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The Good Guys list

By Dark Politricks

This is my list of good guys that stick out from the crowd of mediocre politicians and commentators that control our discourse.

The list is not in any particular order and contains people from all political perspectives, conservatives, liberals, left wing comedians, right wing Christians and socialist dictators.

What brings them together on this page is that in one way or another they believe in something I do strongly enough and this means they attract criticism from the mainstream, attacks by our neo-colonialist governments and labels that are thrown by people who have little knowledge of the facts.

Just because a name is on the list does not mean I agree with OR believe all they say or believe in – but it does mean that they are on the right side of my line when it comes to one or more of the following points:

  • Belief in personal freedoms.
  • Reduction of the police state.
  • Restructuring of the FED/Bank of England so that we do not borrow our money from private banksters to be paid back at interest from our taxes.
  • An end to wars of aggression and wars for oil.
  • A fair society not controlled by those with money.
  • An end to politicians being bought and paid for by private interests.
  • Proper democracy and reform of governance.

I know it’s hard to explain this to some of the knuckle grazing zombies that post comments from time to time here but remember that no-one is perfect and everyone has flaws.

As of yet I have come across no-one that meets all my criteria exactly. Therefore you might disagree with one person because they did X or believe in Y but if they have strong enough beliefs about one of those items on my list and are prepared to act to defend those beliefs then that is good enough for me.

1. Dennis Kucinich

A US Democratic politician from Ohio. He believes that the FED should be audited and controlled by the Treasury as well as overseen by Congress. He also believes that the government should be able to coin its own money as set down by the US constitution, a power which was given away in the middle of the night to the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Currently a member of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform he has a consistent voting record. He voted against the bail outs to banksters and wants the troops brought home from Iraq and Afghanistan. He wants health care reform through a single payer system and private money removed from politics. He believes strongly in the constitution and is good friends with another Good Guy, Ron Paul.

2. Ron Paul

A US Libertarian Republican who believes that the FED should be abolished and has brought forth a bill to audit it which is currently being discussed in Congress and the Senate. He believes in personal responsibility and personal freedoms and that all law should be based on the US constitution.

He also wants a new more isolationist US foreign policy and believes that the troops should be brought home from the many illegal wars of aggression they are currently engaged in. He believes that the size of the Federal government should be reduced dramatically and that the economy should be run along Austrian economical lines. Another Good Guy Peter Schiff was his economic adviser during his unsuccessful campaign to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2008.

3. Mark Thomas

Is a UK comedian and left wing political activist who believes in personal freedom and the right to protest. He cleverly mixes political protest with comedy to outline the absurdity contained within some of the laws we have to obey. Not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and use guerilla methods to get over his message he is often on TV protesting about one law or another.

4. Peter Schiff

US economist and potential Senator. He runs an investment brokerage firm called Euro Pacific Capital and has weekly podcasts and videos available for free download. He predicted the economic collapse some time back and has a cult following on the Internet. He believes in Austrian economics and that FED monetary policy was to blame for the collapse not the lack of regulation of the banks.

He often uses an analogy between the current recession and the illness that a heroin addict goes through when coming off drugs. Although painful the withdrawal is required to cure the addiction. He believes the US has over consumed and gorged itself over the last decade fuelled by cheap debt and the benefit of being the worlds reserve currency. The current recession is the medicine required to cure this illness but the government is resisting to take it by trying to stave off the pain of recession by introducing huge stimulus packages that only take the country further into debt.

Another saying he likes to use at the beginning of his podcastsis that the economists you see on TV are sales people for the big banks they need new suckers / customers to buy their stock so that their real customers the banks and investment firms can make money.

5. Vince Cable

UK Liberal Democrat politician and one of the few people who warned that we were facing an economic downturn due to high levels of personal debt and irresponsible lending practises by the big banks. He is famous for his comment in the house of commons that Mr Brown had changed within the space of a few weeks from Stalin to Mr Bean.

He has recommended as one of the solutions to the current economic problem a splitting of the big banks into lenders and investment firms. This is very similarto the USA’s Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which was created after the great depression to prevent banks from owning investment firms, insurance companies and other conflicts of interest. This act was repealed in 1999 and many believe it was a major step that led to the current financial crisis.

