radioactive Depleted Uranium (used in Gaza, Iraq, and Afghanistan), have already caused massive deaths and genetic malformation. This is not confined to the mid-East, as these poisons travel throughout the globe in the air we breathe and in the entire food chain. In addition, there is a new US Navy weapon ready to cause more havoc: An electromagnetic railgun that can shoot a missile 100 miles at eight time the speed of sound with a range that is up to 20 times greater than that of a conventional weapon. (2) The harm to all of us is colossal.

It is imperative that we immediately cease and desist being collectively silent. Many of us have grown up seeing the tragic consequences of one war after another. Millions around the world have lost their lives in conflagrations that only enrich the bankers and other elites coffers tremendously by playing both sides against each other. They are the only winners, yet most people never find this out.

Throughout all of this, our country heads immanently for a planned bankruptcy and total ruination.

Millions are unemployed. Millions have illegally lost their homes. Millions are destitute. Millions are ill with a myriad of illnesses that were created in some secret bioweapons lab. Millions of us have been subjected to chronic EMF/RF exposure and other systemic poisons that disrupt our ability to think clearly or to be healthy. Millions of our children are at grave risk, and often go to bed ill and hungry every night. The green toilet paper money that is being printed, with no real financial backing or assets, hasn’t been sustainable for quite some time. The financial rigging and massive theft of our taxpayer dollars done behind the scenes are off the scale.

In all of this, no one questions the out-of-control war machine expenditures that eat of more than 75 percent of the US budget. War is profitable for the elites, but wrecks everything else. All indications of a thriving or vigorous economy are long gone. All social services are deliberately trashed: education, health and elder care. Infrastructure is crumbling around the country. Thousands of teachers have been fired. Hundreds of schools are closing. Other schools are being privatized with worthless curricula. In terms of education, this really translates into every child left behind. A poorly educated population cannot make any informed decisions about critical issues.

The illegal and covert Geoengineering of our planet is the most important survival issue facing all of us. It has wrecked our water and soil with toxic levels of aluminum, barium, strontium, other heavy metals, and self-replicating synthetic nano-organisms. These are also found in dangerous levels in our blood and are major contributing factors in staggering levels of cancers, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

The air we all breathe is now a plasma state, as Clifford Carnicom has noted in public lectures. This makes it easy for clandestine weather modification operations to disrupt our central nervous system and brain function. In addition, independent research shows that changes in the invisible Electromagnetic Frequency spectrum can induce disease.(3) Clifford Carnicom, one of the world’s leading independent researcher on this, calls this the biggest crime of all time. (4) Chemicals and other poisons rain down on us constantly, while environmental laws are trashed. Federal, state, and international laws are gutted. The police no longer protect and serve. They have become military mercenaries who beat, batter, Taser, and often kill unarmed and innocent citizens. No one is held accountable for these crimes, while the elites and insiders continue to create their planned mayhem and hate.

Over the past decade, the weapons of destruction raining down on civilian Iraqis, Afghanis, Gaza citizens, Pakistanis, and Libyans is an epic tragedy. There is no humanitarian aid, peace, prosperity, or health for anyone. These war plans were decided by insiders long before the nightmare False Flag criminal operations and devastation of September 11, 2001. Tragically, these countries are in on-going turmoil that is brought to them for no rational reason. It is all for the greed of natural resources and to create worldwide chaos, hate, and fear.

I grew up in New York City. As a child, I had the good fortune to have friends and classmates from many different cultures. We all got along. We learned different languages and customs. There was peace and harmony amongst us even with a great variety of cultures and religions. In fact, we all so enjoyed learning about each other’s differences! These enriched our lives. Our city was a melting pot; and it created a great and delicious stew of the best of our diversities.

In this respect, we must cheer New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art for the November 1st re-opening of their 15 New Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia. This has been an eight-year major project of renovation and expansion. Anyone who is nearby should make several visits to see these gorgeous pieces. It is far too much for one day; but several trips will enrich your appreciation of the vast beauty of Islamic art. The Met’s Fall Calendar notes that this new geographic orientation signals a revised perspective on the collection by recognizing that the monumentality of Islam did not create a single, monolithic artistic expression but instead connected a vast geographic expanse through centuries of change and cultural influence. (page 6) If you re too far away, here’s a visual link: 

Art is the very best of what a society leaves to posterity. In the larger sense, this creativity in all its varied aspects that also include music, literature, and poetry has the potential to unite us in understanding, compassion, caring, and ethical conduct. This is the best of human behavior. We always have that potential within us: to create harmony and love. This is what we must do, and what we must teach our innocent children before it is too late.

We must recreate human harmony again for all of us.

It is our ethical and moral responsibility to see that our own countries are not all brought down by perpetual war and hate to create the nightmares of global banking, and global rule by a small group of psychopaths bent on destroying the sovereignty of all our countries.

We do have the courage to do this!

I urge everyone to stop shopping and pay attention to the real world outside of your own small circle. Think about the bigger picture of doing something vital to save our countries from some vast conflagration. We are all expendable for their warped and demented plans. I call for a 5-day National Strike before Thanksgiving: from Nov. 10-15. Shop locally. The buck stops at the cash register: don’t buy products that cause harm! Don’t purchase anything that has added taxes. Read the labels, and avoid poisonous ingredients. Stay home. Be with those you love. This would be something for which we could truly give thanks: the cessation of imperial wars, government criminality and corruption, famine, and hate. Peace will only come to all of us when the systemic violence of patriarchal societies is replaced with what the brilliant social scientist and author Dr. Riane Eisler calls a partnership one.(5) Peace requires vigilance. This can be a real test of our courage and real human potential.


1. Michel Chossudovsky. Global Warfare. Targeting Iran: Preparing for World War III. Nov. 3, 2011: 

2. US Navy fires the railgun that can shoot a missile at eight times the speed of sound for the 1,000th time. Diagrams and photos are included in this article. Nov. 2, 2011. London. Daily Mail: 

3. Clifford Carnicom. A New Form: Frequency Induced Disease. March 8, 2011: 

4. Clifford Carnicom. The Biggest Crime of All Time. March 1, 2011: 

5. Riane Eisler. The Partnership Way and The Real Wealth of Nations. See also: 

 Educator and environmental writer Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri is the author of the highly acclaimed book, The Uterine Crisis. London’s The Ecologist calls this book an inspiration.

View the original article at Global Research

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