The National Security Advisor, Rangeen Dadfar Spanta emphasized that the decisions made in the upcoming Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) are not obligatory.

The Jirga is just advisory and I assure you that I will make demonstration if the decisions are obligatory, Spanta addressed the parliament.

He called the strategic pact with the US in the benefit of Afghans, but said the people’s representatives will be surely informed of the pact context after it is completed.

Meanwhile, Parwan MP, Abdul Sattar Khawwasi opposed the Jirga holding and the strategic pact and called it only in the US benefit.

The US does not care of Afghans because it kept silent when our border areas were assaulted by Pakistani missiles, he said.

But, Paktika MP, Nader Khan Katawazi supported the Jirga and said it is the right of the people and the government.

Over 2,000 individuals will gather on Wednesday to decide over the Afghan-US strategic pact.