6. Alex Jones

Radio DJ and film maker from Texas. Alex Jones is one of the most famous faces in the fight against the New World Order and hosts daily video and podcasts as well as running websites such as and

Labelled a conspiracy theorist by those he attacks he has a huge Internet following and fan base. Charlie Sheen recently worked with Alex to release his “twenty minutes with the president” imaginary interview that asked President Obama to hold a new enquiry into 9/11. Attacked from the right and the left Alex has consistently gone after the globalists and politicians from all sides who he feels are intent on bringing in martial law to America.

Alex has released numerous films including “The Obama Deception” and his latest release the “Fall of the Republic” which looks at how the US is slowly being destroyed from within by globalists who wish to reduce US power and bring in a one world government. Although seemingly erratic and very passionate at times he believes in personal freedoms and a small government and the law of the constitution. Whether you agree with all he says or not, and I certainly don’t, he gets my vote for being brave enough to stand up for what he believes in.

7. Nigel Farage

Euro MEP from the UK Independence Party. He is one of the most outspoken members of the Euro parliament and is never afraid to speak his mind about the corruption and incompetence that engulfs this huge apparatus of un-democratic law making like a huge cloud of smoke.

He is planning on standing as an MP to the UK parliament at the next general election fighting the seat of the current speaker of the house which in itself is a break from tradition. “The Farage” as I call him is a very entertaining man who can give a good speech and who passionately believes that the powers that the EU currently has should return back to the UK parliament.

8. Jon Stewart

A US comedian on Comedy Centrals Daily Show. He has been attacking politicians and people in the public arena from all sides for years now using satirical comedy to bring to the dumbed down public news that they may not have received any other way.

A favourite of mine for a while now he really came out on the side of the common man during the financial crisis and the bail outs given to the huge US banks and investment firms. Criticising the news channels and financial shows on Bloomberg, CNBC and FOX in particular he claimed that they helped sucker in the public to buy worthless shares and therefore had to take some of the blame for the effects of the downturn on the average Joe.

A good example of his stick up for the common man point of view regarding the financial crisis was when he attacked CNBC’s Jim Cramer on his show and showed clips of Cramer admitting tricking punters into buying worthless stock so that the company would make a profit. He actually managed to get an interview with Cramer shortly afterwards and on a classic show managed to get Cramer to admit he was in the wrong.

9. Hugo Chavez

The socialist president of Venezuela is a hero amongst many on the left for his support of the poor, defiance of the existing world economic model and the abusive power of the USA. He has delivered cheap oil to the Bronx and other poor communities in the US and offered aid to the victims of Katrina when Bush was too busy to visit.

He famously holds marathon rants on TV some that have gone on for days, where he discusses the problems of the world, sings songs and rants against the USA. No wonder those in power in the US hate him so much and according to one of Chavez’s rants they have even tried to have him assassinated. I have included this video of one of his rants against George Bush where he famously calls him a drunk and a donkey.

10. Daniel Hannan

A UK conservative politician and MEP who believes that the EU is too powerful and very undemocratic. He wants the UK to have a referendum on the Lisbon treaty which in all but name is the constitution which gives the EU all the trappings of a super-state. I don’t usually like Tories for many reasons, too many to list but he believes like I do that we need a new way of governing our country that puts the power back into the hands of the people. Instead of handing it away to unelected eurocrats we should localise our power and have lots of referendums to let the people decide their own future.

11. Cindy Sheehan

An American mother of a solider killed in the Iraq war she has been relentless in her pursuit of peace and her outrage at the government whether it be Republican or Democrat is an example to everyone who disagrees with the imperialistic wars of aggression that the US and her allies have been pursuing since the September 11th attacks. She has been arrested numerous times on demonstrations and has attracted enemies from all sides of the political spectrum however she continues to call for the arrest of George Bush Jnr and Dick Cheney for war crimes as well as calling for leading Democrats such as Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to do their jobs in holding the previous administration to account.

12. Chris Hulne

Chris Hulne is the Liberal Democrats Home Office spokeman and he is a leading campaigner for civil rights and liberties which have been hugely decimated during the decade of Labour rule. He has made it party policy to implement a Freedom Bill which would repeal all the laws introduced that have removed our ancient and hard won liberties and freedoms such as the right to trial by jury, the right to remain silence, 28 days detention without charge, the right to protest outside parliament, the RIPA act allowing a multitude of government agencies to spy on UK citizens without a warrant and much more.

