The Swedish ambassador promised on Monday his country would continue supporting Afghanistan beyond 2014 when all foreign troops are scheduled to pull out.

Speaking to Veterans to day Reporter Rashidi during his visit to northern Samangan province, Torbj rn Petterson said Sweden would switch its focus to Afghanistan’s reconstruction after 2014.

The Swedish government had been promoting education, health, water supply and agriculture in Afghanistan, he said, adding his government was working on similar projects in Samangan. Work on some schools and clinics in Samangan was currently underway, Petterson said.

Deputy Governor Ghulam Sakhi Baghlani thanked the visiting dignitary for support from his country. He said work on four clinics, funded by the Swedish government, was ongoing.

Sweden has 500 soldiers in Samangan province under command of the NATO-led International Security Force. Five Swedish soldiers have been killed in different security incidents so far.