Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar called the narcotics as the biggest threat before the region and the world.

In the conclusion day of the fifth trilateral session held among the officials from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan with the presence of the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Director, Yuri Fedotov, Najjar said: We need the regional and international cooperation to fight this phenomenon.

We agreed on the capacity building of counter-narcotics police, boosting the trilateral cooperation and emphatic prevention of poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, Najjar addressed the session.

He called the increase in poppy cultivation in Afghanistan a matter of concern and said chemical precursors are still imported to this country.

Afghan Counter-Narcotics Minister, Zarar Ahmad Moqbel confessed to being failed in arresting the key smugglers and said it will be possible with the cooperation of the regional countries particularly Iran and Pakistan.

We are establishing a joint planning center to exchange information and launch joint oprations, Moqbel said.

Director of the UNODC, Yuri Fedotov said poppy cultivation has increased seven percent in Afghanistan.

The three neighboring countries have launched 12 operations against drug traffickers since the beginning of the year which resulted the destruction of heroin labs.