13. Ken O’Keefe

Ken O’Keefe is an ex US Marine, peace protester and world citizen who has been on many peace demonstrations and has been involved in numerous instances of direct action against the massive might of the Military Industrial Complex in all it’s forms. His most recent protest was as a member of the Free Gaza Peace Flotilla and he was on board the Mavi Marmara when it was attacked by the Israeli IDF.

He claims to have personally disarmed a number of IDF soldiers and showed massive restraint in the face of unwarranted provocotation by choosing to unload and throw away the bullets from the guns he took rather than use them in self defense even though the Israelis had killed numerous people already. In my eyes this shows immense courage and massive cahoonas because as a Marine he certainly had the capability to use those weapons to kill any number of IDF soldiers but instead he managed to stick to his principles even during the heat of battle. He truly is a good guy worthy of note.

14. Max Keiser

Max Keiser is a former Wall Street stockbroker who know hosts a number of radio and TV shows reporting on the scandal and mismanagement that is rife within the current financial markets. Famous for calling Goldman Sachs financial Terrorists he has been at the forefront of bringing attention to the deep corruption, insider trading and front running that has brought western economies to their current state of financial ruin.

15. Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura is an ex Navy Seal, ex wrestler, ex governor and now a TV presenter. He is on the list because he is a great speaker and although blunt at times it gets the message across. His series on conspiracy theories has opened the eyes of many Americans who only knew the history they were spoon fed at school. Choosing to attack the establishment isn’t an easy path to take and he sure attracts a lot of stick for doing it which only makes him more worthy to go on this list purely because he doesn’t give a shit what they think of him.

16. Terry Christian

Terry Christian is an ex TV presenter and DJ who has made my list for his outspoken and ballsy political commentary which occasionally appears on UK TV during Sunday morning discussion and political diary shows.
A working class northern lad made good Terry speaks it as he sees it and whenever I watch a show that he appears on such as today’s Sunday Morning Live I find myself agreeing with him on almost every topic he speaks. More relevant and down to earth than most of the political columnists and commentators that choose to speak on topics they know next to nothing about he is well worth listening or watching whenever he appears on the box.

17. Cynthia Mckinney

An ex Democrat and now a candidate for the Green party, Cynthia McKinney is someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind whether it gets her in trouble or not. A peace activist who has been involved in the campaign to free Gaza being arrested for her troubles after the boat she was on was rammed in international waters by Israeli ships for attempting to deliver aid to the illegally blockaded territory. She has also recently been involved in bringing an alternative view on the Libyan conflict to the public consciousness whilst experiencing it first hand from within Tripoli.

This interview is a good introduction to her views and some of the issues she has faced from war, assault charges by Congress police, charges of anti-semitism, her views on the militaristic nature of the American empire and the hope that Independents, Greens and Libertarians could join together on common ground as a 3rd party ticket to stop the war, reduce the debt and restore lost liberties.

Here she talks about bringing the troops home from the hundreds of military bases around the world.

18. George Galloway

A firebrand socialist and man of the people who is fond of cigars and a good argument he has spoken out when no-one else will. I might not agree with everything he says or stand for but I defend his right to say it and on the matter of Palestine versus Israel there is no-one better than him to speak truth to power on the injustices felt by the Palestinians. A great orator and sometimes more than a tad of an egotist he is great to listen to and there is nothing better than watching him go into the heart of the beast, the US Senate and tell them what time it is.

Please submit your own recommendations for people to go onto this list posting a reason and a link to a video if possible. If I agree with your vote then I will add them to the main list otherwise they will still appear on the comments section.

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26 Responses

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  1. Danny Smith says

    Great list so far can’t think of one person on that list I would take off.

    What about Chris Hume from the Lib Dems he always seems to make sense when I listen to him on the news?

  2. mujahedin says

    Dennis Kucinich is a incompetent crack pot. He bankrupted the City of Cleveland during the 80’s as mayor. This moron is on the top of your list as a good guy. God save us from this list of left wing nutjobs.

