The demand to fresh and dried fruit increases on the threshold of the Eid festival and everyone has to buy cookies, cakes, sweets in addition to dried fruit to welcome their guests.

The price of cookies, sweets and fresh and dried fruit unexpectedly increases that follows people’s complaints.

There are different viewpoints in the increase of the Eid essentials. The buyers accuse traders and retail-sellers for getting more benefits on the Eid days and ignore people’s economic condition.

We have to buy the raw apples, grapes and bananas in a high price because there are no ripe ones and the sellers cheat us by putting them in colorful plastic packages, A university student Sheryalay told Rashidi Veterans to day reporter.

He believes that selling the raw fruit is in the benefit of the sellers but injures the customers.

A government servant, Maryam who was buying dried fruit in the downtown, accused the fruit sellers for getting more benefit on the Eid days.

They have a few days bazaar in a year so, they do their best to sell the goods in the highest price, she said, arguing that there is government control to prevent the increase of prices.

But, the fruit sellers think differently and allege that the wholesalers enhance the prices and they have to imitate them otherwise, they will loss up.

The price of dried fruit has jumped 30 percent comparing with the last year. The economic experts call the rush of people’s demands as the element of the price increase.