  3. darkpolitricks says

    The list is in no particular order and if you think Ron Paul, Nigel Farage and Peter Schiff are left wing then you have little idea about anything let alone politics.

  4. Kelly Jacabee says

    Yes you are talking shit Mujahedin half the people on the list cannot be described as left wing and if left wing means having the characteristics that Kucinich shows then I’m left wing all the way.

    Great site!

  5. Debra Goldenberg says

    I’ll try again? Great pics so far. How about LaRuoche?

    And an actor, John Cusack. Made an ad truth-telling about McCain for, and has produced a political satire about the Iraq war, War Inc, and Grace is Gone also about the war. Lots of interviews too about his political/personal views. See Youtube for more info.

    • Debra Goldenberg says

      Forgot to add, he has a blog on Huffington Post.

  6. Vegan says

    Hello friends,

    I am from Czech Republic, we have best president Vaclav Klaus – look at him on internet, listen his speeches – he is a really good guy, . I know Europe is not actual for you 🙂 , but here in Czech Republic start something new. 🙂

  7. darkpolitricks says

    Well Vegan I would maybe have put your president on my list apart from the fact that he is about to sign the Lisbon treaty which means us Brits are screwed as when the Tories come into power in March it means we won’t get a referendum due to all other countries having ratified the treaty.
    If he manages to hold out signing until March and we get our referendum then he will go on the list however it looks like he’s been bought off.

  8. Гагарин says

    “good post”

    • Tall Tom says

      Hey Yuri Gagarin,

      How was that first Space Flight?

      I read some Russian.

  9. Dominator says


  10. 790 says

    David Icke should be up there,,,

  11. Kathryn says

    Thank you for taking the time to do this.You are bookmarked!

  12. Mhara Costello says

    Here’s a good girl!

  13. lydia says

    list looked credible until you included Chavez , a ranting idiot who does not look after his own

    • darkpolitricks says

      Well as I said at the top of the article (if you read it properly) I don’t agree with everything the people on the list do, say or believe in. However they all have at least one of the qualities I list out that I admire.

      The reason Chavez is on there is that apart from the fact you get free health care in his country (which in my book is looking out for his people) he has the balls to stand up against what he believes is American imperialism and interference in South American politics (and there is a lot of that going on).

      To stand out against the Western block of NATO nations usually means you get added to a list of countries to be attacked some time in the future (Iraq, Iran, Libya etc) or added to the “Axis of Evil”. Either that or you should expect a homegrown (read US inspired) domestic uprising against you (as in Syria and Libya) but Chavez so far has called it as he sees it (rightly or wrongly) and whilst right wing talking heads hate him for his “socialism” I admire him for that as well as the fact he is a tad mental (going on 2 day long TV shows where he rants against the world, sings songs and plays his guitar etc)

      Whilst I admit he has done many things wrong and you could call him many names. It would be hypocritical to criticise him for his policies whilst the US government is best buddies with one of the most horrible regimes on earth – Saudi Arabia.

      A country that follows medieval Sharia law, where women cannot drive cars or walk alone without a male relative and are stoned to death for adultery. There are many other horrendous crimes against humanity that go on in that oil rich country every day that the US keeps quiet about because they need their oil.

      Therefore it is a bit rich for any US talking head or politician to call out Chavez as a dictator or any other name when they only use the excuse of “human rights” when it suits them e.g to help overthrow a government.

      I don’t agree with many of the things the people on that list say OR do but all of them have at least one of the qualities I list at the top of the article that I admire. You might disagree and that is your prerogative.

      Thanks for commenting

  14. bob jones says

    Daivid Icke would certainly qualify, Ted Gunderson, who unfortunately is no longer with us, was a great guy, Bob Chapman, Webster Tarpley, Mike Ruppert, Gatewood Galbraith, who also just recently passed, Wayne Madsen, G. Edward Griffin, Jim Marrs, Charlotte Iserbyte, Luke Rudkowski, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Mike Adams[ the Health Ranger], Rand Paul, Sheriff Richard Mack, Adam Kokesh, Judge Andrew Napolitano, John Stossel, to name just a few more worthy candidates supporting freedom.Good article.

    • darkpolitricks says

      Nearly all of those people I agree with you on and have had articles, videos and interviews with most of them on my site at some stage – or books by them at home.

      Thanks for the list.

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